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A likely story [29 Jun 2004|12:23am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | No Doubt ]

I didn't to go on the computer yesterday because I was punished from it but since my mom and brother are at the shore all day and I'm home alone my mother says I'm allowed to go on. Let me recall yesterdays events for you.

Monday _ I woke up, washed my face, did chores, yada yada yada. I went on the computer and ate my 2 slices of cinnamon raisin swirl bread, w00t! I got an unexpected call from Becky and the plan was to go to Dana's and swim, weehoo. I got ready, then I called Chris because he was suppose to come over, but since he wasn't on the computer at first the five minutes I was on I doubted he was awake but I called anyways. His mommy answered and I heard her in the background going, "Chris, Taylor is on the phone, are you going to get up and talk to Taylor because it would be nice, she is on the phone". oh man i love that family <3. I rode my bike to Dana's.

Once I arrived we hung out, Becky Dana and I, in the TV/computer room. Watched random television shows such as, Passions, something on the Spanish channel, and this show on PB about a pirate ship and the pirate sawbbing the deck. Becky invited Will and Andy to come, so we waited. They came played basketball, finally we all went out back. We sat on the porch. I cam across a very saucy steamy sexy sassy Cosmopolitan magazine with articles such as what guys like in sex, and the answer to the question, Why guys have nipples? Later on in the day I recited the answer aloud to Becky because we were both so damn curious. Boys start out as females, that's how the nipples develop. Went swimming. I was quiet for the most part, rpoabbly because i really didn't know Will.. or Andy therefor I had nothing to say. Becky Dana and I went on the big pink floatie, we like to call our Battleship, hoo ha! Will seemed as though he were a tid bit jealous so he kept pushing us off :(.

After awhile in the pool we hung out once again on the porch. Will was calling random numbers from Becky's cell phone number list.

We made our evening plans, go to Monti's with everyone and also Erica, Adam and Garrett(Martin). We got ready and waited for them. Finally they all arrived and we left as one big gang. We had to stop at Becky's because she needed some other clothes. Adam and garrett stayed at the corner, Will and and Andy went to Wills and we didn't see them when were finished Becky's

On the way to Monti's, Becky made Adam's voicemail, which is hilarious for she says he is at fat camp, LOL. Then we see a dead mouse,mole,or vole and Adma just had to kick it and it was all crunchy sounding. Erica I tell you there is such things as voles! At monti's I got french fries, and I am ashamed. Everyone went their own seprate ways while Erica and i went the long way, for uh yeah. Anyway had a nice long conversation and we had to go back to Dana's because I needed to get my bike. Then at Greenbrook Erica went to Beckys and i had to go home :(

It was a fun afternoon overall.

Back at home went to Daddy-O's got a rainbow waterice. Once I came back home I saw the gay neighbors outside all playing man hunt or whatever the hell they play. I was screaming stuff but I don't know if they heard me or not... hmmm...

Since I couldn't get on the computer I just read, watched Office Space and tok a shower. Thank you Jesus for having Office Space on, makes me think of Zisland, mwahahah Erica ;)

First Live Journal entry

I couldn't thank you enough Dana, your a savior, oww oww <3 <3 See that loverly lady is making me a prettyfull LJ layout so I can use LJ, w00t cannot wait ;)

I'm suppose to play with Chris today, that's if he doesn't have durm lessons or something or that nature, hmm we will see

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Wossy Pussy who kills people, LOL LOL [29 Jun 2004|10:24am]
At about 3:15 I met Sarah at DMS and we walked. We saw loverly Chelsea, then on the way to and from Sarah's I saw the hot Johnny Cavanaugh. We went to Jared's and raided his room which is hot at hell. It was fun in there even though I think we may have pissed him off. Anyway he has all this cool stuff in his room. Then somehow his sisters thong was in the laundry basket and we threw it around. Sarah and I left, she stole his pop rocks things so we played with them outside his house then we went over to Erica's.

At Erica's we waited for Mike/Zisland to come. After awhile he did. It was funny, I talked a lot, maybe because no one else was really talking. Mike claims ice hockey is the best sport ever, fine I agree. Sarah left after a little then we hung out and then went to the pavilion to talk. It was fun, played with fire, asked somecreepy questions. I kept hearing the cie cream man and I was straving so after awhile I notice Mr.Softie down in Thornwood so I RUN down there and chase him around kind of, order my small vanilla cone with chocolate jimmies, ahh. I kind of run back.. then Mike wants a milkshake so I give him $3. We still talked, Erica was was freezing, I don't see how she was but she was. I chased after some little girls riding their bikes, then somehow we were talking about Mike shaving I think, and I said he'd be a wossy pussy, I found it hilarous, then he said a Wossy Pussy who kills people, I couldn't stop laughing.

My mom called and said I had 20 minutes then I had to leave so we walked back to Erica's. Mike told Erica's mom he was 30 and I think he believed her. I'm still trying to let him let me borrow Reservoir Dogs. We sat outside for a little then my mom came.

Very cool day

Still waiting fr my LJ layout
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