06:30pm 31/12/2003
  I was just thinking about something... I miss all of my elementary school friends, a lot. This is kinda weird for me considering I was only in Wrentham's elementary school system for two years, but I made quite a few good friends. Now, some of them I don't even get a glimpse from when I pass in the hallway, I bet some of them have even frogotten my name. And that hurts. To know that I did not make a big enough impact on them that they may have frogotten my name hurts. One of my best friends, Julie, I met in fifth grade, and she, Jess, and Emery, are really the only three people that have stuck with me to know. My other good friends, I met in seventh grade and hit it off from there. But, it's disturbing for me to relieze that I only have three friends left from elementary school, and around me have people that have known each other forever.

Then we have Jake, I've known of Jake since I think seventh grade, just seeing him around and what not, but it was only since two months ago that we started to talk. He's an amazing guy and probably knows me better than a lot of people. And it's only been two months.

And that was my end of the year speel.
01:02pm 29/12/2003
  Okay, so, I haven't updated this thing in... forever... any who...
I have an LJ, and if you truly wish to know what the hell goes on in my life (I feel bad if you, that's really sad... )you can see it. http://www.livejournal.com/users/redfedora
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04:49pm 03/10/2003
  I'm a townsperson in the play. Go me. I'm not gonna say that I'm not dissapointed, because I really am, but I was expecting an extra role. If that makes any sense.

Tech was a lot of fun, I got nailed and srcewed by Marc and I am no longer the Renae who does not exist, I am the Renae who Marc lusts after.
Well, I won   
06:49am 01/10/2003
  I won best journal entries and I have decided that this journal is my "drama" journal from now on. All of my drama updates {since it's such a huge part of my life now} will posted in this journal.

I know, I know...   
10:00pm 25/09/2003
  Sorry I haven't been updating, but dude... I got nominated for best entries?? THANK YOU!

TO see my recent life, go my Greatestjournal.


Yes, I got in the play.
No, I do not know my part.
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Meh. Update on my dull life   
07:53pm 16/09/2003
  Vicki and Emery are together, like that. Guess who did the matchmaking... yeah, yours truly. I figure if I can't find love for myself, I can find it for others.
Yesterday, nothing really happened. We watched a really dull video in gym that was really outdated, so myself and Mindy just made fun of it the whole time! YAY FEDORA!
Today, Emery is continuing to question me on the relationship, about what Vicki would like for her birthday and what not. Meh...
I am scared of Carnies.   
06:54pm 14/09/2003
music: "Cheeseburger In Paradise" -FSU Marching Band
I love the FSU marching band!

In other news- I went to the fair today. I hate fairs, but I agreed to go along anyways. And, I ended up getting stung by a frigging bee within the first ten minutes. I feel fine now that I've had painkillers and laid down for a bit. Meh. Went on two rides, won a stuffed cow.

I need a name for said cow.
New Playlist... heh   
12:58pm 14/09/2003
  Here is my new playlist

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10:28pm 13/09/2003
  Rob (sn protected}: so, did you have fun bonding?
RedFedoraFrodo: oh...
RedFedoraFrodo: heh....
Rob: lol
RedFedoraFrodo: We listened to the Red Sox pregame on the way there, a few words were exchanged.... saw the movie, the only words spoken were
"What did the parrot say?"
"Dead men tell no tales"
RedFedoraFrodo: and
RedFedoraFrodo: "Is that the boy from the beginning?"
"Yeah, Dad...."
Rob: lol
RedFedoraFrodo: Then we drove home, listening to ESPN radio, talking about the shrink, and me yelling at the radio because the Sox lost
RedFedoraFrodo: that was my night
Rob: oh
RedFedoraFrodo: and now I'm watching Jimmy Neutron
RedFedoraFrodo: lol
Rob: lol!
Rob: :-D
RedFedoraFrodo: I was dissapoint though, because the theater that we went to had crappy sound quality and what not and the ending wasn't nearly as affective
Rob: oh
Rob: :-(
RedFedoraFrodo: Yeah... the film had a orange line in the frame when the screen goes black at the end I was like "NO!"

In other news, I re-discovered paper clip jewelry. Heh.
My shins hurt....   
07:50pm 12/09/2003
mood: drunk
music: "Will and Elizabeth" -PotC
Lol, my shins have been killing me all day and to add to the pain, I had my first modern class today. I am in a lot of pain.... but still, I'm good healthwise. Julie and Sarah, your class was rocking.
I got to met the kids I am babysitting, they're a little crazy, but the four-year-old was really cute. He asked me if I was the king of the world. And I said not yet, but I would prefer to be queen and he was like.... no, you should be king! And I was like, well... I'm a girl, girl's are queens, not kings.... and he shook his head.
God Bless America   
05:48pm 11/09/2003
  September 11th... the anniversary of one of the worst days in the history of our country. It was a wonder that we have pulled through this, even with the leadership in such question.

Michelle and Eric are now dating, good luck to them. Yeah, hmmm........ school was okay, we had Sachem after school. Nice, small group, one senior. I am extremely happy that I don't have Couto tomorrow... I don't enjoy that class to the least.

Mhhh... I want a boyfriend.
Fuck Yeah!   
04:33pm 10/09/2003
  Drama meeting and... guess what the second film at the Drama Halloween Movie Night is?
THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!! Fuck yeah! I love this movie with an undying passion.
Touch-a, touch-a, touch me....

Oh so, school...yeah. I got to school later than usual- 7:20.
-wigs out- WHAT THE FREAKING HELL?? Like seven people just came online at the same time. Odd....

Oh... first Art Club.
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"She's as sharp as a bowling ball, that one"   
05:15pm 09/09/2003
music: Pirates... meh.
Today- school, again. The routine, while somewhat comfroting, is getting more dull with every passing moment it exists.

Jess- Thank for the hug today after school, you have no clue how much I needed that. I lurve you!
"She's as sharp as a bowling ball, that one   
05:08pm 09/09/2003
music: Pirates... meh.
Today- school, again. The routine, while somewhat comfroting, is getting more dull with every passing moment it exists.

Jess- Thank for the hug today after school, you have no clue how much I needed that. I lurve you!
"She's as sharp as a bowling ball, that one   
05:08pm 09/09/2003
music: Pirates... meh.
Today- school, again. The routine, while somewhat comfroting, is getting more dull with every passing moment it exists.

Jess- Thank for the hug today after school, you have no clue how much I needed that. I lurve you!
I have been to three medical offices in the past four days   
05:51pm 08/09/2003
  The dentist was today's adventure. Ha... I still can't feel half my mouth from the novicane.

School's highlights-
-Lunch with Rob

That was it.
"Maybe all the Jedi had fun.... Had a party...."   
07:00pm 07/09/2003
  Yeah, Drew is watching AotC.
I've been at the Doctor's twice in the past three days, and I got medication for an infection they said Ihad Friday, though I had none of the symptoms. Yeah, now I do. The two medications I have to take make me sunburn easily and turn my contacts orange. Which means, I have to where my glasses for my school picture tomorrow.
Today was alright, I only cried twice and my Dad's party was a little too long.
08:45pm 06/09/2003
music: "Imaginary" -Evanescence
What can be said about today?
Nothing really- I'm just glad to have instant messager back.
Went to church, did homework.
Hard Core Prep is an oxymoron   
07:44pm 04/09/2003
music: "Un Nouveau Monde" -Aladdin
I mean, seriously! It's like "jumbo shrimp." Two girls in my classes had them on today and I was like "WTF?" the moment I saw one of them walk into my Language class. I sit in the very back of that class and don't communicate with any one in it so I wrote down a buch of the idiotic things in the world in the back of my planner.

I have realized, from my journal reveiw, I need to discuss my real life more. So there, I just did.

I need a new quote of the week. Any suggestions?

Things that have the possiblity of making tomorrow a better day-
1. A lack of the Hard Core Prep shirts
2. Bringing back the Nook..... the nook may have died {"You can't have nooks without the crannies...."}
3. Math Class... with him
4. I think I have lunch with Rob tomorrow.... that would be nice, considering the fact that we did have ANY together last year

There really isn't anything else.
02:54pm 04/09/2003
  Today was just one of those days, like yesterday, and I'm betting tomorrow, when you just don't want to live any more.
The best thing about today had to be seeing him, and Chris knows who I'm talking about. The most beautiful sophmore at KP. I think I'm in love.
Well, we did get to sing in chorus today... it was definitaly a different sound than last year.

I need to go do homework now... get my mind off of life.
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