09:01am 05/10/2003
mood: calm
music: ahhhhhh i love kacee
well any ways i wish peopl would post comments on here all i ever get now is hey or somthin like dont be depressed say allot more people if yall dont mind i miss and love all yall i wrote this last night
im goin now to go spend the day with my mom.... i love kacee

my burden
sometimes i wish i was dead
bilt upon the words u said
love has only caused me pain
i look upon so the sky it starts to rain
the sky is red
dont forget what ive said
tomany times ive been fucked over
if i would have known they would pull it on me this way
i would showed a could shoulder
this borden upon my chest is to heavy to lift off
so i turn the pace and shit off
never again will i let someoine hurts me and get away
these people obveisy dont care
why wont they go away
i look upon a star and realise
how fucked up u are
youve treated me this way many times and thisisnt new
i wish i chance the past bite my tounge and egnore u
uve manged to back back
thinking i will treat u with full love , respect
but it was u who turned ur back
dont u realize ur nothoins
why are u not pareilzed how u killed all of my emotions
many times ive all most driven my self to puttin this to a end
how could u leave me their to bleed not even able to defend my self
i wish u could feel what i feel cuz this pain is strong
it is so real it would eat u from inside and out u wouldnt know what to feel
yes ive had a broken heart so many times and yes its hard to heel
but ive found somthin sweeter than honey brighter than gold
how many times ive felt this pain its like ive grabed a razor cut my self
and was left in the rain
i realiz every day peopl dont give a fuck and they think its okay
if i wus to beat the fuck out of themn it would be okay
becuz i strugled to work so hard at what i have have and had
even if i want to i could do it
even though if i had to i would
beat the fuck out of them
u wont forget im been put through some fucked shit
my thoughs a sweet as suger and as deadly as battrie acid
\times ive shut my mouth cuz i had to turn my back never delt
step in my shoes ull know how ive felt
realize u dont have to be sad to feel like shit in side
my emotions i can never hide