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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
8:20 am - Hmm...
Well, WoW's doing its maitenence thing, so blah. I hate having Tuesday's off. Stupid maitenence...

Anyways. I need to call mom soon and see if she's feeling up to me going over. She's been having horrible, horrible migrains. And we have legal stuff to get going on. Getting sued by the hospital for not being able to pay for my kidney stone surgery stuff. Yay... *sighs* Hopefully I can just do bankruptcy and be done with it all. I'm sorry if I don't have $6,000 to pay you! I'm sorry you screwed up and misdiagnosed my problem the first time I went to ER, so I have to pay for all that as well. *mutters* It's been stressing me out to no end. Haven't told dad yet, either... He doesn't need to know anyways. It'll just get him stressed...

Work is, well... work. Yeah, it's sucky a lot, but whatever. I'm taking my vacation next month. I need it. I'm so burnt out from working. 40 hours a week scrubbing and dealing with co-worker crap is tough. Tough on the body and mind. Thank goodness I can escape to WoW.

Kitchi is so close to 60.... I'm at 53 right now. I so want to get her leveled. Zyal's pretty much on hold. She's just for rp and boosting her alchemy/enchanting. Hopefully tonight I can *actually* rp with her at our little event. Every time I try to rp I get nothing. *grumble* And here I thought we were an rp guild, sheesh. But at least Kitchi is fun. I love being a pyro mage. And I maxed out my tailoring and herbs, so I can make anything, mwaha. Just got the mooncloth bag and felcloth robe patterns. Very nice. Now I just need to farm felcloth like crazy. A four day cooldown on making mooncloth is a bitch, blarg.

current mood: stressed

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
7:36 pm - Yeah, I'm here
I'm not dead or anything. :P I've just been... I dunno, a bit anti-regular computer activity for awhile. That and I have a new addiction, World of Warcraft. Got that for Christmas and have been hooked since. But aside from that, I've been rather frustrated lately and again needing somewhere to write my thoughts.

Austin is frustrating the heck outta me... and so is work, and so is M. But yeah... Valentines was very dissapointing. I was wishing for romance and got nearly nothing. Not even a cd. I got dinner and a pair o f socks. Yeah, that's about it. I come home from work and give him his present which was some chocolates, a card and a nifty little zippo knife/money holder thing with his initials engraved on it. He tells me he's sorry he doesn't have something to give me 'cause he was going to get me flowers but didn't know what kind to get me, and he wanted to get some at the farmers market on friday but by monday they'd be wilty... and he wanted to go out and have *me* pick some out with him for myself. Mhmm... And he wants to take me out to dinner. Oh yay... dinner. Like we never do that. *sighs* So then my mom calls and I go over to hr place to grab some hand-me down clothes and a nice box of chocolates plus my sister's stuff too since she was sleeping. Come home and wait for Austin to get off WoW... then we go to our fav sushi place, but it's closed on mondays. Yay... so we go to a little chinese place which was nice. After that we go to the mall so I can "pick something out that I'd like". I find a pretty nightwear set at Hot Topic as well as the pair of socks I've been eyeing, but he doesn't have enough cash on hand for both. He offers to go get cash but I don't want to spend that much money so I just get the socks and say I'll find something else in another shop. I don't really find much of anything, so we go home and just as I'm going to settle down and have some of the chocolates mom gave us my sister calls and I have to lug her stuff to her apt since she threw her back out. So after I finish talking with her I finally get home and cuddle a bit with Austin and eat chocolate. Around 8:30 he goes off to play WoW and I'm left to grumble and just go to sleep. No nookie or anything... no real gifts... dissapointing.

This morning WoW is doing maintenence so I don't get to play until close to 11. Just as I log on, my sister comes over to bug me, so I get maybe... 15 minutes of play time if that. Mind you, I had *no* playtime the day before since it was Valentines day and I wanted to have some... ya know, romance? Anyways... I talk with her and she uses the phone to make a doctors apointment which is at about 3pm. Austin comes home and brings lunch, yay, and we eat while she lounges on my futon. Austin has to fix the interface for WoW because the patch screwed up Cosmos. Grr... So finally when it's fixed he hops on to send me something, then I finally get to play. It's about 12:45 by then. Then at 2 my sister comes over and I have to drive her to the hospital and wait around until my mom shows up to sit with her. I get home and kick Austin off WoW and finally play at around 3:30ish. Around 6ish we go out to dinner with M and J. M *finally* reveals his plans for tomorrow which he kept secret forever and I just get to find out that I'm invited... but, heh... no I have to work so I can't go. Thanks. And Austin says "he told us three weeks ago". Yeah, he said he had plans... you guys never said *I* was invited. I had no clue what it was... if it was stupid I didn't want to request the day off. And I *could* have had yesterday off because L was fixing the schedule and thought I needed it off, but I told her no 'cause I thought I'd need some relaxing time after monday... which turns out to have been rather dull. So yeah... fun.

And when I went to kick him off one of his friends was all, "Why does Kitchi get to boot you off?" I just huffed and muttered, "Because I didn't get to fucking play at all yesterday." And I was thinking because I don't get half the time to play that he does and I'm always booted off for him to go rp or do some event, which isn't fair when I work more than him and he doesn't even clean the fucking apartment on his days off or do anything. He rarely even fills the gastank of the car unless I say we have to. *sighs* It took him like three weeks to clean the ferret's cage. He had three days off in a row... what did he do? Nothing.

I'm sorry... I'm just frustrated... as I mentioned. I love him. I could never live without him... but would it kill him to pick something out for me? Or to just do something...? :( I don't want to always tell him what to get me or what to do... I want to be surprised.

current mood: frustrated

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
5:45 pm - Gaming goodness
My game is nearly complete! I'm so happy about it. :) It's turned out quite well, I think. Hopefully I can snag at least a few people to come in and game once and awhile. I just need some dragon stats and more maps. There's still a few coding kninks that need fixing. Hopefully Austin can help me out on those. I think I fixed most of them. So if any of you people out there reading this feel like playin' some irc rpg, come on over! Hehehe.

current mood: accomplished

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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
1:23 pm - Turkey Day
Happy turkey day! :)

Well, so far so good. Work went quite well. Dusty came in at 5 to get started! So by the time I was about to start cleaning in recieving, her and Dol had already finished main. So they helped me finish recieving before A even finished Iso. It rocked. :) I even got my Friday shots done so I won't have to worry about them tomorrow. Only sad thing was that one of the bichon/poo's wasn't doing so well. Cora came in to take it to the vet, luckily. Hope the poor little thing makes it ok.

So, I got home fairly early, about 11:30ish. Austin and I started to get everything ready and managed to get our turkey in the oven without too much fuss, hehe. It looks delicious already. The smell is driving me nuts, I'm soooo hungry. Probably around 2 Austin can start makin' the taters and I'll work on the giblets. Here's hoping everything turns out ok, hehe. Luckily I forgot I had those kewl pop-up turkey timer thingies, so that'll help tell us when the bird's done. :D After we eat I'll call mom and dad and let them know how it all turned out. They weren't as bummed out as I thought they'd be. Mom took it very well, her and K were quite proud of me for taking on my first turkey, hehe. Dad gave me some tips on cooking it and all.

I was kinda scared last night. It felt like I was catching a cold! I felt so icky and my thruogh hurt some. :( But luckily I took some meds, Austin bought be oj (the sweetie), and I got to bed nice and early. Our little heater took away my chills and I managed to get some sleep. I feel a lot better today, so hopefully all that knocked it out of my system before it could get any worse.

Ouuu, gotta go baste. Tah. :)

current mood: hungry

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Monday, November 22nd, 2004
6:59 pm - Dreamscapes
I've been having some very weird dreams as of late. Last night was horrible, though. Two nightmares in a row. Ugg... In the first one I was in some sort of school with Austin and we were being bombed. We tried to get to the saftey shelter, but it was like... a chainlink box, or something, with an open top. Huh??? So we went to some sort of hole they were digging... I guess some new shelter, I dunno. But M was there and my mom and sis, too. You could see planes flying low overhead just dropping tons of bombs. I remember trying avoid them as they exploded right near me. I tried to cower with Austin somewhat in the shelter/hole thing. It was so scary... I remember when we were hiding together at the school section I just kept thinking to myself that if we die, I want to see him with me on the other side... I didn't want to loose him.

After that horrible dream I had yet another nightmare. I dreamed some hacker got into my website, my personal one, not the game, and erased all my info and stole it for their own. All my pictures and poems, everything was erased.

Well, aside from those I had a really bizzar dream a couple nights ago. I was at some weird school reunion thing in a very large black/grey building that had an open side to overlook the sky. I guess we were up high or something. It was very modern I suppose. But anyways... I saw P there and I was so happy to finally see him. I tried to make my way over to him through all the people, but then I lost track of him. I couldn't see him anywhere so I went looking around the building. I was getting kinda sad because I think I had to leave there in a little while. Then I found some rickity bridge that I went across and found this dude I remember from high school.... can't remember his name off hand. He was head of football and such. Think it started with a T. Anyways... he was dressed in drag! And he was all mopey because he couldn't find a boyfriend. I tried to comfort him a little, meanwhile I'm still wondering where P is and wishing T would quit whining. I think I woke up shortly there after. I was all bumbed out and confused, and now I really wish I could see P. Blarg.

Besides weird dreams, life as usual is weird. I got fired today and we have a new girl comng in tomorrow, R's roomate. Austin and I are going to be cooking our own Thanksgiving dinner so I don't have to go to mom and dad's. :) Hurray. Annndd.... went to dinner at mom's tonight for a birthday meal since I was way busy last week. Oh yes, and Austin got a DS from Nintendo. It rocks. :)

current mood: confused

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Saturday, November 13th, 2004
11:09 am - Games and the 'morrow
Well tomorrow's my birthday. Pretty much everyone in my family is way poor right now, so I probably won't get much in the way of gifts. Dad's cooking me my birthday dinner tonight as his present, which is nice. Austin's mom probably won't send anything, seeing as she didn't even have any money to send him something. She just had knee surgery and what-not, so she's busy paying medical stuff and unable to work. I know my mom'll give me something, though. She always does, even though she really shouldn't concidering all she's spent on my car. Sissy's always poor, so I probably won't get anything from her. If I do, it'll be a little something. Even aunty S is struggling some now that she's retired and all. *sigh* Being poor sucks... I wish I could win the lottery or something and just give everyone in my family a big chunk of change. That'd be nice. But on a good note, I at least have my birthday off. My schedule's changed like fifty-bazillion times this week, and now it's back to the way it was originally. *rolls eyes* But whatever, I have the whole weekend off again, which is nice. I have some serious sleeping to catch up on.

My game is coming along very nicely. I'm quite proud. I got the character listings up, whew. That was a heck of a lot of code. I don't know how Austin could've made all that from scratch. Or the SYGK sections for that matter. That's some crazy coding there. But It's done, yay. Now all that's really left is the % stuff. Need to flesh out the classes more, especially Sorcerer, Healer and Minstral. Spells and prayers always take some time and effort. I should look up the old Bard stuff and copy it over. The majorty of it is mine anyways. I could steal like half of all the msi stuff and not have to worry because we made most of it. We were left with so much unfinished stuff for that game, and we expanded it wonderfully, and then.... Sorry, we're taking it back and starting from scratch. Pffff... you're welcome. You're welcome for taking care of your precious game while you vanished. Have fun with it now, now that your room is perpetually empty.

Hmmm... well, besides that work seems to slowly be getting back to normal. Except for the hordes of people that keep flooding in. Is it Chsirtmas time already??? Yeesh. But our new girl seems to be doing well. She's eager to help. Very quiet. Hopefully she stays.

I'm hungry. Maybe we can go snag something when Austin gets home from work. He should be home soon. Oh! He picked up the newest Kareoke Revolution and we played it with M and J last night. J got waaaay drunk. Good lord, that boy has no alcohol tolerance what-so-ever. But it was fun. There's some hard-ass songs on there, though. I simply cannot hit those really low octives. One song I had was all over the place. Up down, up down. Oy. I can sing the mid-to-high stuff just fine.

Anyways. That's enough for now. If you wanna play my game, check it out. :)

current mood: calm

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
2:42 pm - Blarg
Well, I only get my birthday off this week. Oy... these days are gonna draaaag. J got fired, finally. He's been doing drugs. Idiot. So now we have to pick up the slack until we get in new people. I'm wondering if they're gonna fire I, too. He's been slacking off quite a bit and showing up late. So yeah... gotta work Saturday evening.

Austin picked up Halo2 last night with his friends. They were up most all night playing it and are back at it again today. From what I've seen so far, it looks good. Very beautiful, and the duel weilding looks sweet.

My game is coming along well. I think I may have A look it over for me. See what he thinks. I still have a lot of the technical aspects to fill in... damages, reductions, skill %'s... The stuff I don't like to mess with, heh. Save that for last.

We got in some kitties today. :) Very cute little ones. Two orange/white and two black/white. They have lovely soft coats and apparently no fleas. I'll do up their paperwork tomorrow.

current mood: okay

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Sunday, November 7th, 2004
7:08 pm - Nostalgia in full swing
Yes, it's been a bit since I've updated. I've had my free time spent working on that unfinished rpg tucked away in my folders. I've recently come in contact with some oldies and we've been reminicing of the olden days together, so now I'm all wrapped up in it again, heh. Dunno if I'll get it all done anytime soon, but I have a lot of it finished already. Even got a working character generator. :) I'm quite proud of that. It's been so long since I've done this much coding, but it's all starting to come back to me. It's pretty nifty. Even registered a room on an irc chat network. It was waaaaay weird seeing pIRCh again. Wonder if we'd be able to snag a bunch of oldies to go there? Not sure, but it'd be cool to see some old faces. It was awesome seeing Vincent again and talking to WQ. Gads, he's been gone so long.

Been writin' reviews for the dojo as well. Ugg, just finished SpongeBob and now I need to finish Incredibles by Weds. Ouuu, we went and saw that yesterday. Awesome movie. I'd like to see it again. :) Austin picked up Shrek2 today, yay! But I can't watch it with him until tomorrow... he's at a meeting tonight... phooey. And he has work at 6 tomorrow! Ugg. I'll have to walk. Hope it doesn't rain. :(

Dusty got me another Emily present today, yay! I love her. :) She's so awesome and sweet to me. It's a little compact with cherry lipgloss. I love it. It looks like a kitty head and even has whiskers, hehehe. I can't hardly wait to see what she gets me for my birthday on Sunday! I can't believe she's gonna get me more anyways. She's too nice, hehe.

I can't believe it's almost my birthday. Already! Goodness... I'll be old, lol. Well, not really... but it's still weird. I actually got the day off, so maybe Austin and I can do something. Dunno what since we're poor... but it'll at least be nice to have the weekend off. I haven't had a weekend off in a long time. I requested to work morning on Sunday and she just gave me the whole day instead. I'll take it. ;)

*yawn* Ok, I guess that's all for now. Tah.

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Friday, October 22nd, 2004
7:47 pm - Wings
Finally gettin' some wings for my costume tomorrow. My co-worker is workin' at the Halloween shop at the mall and said if we come in from 8-9:30 tomorrow we can get whatever we want for half off. Sweet deal! :) I picked up some cute shoes at Target for my costume along with candy. I think I'm gonna look nice. :) I can't wait. Austin wanted me to grab him one the orange jumpsuits they had at the Halloween store, hehe. I'm gonna dash over to work in the morning and grab some cash from L so I can get her the stuff she wanted since she's workin'. She's buying practically all her nieces costumes, oy. I still say she should just make their mom's buy them something for once. But that's me. L's just got too big a heart.

current mood: anxious

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
4:36 pm - Good nights, sad days
Well, last night was awesome. A managed to snag an oldie, Vinnie, to chat with. I hadn't seen him in years! Then he got Sahb and another dude I didn't know super well. It was great. We were all talking about the old days, telling our ages... feeling old, lol. It was nice seeing Vinnie. I got to see what he really looks like, hehe. He said I was hot, lol. *blush* Lots of nostalgia, which I love. Hopefully I'll catch them again later tonight.

Work was sad, though. One of our bulldogs died. :( He stopped breathing when L was nebulizing him. Poor Mel drove him to the vets and came back in tears because he didn't make it. I gave her a hug and cried a bit in the car on the way home. It's always so heartbreaking to loose one. He was having such a hard time breathing this past week. I wish Cora would've taken him in for x-rays or something... *sigh*

Hopefully the rest of the evening will go alright. We're finally going to catch Huckabees. We just had some pizza, which was yummy. Always nice to have a break from cooking. Anyways. I should hop off and dry my hair.

current mood: gloomy

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Saturday, October 16th, 2004
8:04 am - SoCo for the birthday boy
Well, Austin's birthday was interesting. I managed to switch shifts with my friend J so I could stay up late with everyone. Austin's friends bought booze and beer and we all stayed up drinking. M kept ordering Austin to drink, so he got pretty drunk. I got buzzed pretty good but that's about it. I'm not one to drink much. And two of our friends hooked up. They make the most adorable couple. :) We sang Kareoke Revolution until the neighbors pounded on the wall for us to shut up, lol. I even sang one and did shockingly well. I got the highest score. :) Who knew I could sing Norah Jones so well? Wanna try my hand at that again, now. So after we sang and talked we went out walking. M passed out on the chair, though. He didn't look so good so we let him sleep. So we wandered forever and finally made it back home and went to bed. We were too tired to go see the build shift for Team America. So yeah, it was a fun night. The next day (yesterday) sucked at work, though. Gods it was busy. I think I checked out like 6 dogs. We finished everything just in time when we clocked out. Oy.

I updated some more artwork for my site. Quite a few pieces were quickly done, but I still thought they were pretty nifty. Uploaded a comic that I need to show A so he'll quit bugging me, heh.

Wow, I'm tired. Wish I could go back to sleep, but then I'm pretty sure I'll be waaay too groggy when I have to go to the dmv with my aunt. I'll have to grab a nap after I pick up Austin I suppose. Hopefully I'll have time. We're going to probably see Huckabees today. :/ Hmm...

Still no word from P. Blah. Check your message boards dammit. :P

current mood: tired

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
7:40 am - Birthday errands and other interesting tid bits
Well, today should be busy. I need to go to the grocery store and pick up something for Austin's birthday dinner. I think I'll make him a roast. He really enjoyed the last one I made. :) And I may pick up a pie from Marie Calenders. They have them on sale. I wish I could get coconut... but I know he'd prefer chocolate or something, hehe. We'll see. And then I need to go to the mall and snag him a gift. I think I'll go to the one near him, that way I won't be late picking him up. Although I do like Parkway better. Hmmm...

Anyways. More interesting news. I did a search on P and guess what I found? He's actually joined up with some athiest Meetup group. Aparently he's given up on Christianity. Weird. We thought he'd wind up being a pastor or a religion teacher. I was stoked. :) I wanted to drop him an e-mail, but you can't directly e-mail members unless you pay. Blah. So I joined the group so I could at least drop him a line and my e-mail addy on their message boards. Hope he reads them soon. It'd be awesome to catch up with him again. I'd really like to know how he's doing. And if he's joined up with some group, I'm guessing he's still single. Which means I can flirt! Whoo! LoL. Last time we saw each other I was way nervous. I think this time I'd be a lot more relaxed. I dunno. It's weird, but I think I've mellowed out some with people. Maybe it's my work environment. We've gotten new people in often and you kinda gotta get to know each other fast since you're so dependant on one another. That and I've been hanging out with Austin's friends more often and they're a really easy-going, fun crowd. So, yeah. Interesting stuffs.

I should probably go back to bed, but I doubt I'll be able to get back to sleep. Maybe I should have some cereal. Hmmm...

Oh. Since I did such a nice job with D's tattoo request, C's asked me for one too. I finally got around to working on it, and I have to say I'm quite proud of it. She wanted a claddagh with some entwined roses with it. I should scan it in sometime before I give it to her. I'm not used to working with plants and objects as much as I am with humans and animals.

Alrighty. Think I'll lay down and watch some tv while I wake up. Tah.

current mood: hopeful

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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
8:14 pm - Hmm...
I don't know what to get Austin for his birthday. Or when I can get the chance to sneak out and get him something. Blah. I think I'll get him a shirt from Hot Topic. I know he'd like that. :) I think Leah might be getting him Aladdin, since I suggested that to her. She's making him a cake, awww. She's so sweet. :) I can't spend much on him, so I'll have to find one really nice thing. Wish me luck. :P

Oh yeah. A couple nights ago I had the worst nightmare I think I've ever had in my life. I was at work putting something together, and it was in the evening I think. And I was kinda sad because Austin had died or something, I was starting to cry a little bit. I don't think it really seemed real just yet. But then I was driving home and I saw the apartments... and this horrible, horrible realization set in that he wasn't home. And he was never going to come back home again. It was a bone chilling feeling. Just, the knowing that the one person who ment everything to me, was gone forever. I woke up terribly frightened and just started crying. I woke up Austin and he had to spend quite awhile calming me down. I just couldn't stop crying. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night. Haven't gotten much sleep this past week, actually.

Anyways. On to happier things. I saw Shark Tale and it was pretty cute. Not as good as Finding Nemo, but still good.

I actually requested the day after Halloween off because we're finally going to have a party! Whooo! I haven't had/gone to a Halloween party in soooo long. :( Don't know if I'll wind up wearing that costume I bought a couple years back, but we'll see. I'd love to buy a new one, but I can't afford that. *sigh* I might just dress up goth or something like last year. Dunno.

Oh crap! I need some new hair dye. I kinda liked the red streaks last year. Though they needed to be darker. Hmmm. Need to clean my lace-up top and find my black nail polish and lipstick.

current mood: drained

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
7:33 pm - Whew
Well thank the gods! My mom paid for that 400 dollars, and my sweetie is doing just fine. I'm de-stressed somewhat and he had a fun time at his gaming thingy. So now, I can get some sleep and then pick him up at the airport tomorrow. Yay. :) Ouuu.... I should wash a shirt or something to wear. And a pair of socks would be nice. Tah.

current mood: relieved

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Monday, October 4th, 2004
6:20 pm - *sniff*
Blah... my sweetie's flying to SanFran for some gaming thing. Now I'm sad. :( I wish I coulda gone with him... *sigh* I'm still stressed over money, too. Still need 400 dollars. Really, really hoping Austin's mom can spare a bit. And really hoping I can get some cash for my jewelry. I can't get my car towed until the 16th, and I can't sell any clothes until this Saturday.

blah........................ hope he calls home soon. He said he would when he gets off the plane...

current mood: sad

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Thursday, September 30th, 2004
7:10 pm - scrapin' by in cali
Well, talked to daddy and they're gonna be moving over to AZ in the spring. I'm glad. They need a better chance at things. It's just too expensive to live here. I mean, I've concidered moving out of state a lot. Paying 650 for a one bedroom apt is tough... especially with a car to pay for now. Coming up with 400 bucks in a week is gonna suck. :( I hope we can figure out something...

current mood: worried

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Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
3:19 pm - Oh yeah
Oh yeah, forgot the other stuff. Saw A Dirty Shame. Very weird, but funny. You feel kinda dirty after seeing it though, lol. Saw Shaun of the Dead. Hilarious. Go see it. Go see it now. ;) E got fired, and we have a new guy to replace her, I. He's pretty cool. I like him. He's got a good sense of humor, and sings pretty. He likes kareoke. Seems to be a good worker so far.

Picked up American Idiot by Green Day. Great album. One of their very best.

Hmmmmmm...... ok. Hope that's all. Tah.

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3:02 pm - Sweet Dreams are Made of These
I had a very odd dream last night that's left me with a strange, lingering feeling. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be feeling about it. It may have something to do with watching A Dirty Shame last night. :/ Anyways... I was with the gang and we were out somewhere at night. I think we were standing outside a building and it was all dark outside. Then we sorta all split off with different people to go sleep with or something. Austin went off with someone and I was with M. IT was weird, but comfortable. Like this was something normal. We went into a room and undressed and hugged each other. I remember it felt kinda weird because he was close to my height (although he's actually close to 6' or so), and I rested my head against his chest when I hugged him and smiled. It felt like Austin's chest. Weird. Then we actually started to kiss and then have sex. I felt way turned on, yet confused, when I woke up... heh. So.... I guess if you want bizzar sexual dreams you should watch A Dirty Shame... lol. But seriously, it's been on my mind all day. I feel like I should feel.... I dunno... ashamed? Dirty? lol.. But I just feel... curious...? Interested? Hmmmm... Wish D was on. ;) It felt really nice when it was all happening, though. A little awkward at first, but then very natural. Blarg! I know it's wrong, and I know I'd never do it... so why is it stuck in my head? And now he's gonna be over here tonight so they can play the new games Austin got in... arg. I'm gonna be feeling all weird tonight, I know it.

current mood: weird

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Friday, September 17th, 2004
9:19 am - thank goodness for moms
Well, my old car is toast, but thank heavens I now have a new one! Well, not brand new, but it's new to me. ;) It took all day yesterday, but we found a place that'll sell me one. So I found a nice, cheap, little saturn that runs good. Got fairly low monthly payments, and in two years it'll be all mine. Thank goodness mom was there to help me out. She put down a thousand and got me on her insurance to start out with. Whew! Now I'll have to get the pink slip for my old car so I can get rid of it, blah. She lasted a long time, but there's just too much wrong with her now. Everytime I fixed something, two more problems would come up. Hopefully this car will last a long time too. I'm gonna try so hard to take good care of it. I'm gonna try to pay for it on time, keep up with the insurance, check the fluids regularly, get oil changes... gonna do my best. Here's hoping I can afford all this. :/ I guess dad'll have to have just one gift from us this year, unless I can snag him something else cheap while I'm looking for a cheap gift for L. I know he won't mind.

Whew... gonna be a busy day again, I'm sure. Guess I'll go get dressed and prepare. Wish me luck.

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, September 16th, 2004
12:28 pm - the car gods hate me
Yes, my car is dying again... Austin had to pull over to the side of the freeway yesterday on his way back home because the car was making horrible clanking sounds. I drove up with my sister because we all thought that it needed oil and then it'd be ok. But no. She listens to it and thinks it sounds a lot worse, like it threw a rod or something. Thankfully my mom has AAA+, so she got my car towed back home for free. Whew... My sister's hubby is looking at it today. So far, it sounds like I may need a whole new engine... Heh...... He's going over to his dad's to get his pressure gauge thing so he can tell better if it needs a new engine or maybe just a new rod and piston. *sigh* I'm so stressed... and so poor. I'm really hoping we can get some cash from Austin's mom... fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I want a new car. :(

current mood: stressed

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