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10:38pm 11/04/2003
mood: cynical
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That took a really long time so someone better read it!

This is why I love Lauren:
AquariusAngel423: me and leigh went to a neighbors house to take care of their dog and when we got there his head was stuck in a box and pooped all over the carpet!

uh... ew!

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04:27pm 11/04/2003

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My favorite part of a new journal   
04:13pm 11/04/2003
music: sex & candy//marcy playground
I just picked out all 6 of my icons, I didn't feel like making any right now so I used ones from icon addicts on livejournal and stuff. Today in history I chilled w/ Jordan. In french Ryan Kovich wasn't there and its now a national holiday called Ryan Kovich is dead day! Woo Woo! In geometry I talked to Chelsea and Sam and Melissa. Then at lunch I chilled w/ Katie Marrogy and she was 'arrested' for jail day only it was actually for a really stupid and mean reason. Then in biology we did a lab and adam is soo stupid. I'm going to go to the rec center and then @ 8 babysit for matt kaiser then tomorrow help out at the family picnic and then babysit for another family I've never sat for. Laurens at leigh's house... NEXT STOP FOR HER-GOOD CHARLOTTE CONCERT!

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My new Journal!   
09:09pm 10/04/2003
mood: craving a snowcone...
music: Crash and burn// savage garden
This is my new blurty! For everyone to read! Exciting, isnt it. Not really. Anyways, I had a good day! Drama was fun! We played the dating game from Whose Line and I was a 4 yr old learning how to be potty trained. Then in gym I chatted with Lauren and Lisa and we played soccer! And it was actually fun because it was only girls and me and Lisa had a plan to make a diversion but no one even noticed! Then in seminar I took my biology quiz and talked a little to people after. Then @ lunch was with Lisa, Lauren, and Danielle. Then in English we talked about Frankenstein. Then after school... it happened... YES! LAUREN YOU SHOULDVE BEEN THERE IT WAS AMAZING! SNOWCONES...

that made my day good but then...

went to the rec and Brian Voight and this other kid wouldn't let me shoot. Then Brian said he was going to go home and so I went to do my homework but then he stayed so I went back into the gym and played basketball with the other kid, a funny kid named Justin, Brian, and Scott. Then Brian left :( but it was ok because Justin (the one thats friends with Lauren L) came and then Scott left so it was me, and the 2 justins because that other kid left a long time ago. It was v. v. fun!

Then when I got home... OUR HOOP WAS BACK IN OUR DRIVEWAY!! YES! so i shot on OUR hoop for the first time since the addition started and it was AMAZING! yay!!!

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