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Wossy Pussy who kills people, LOL LOL [tuesday | jun 29 | 10.24 am]
At about 3:15 I met Sarah at DMS and we walked. We saw loverly Chelsea, then on the way to and from Sarah's I saw the hot Johnny Cavanaugh. We went to Jared's and raided his room which is hot at hell. It was fun in there even though I think we may have pissed him off. Anyway he has all this cool stuff in his room. Then somehow his sisters thong was in the laundry basket and we threw it around. Sarah and I left, she stole his pop rocks things so we played with them outside his house then we went over to Erica's.

At Erica's we waited for Mike/Zisland to come. After awhile he did. It was funny, I talked a lot, maybe because no one else was really talking. Mike claims ice hockey is the best sport ever, fine I agree. Sarah left after a little then we hung out and then went to the pavilion to talk. It was fun, played with fire, asked somecreepy questions. I kept hearing the cie cream man and I was straving so after awhile I notice Mr.Softie down in Thornwood so I RUN down there and chase him around kind of, order my small vanilla cone with chocolate jimmies, ahh. I kind of run back.. then Mike wants a milkshake so I give him $3. We still talked, Erica was was freezing, I don't see how she was but she was. I chased after some little girls riding their bikes, then somehow we were talking about Mike shaving I think, and I said he'd be a wossy pussy, I found it hilarous, then he said a Wossy Pussy who kills people, I couldn't stop laughing.

My mom called and said I had 20 minutes then I had to leave so we walked back to Erica's. Mike told Erica's mom he was 30 and I think he believed her. I'm still trying to let him let me borrow Reservoir Dogs. We sat outside for a little then my mom came.

Very cool day

Still waiting fr my LJ layout
plymouth rock.

A likely story [tuesday | jun 29 | 12.23 am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | No Doubt ]

I didn't to go on the computer yesterday because I was punished from it but since my mom and brother are at the shore all day and I'm home alone my mother says I'm allowed to go on. Let me recall yesterdays events for you.

Monday _ I woke up, washed my face, did chores, yada yada yada. I went on the computer and ate my 2 slices of cinnamon raisin swirl bread, w00t! I got an unexpected call from Becky and the plan was to go to Dana's and swim, weehoo. I got ready, then I called Chris because he was suppose to come over, but since he wasn't on the computer at first the five minutes I was on I doubted he was awake but I called anyways. His mommy answered and I heard her in the background going, "Chris, Taylor is on the phone, are you going to get up and talk to Taylor because it would be nice, she is on the phone". oh man i love that family <3. I rode my bike to Dana's.

Once I arrived we hung out, Becky Dana and I, in the TV/computer room. Watched random television shows such as, Passions, something on the Spanish channel, and this show on PB about a pirate ship and the pirate sawbbing the deck. Becky invited Will and Andy to come, so we waited. They came played basketball, finally we all went out back. We sat on the porch. I cam across a very saucy steamy sexy sassy Cosmopolitan magazine with articles such as what guys like in sex, and the answer to the question, Why guys have nipples? Later on in the day I recited the answer aloud to Becky because we were both so damn curious. Boys start out as females, that's how the nipples develop. Went swimming. I was quiet for the most part, rpoabbly because i really didn't know Will.. or Andy therefor I had nothing to say. Becky Dana and I went on the big pink floatie, we like to call our Battleship, hoo ha! Will seemed as though he were a tid bit jealous so he kept pushing us off :(.

After awhile in the pool we hung out once again on the porch. Will was calling random numbers from Becky's cell phone number list.

We made our evening plans, go to Monti's with everyone and also Erica, Adam and Garrett(Martin). We got ready and waited for them. Finally they all arrived and we left as one big gang. We had to stop at Becky's because she needed some other clothes. Adam and garrett stayed at the corner, Will and and Andy went to Wills and we didn't see them when were finished Becky's

On the way to Monti's, Becky made Adam's voicemail, which is hilarious for she says he is at fat camp, LOL. Then we see a dead mouse,mole,or vole and Adma just had to kick it and it was all crunchy sounding. Erica I tell you there is such things as voles! At monti's I got french fries, and I am ashamed. Everyone went their own seprate ways while Erica and i went the long way, for uh yeah. Anyway had a nice long conversation and we had to go back to Dana's because I needed to get my bike. Then at Greenbrook Erica went to Beckys and i had to go home :(

It was a fun afternoon overall.

Back at home went to Daddy-O's got a rainbow waterice. Once I came back home I saw the gay neighbors outside all playing man hunt or whatever the hell they play. I was screaming stuff but I don't know if they heard me or not... hmmm...

Since I couldn't get on the computer I just read, watched Office Space and tok a shower. Thank you Jesus for having Office Space on, makes me think of Zisland, mwahahah Erica ;)

First Live Journal entry

I couldn't thank you enough Dana, your a savior, oww oww <3 <3 See that loverly lady is making me a prettyfull LJ layout so I can use LJ, w00t cannot wait ;)

I'm suppose to play with Chris today, that's if he doesn't have durm lessons or something or that nature, hmm we will see

plymouth rock.

Looks like somebodies got a case of the Mondays [sunday | jun 27 | 1.29 pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

oo roxi chic oo: oh yeah can't forget that defective tissue
fladugi: ok enough of you
fladugi: i need to read
fladugi: don't im me please

LOL how I adore making him just a tid bit annoyed

I can't stop laughing, I have a case of the giggles

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

few of all the amusement throughout tnights conversations [sunday | jun 27 | 1.10 pm]
eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:02 PM): i was talking to him though and he said "i must go" all manly and hairy
oo roxi chic oo (12:49:17 PM): how do you know he said it manly and hairy
eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:18 PM): good night i love you and hopefully ill see you tomorrow
oo roxi chic oo (12:49:22 PM): it could have been girly and gay?
eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:32 PM): must is a manly word
oo roxi chic oo (12:49:49 PM): it's gay when they say they MUIST go shopping
eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:55 PM): hahahahhaahahahahahhahahahaha
eerriiccaa 04 (12:50:05 PM): wow i love you but now I must go

yes erica love you too

Pinkey Tuscadero (11:44:31 AM): is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? -mae west
I'm honored

aesweety62 (1:01:08 PM): dude what the hell is reading up abotu how to lose the fat on mystomch and u cant build abs unless you first lose the layers of fat on top of your stomach muscle (according to the internet)and it says cardio is the best thing???
oo roxi chic oo (1:01:39 PM): * rolls eyes shakes head* ugh it's exercise cardio workout, like any exercise, walking running danicing sports
aesweety62 (1:02:03 PM): so bascially what is it
aesweety62 (1:02:07 PM): like is it something certain
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:09 PM): EXERCISING
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:14 PM): no certain something
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:18 PM): a CARDIO workout
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:48 PM): cardiovascular muslcle is your heart fyi and a cardio workout is pumping your heart
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:50 PM): making it work
aesweety62 (1:03:15 PM): oo.. i never heard of cardio lol
aesweety62 (1:03:17 PM): ..before
aesweety62 (1:03:18 PM): lol
oo roxi chic oo (1:03:23 PM): we did last year in science
oo roxi chic oo (1:03:26 PM): remember those projects
aesweety62 (1:03:59 PM): yeah i knew it sounded fimilar cuas ei was liek i heard of this before i just dont knwo where but i didtn know what it was and i had a strange feeling it had soemthing to do with running
oo roxi chic oo (1:04:21 PM): it doesn't really have anything to do with running, well kind of but not much

ah my darling ditzy danielle, i still adore you no matter what the stupidity is, and I don't mean that in a bad way !<3 <3 <3

plymouth rock.

few of all the amusement throughout tnights conversations [sunday | jun 27 | 1.10 pm]
eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:02 PM): i was talking to him though and he said "i must go" all manly and hairy
oo roxi chic oo (12:49:17 PM): how do you know he said it manly and hairy
eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:18 PM): good night i love you and hopefully ill see you tomorrow
oo roxi chic oo (12:49:22 PM): it could have been girly and gay?
eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:32 PM): must is a manly word
oo roxi chic oo (12:49:49 PM): it's gay when they say they MUIST go shopping
eerriiccaa 04 (12:49:55 PM): hahahahhaahahahahahhahahahaha
eerriiccaa 04 (12:50:05 PM): wow i love you but now I must go

yes erica love you too

Pinkey Tuscadero (11:44:31 AM): is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? -mae west
I'm honored

aesweety62 (1:01:08 PM): dude what the hell is reading up abotu how to lose the fat on mystomch and u cant build abs unless you first lose the layers of fat on top of your stomach muscle (according to the internet)and it says cardio is the best thing???
oo roxi chic oo (1:01:39 PM): * rolls eyes shakes head* ugh it's exercise cardio workout, like any exercise, walking running danicing sports
aesweety62 (1:02:03 PM): so bascially what is it
aesweety62 (1:02:07 PM): like is it something certain
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:09 PM): EXERCISING
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:14 PM): no certain something
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:18 PM): a CARDIO workout
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:48 PM): cardiovascular muslcle is your heart fyi and a cardio workout is pumping your heart
oo roxi chic oo (1:02:50 PM): making it work
aesweety62 (1:03:15 PM): oo.. i never heard of cardio lol
aesweety62 (1:03:17 PM): ..before
aesweety62 (1:03:18 PM): lol
oo roxi chic oo (1:03:23 PM): we did last year in science
oo roxi chic oo (1:03:26 PM): remember those projects
aesweety62 (1:03:59 PM): yeah i knew it sounded fimilar cuas ei was liek i heard of this before i just dont knwo where but i didtn know what it was and i had a strange feeling it had soemthing to do with running
oo roxi chic oo (1:04:21 PM): it doesn't really have anything to do with running, well kind of but not much

ah my darling ditzy danielle, i still adore you no matter what the stupidity is, and I don't mean that in a bad way !<3 <3 <3

plymouth rock.

Anger [sunday | jun 27 | 10.19 am]
I'm sitting here listening about Erica's day and then she puts o her a/m then I get angry because it was my song because no one else really heard about it and that was the signifigance of it so then i decided to make a parody out of my anger

{girl you hate} you make me feel uncalm and i think i hate you
make me think of a parody that i could write about you
melodies create themselves as i pronounce them
you make my blood pressure accelerate and i think i'm going to kill you
for you bitch theres so much i want to do
to murder everything about you
funny you take my guy when i show him to you
it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

I Smell Carbs! [sunday | jun 27 | 9.19 am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Don't Speak - No Doubt ]

I am so bored I have resorted to just doing survey's, quizs and such :\

Oh Yes and Brian the amazing Beast has informed that his brother said that Mr.Six that sexy old man is touring Six Flags this summer, that's my cue for I think I should go :D
Favorite Song By..
Blink 182?:Adam's Song
The Ataris?:nein
Dashboard Confessional?:Rapid hope Loss
Taking Back Sunday?:You're So Last Summer
Good Charlotte?:sadly, The Click
Weezer?:Sweater Song
Favorite Things
Type of Music::rock
Color::white, orange, red black
Food and Beverage::water and cinnamon swirl bread w/ blueberries
TV Show::seinfeld
Clothing Store::i thought of one, Forever 21
This or That
lillix or avril?::none
britney or christina?::oh man aren't they both so sexy what a toughy
bsb or n'sync?::a long time ago i wasn't a fan of boy bands but i would have chosen BSB
punk or emo?:punk
Opposite Sex
Height::taller than me
Weight::don't care i guess?
Eye Color::brown
Hair Color::brown
Hair Length::longer
Punk or Prep?:enough with these labels
Older or Younger?:my age or a year older maybe two years
Zodiac Sign::taurus
Shoe Size::6 1-/ or 7
Hobbies::computer, walking, swimming, eating, running, music, reading, yeah boring stuff

penguins4eva's Untitled brought to you by BZOINK!

Greetings <-
How do you say hello to your friends in person?:sup g?
To your family in person?:hello
To your enemies in person?:hi *w/ bitchy face*
To your classmates/teachers/people you work with in person?:hey
How do you say hi in emails?:ello
In ims?:hey
In notes?:hey
To people you don't really like?:same as i would with an enemy, duh
Which greeting?
whats up/sup:whats up
w'sup/whuts ^:w'sup
how are you/how are you feeling:how are you
Whats goin on/whats goin down:whats goin down
whats crackin/whats shakin:whats crackin
hey man/hey buddy:hey man
How do you say goodbye to your friends in person?:bye, cya later
To you family?:bye
To enemies?:there is no goodbye
Classmates/teachers/work ppl?:bye
Online?:bye, ttyl, <3
Emails?:bye, ttyl, <3
What's the better goodbye?
see you/c*ya:see you
buh bye/bye bye:bye bye
bye bye bye/bye bye:bye bye
ttyl/ talk later:ttyl
im good/im well:im good
How did you like this survey?:i thought nothing of it

Your Words brought to you by BZOINK!

[*first things first*]
your name is...:taylor
how old?:14
fave boyband:none
fave pop act:none
u lyke bsb (backstreet boys)?:no not really
how about...westlife!:who are they?
fave bsb song:i don't really know the names of their songs
fave westlife song:who the fuck is westlife
c21 is new but they're good!:ok?
n'sync is good. i like jt (if ur a fan u'll know who jt is.)! do u?:no
fave n'sync song:none
i HAVE met o-town...i bet ur jealous!:golly gee yes i am
do u miss 98 degrees? i know i do.:oh yeah forgot about them
nick and jessica make a good pair!:i guess so
britney and justin should come back together, right?:nope
fave christina aguilera song:beautiful
fave britney spears song:toxic
hilary duff is SO adorable! great singer/actress!:no she is no
i love toxic by britney, do u?:yes i do ;)
vanessa carlton is really talented, don't u think?:nope
how about michelle branch or avril lavigne?:ew no
jewel's music now is better...her music in the 90s was crappy!:not uh
that girl from the duo aqua is cute, ryt?:i just like their songs
darren hayes was better in savage garden!:i have never seen him
[*random//just for the sake...*]
u lyk rap? hiphop?:nope
eminem can rap really good, but too much bad words. what do u think?:i despise eminem
50 cent is soooo COOL! what's ur fave song?:none
beyonce is really famous. what do u think of her?:i don't like her
rock bands are too noisy! ex: simple plan, linkin park:you smell like mayonaise
this is over...r u glad?:yes
lastly, BOYBANDS RULE!!:lastly, your a vagina!

"the boyband/pop guide" brought to you by JOY brought to you by BZOINK!

Oh hi.
So, why are you taking this survey?:I'm bored
Fair enough. What's your name?:Taylor
I don't really care, to be honest. Do you like how you look?:nope not at all
Would you improve anything about your looks?:considering i don't like anything, yes i think so
Think you're too fat?:yeah
Ugly?:at some degree, even though i don't like the word "ugly"
Me too. In a relationship?:nope
If so, are you happy with it? Type n/a if not.:n/a
Where'dya live anyway?:new jersey
What's your opinion on cheese?:it stinks, but some is good
The Atkins diet. Ever tried it?:sorta kinda
Are you sleepy?:yeah
Aww. Me too. Would you like to go to bed now?:nope
Tough shit. Do you like Microsoft?:not at all
What's your opinion of George Bush?:hate him
Do you drink?:water yes
Do drugs?:nein
Ever been to jail?:never had a reason to
Can you hack? Code? Tell us now.:i wish i could
Can online relationships work?:sometimes
Is your opinion influenced by past experiences?:no
Are you a hardcore PC gamer?:nope
Do you spend hours making icons for your livejournal?:If I knw how to make them then I would
Can you draw?:sort of
What's your current occupation?:maid and babysitter
Ethnicity?:a lot fo british and irish then there is some of that french german and polish blood in meh
Are you proud of your heritage?:some
I'm sorry this survey is so random.:good
I'm glad you forgive me. Favourite movie?:office space , mean girls, half baked, rat race, moulan rouge, amadeus
Are you a camwhore?:not really
Ever heard of IRC?:yes
Ever heard of Nightwish?:no
Ever heard of Triarchy of Vasconia?:nope
Thought not. Do you like Britney Spears?:i used t be obsessed no she's just has good greatest hits ;)
Are you into rap music?:no
Black metal?:haven't heard any
Any kind of metal?:at some degree yesh
Sex. Ever had it?:i'd like too :D
Describe your sexual fantasy. C'mon, don't be shy.:Ok well shh don't tell, something exotic full of food and anywhere seriously anywhere, but just not with people around
What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?:*shifts eyes*
For the virgins, what's the kinkiest thing you'd like to do?:anythign and everything
Interested in BDSM?:?
Or are you one who prefers traditional romance?:yeah
Do you date?:what do you consider a date
Do you think dating is fun or stupid?:^^^
Are you more into action or romance movies?:neither
Football or basketball?:i suck at both
Strolling or hiking?:either
Dancing or moshing?:either
Drinking or smoking?:drinking
D'ya like Lord of the Rings?:yes
Are you for or against abortion?:for
Are you an environmentalist?:no
Christian?:kind of
Whatever. What's your opinion on God?:he's the bomb diggity
How often are you online?:a pretty lot
Are you more confident in person or online?:online i think
Are you depressed?:no
Do you use broadband?:i'd like to
Movies or books?:either
Are you a thrill-seeker?:yes
Do you prefer to be around people or to be alone?:either
Many acquaintances or few close friends?:2nd one
D'ya wanna stop this now?:no
Kthxbai.:I'm sure

Neppy's Magic Survey brought to you by BZOINK!

SEXUAL ONE. You need no love, you only need sex,
sex, and sex. Its more a sport than an act of
love. As long as you have got your orgasm
everything is fine. You are a player. Acting to
get a woman/man to bed I think you are very
good at it already. It may comes a time where
you have sex with the same person for maybe 5
months but usually you change partner often.
You need no feelings and often you hurt your
other but you dont care, you had fun. Sometimes
the haunting is this that makes you horny but
after you had sex with the person you loose
your interest.PLEASE VOTE, I want to know what
you think about my quiz, I worked hard on
it.You can always message me or tell me how I
can improve that quiz. Ill sure write back.

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
brought to you by Quizilla
w00t! yeah that's right oww owww

Soroity Slut
You're Soroity Slut Barbie! You're easy and you're
really cheesy! Have fun with the entire
football team.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla

GARAGE GURL - Flirt inna Skirt!
A GARAGE-GURL. Youre into loud music, hot guys and
wild fashions. Youre most at ease when you've
got all your mates around you and you like to
party. Boys are a game and youre always on the
ball because you make sure you're always number

Your virtues: Confidence, fun nature,

Your flaws: Loudness, jealous tendency, need for

You almost certainly wouldn't like this game,
because it's not your thing:

What kind of girl are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
yeah that's me....seriously

your fuck.

What swear word are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ok I liked the results, done for now

plymouth rock.

yogurt [sunday | jun 27 | 8.06 am]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | The Climb - No Doubt ]

Today was such a peaceful nice day.

I woke up at about 12:15 and got in the shower. I had a really bad headache and felt like i was out of breath and going to faint. I finally found my glasses, they were in the bathroom drawer, who would have thought?
I got ready for my mom's aunts party and we left. It was at this place called the Lobster Shack on the Cooper River and wasn't too bad. My savior was Paige. before she came a whole bunch of family was there, some I didn't even know of. Paige and I went to the park with my 3 little cousins and they're parents said I could babysit one time. They live in Marlton near Genuardi's, w00t! i love them. I had a Caeser Salda there, and I'm very proud of me self because i am not the type of person to eat a leafy salad that, I'm more of the fruit salad type ;).

At about 4:45 we left and made a quick stop at the Cherry Hill mall. I needed to get some more of these shirts they had at Macy's, er-that juniors section cut off from the Macy's. Well I ended up buying two of the shirts I was desiring to buy, turquoise and black, this peachy shirt and two cami's, I'm going to have to return because they are to small. Stopped at Daddy-O's for watter ice and then came home.

Today was big babysitting day and it wasn't too bad. I walked over there and the two youngsters and I went to the little park. Spent sometime there listening to little Katie ramble about sunglasses and little Michael walking around aimlessly. Katie was a bit hungry so we went back but once we reached home Michael starts bawling because he's desperate to go back. So back we go for a little, finally after just watching him go on the slide we go back, thank you Jesus ;). Back at the house we go and I find the electronic globe you pick out places with, it was fun. Katie wanted to do my hair so I allowed her. After the first pigtail or whatever Michael seems as though he wants to go to the park again but we really couldn't so then he stomps off to get a yogurt drink, walks into the tv room with it facing down and gets it all over the floor and somehow on my white shirt, ahhh! I clean up and clean my shirt. Katie finishes my hair and then their mother comes home. I get $8, eh that means $4 an hour, not too bad for the first day, I'd like more but that might be greedy :\

I woke home and try on my stuff, now I am online. I couldn't go to the show tonight :( :( because my mommy has some chiggers or "itchies" and she is half asleep on the couch because she just took a Benadryl, Jared is trying to get a movie plan together, he's asking Adam and such, I might go, I just need a ride.

plymouth rock.

Silly Stuff [saturday | jun 26 | 11.40 am]
[ mood | artistic ]

my little pony
You're My Little Pony!! Sweet and innocent and
happy, you make people want to spew burrito
chunks. Even a Care Bear could kick your ass.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are WILD AND CRAZY KIDS. You couldn't get
through life without a little fun... or a neon
colored t-shirt. You are a team player and
really into Omar Gooding. GO YOU!

Taryn, if you ever see this, it says i could never live without a neon colored t-shirt, reminds me of your sexy dream, oww oww ;)

Love. You Truly Desire Love. You long for someone
to hold you and take the pain away. You haven't
been in much relationships or you need to work
on how to handle them. You always seem lost in
a daydream about the person you care about

no shit sherlock *rolls eyes*

You are a Siren. More adventurous than all with a
voice like no other you sit on warm rocks and
sing to the moon and sea. Yet sometimes
shipwrecks find you and raving men want you.
You are a bottle of talent and power. What the
unknown is you seek to find, and a lover. You
have the moon and stars as freinds. There are a
very few of you, what a rare find. Will you
rate my quiz, I think your voice in just

What kind of mermaid are you? (Gorgeous Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

this is enough for me :)

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

Eh... [saturday | jun 26 | 11.29 am]
[ mood | bored ]

News for all of you homies:
enterprise center, tomorrow night, 6:30, $7 (directions at featuring: Action Action, Worst Thing Since Jersey.. and two other bands but I don't remember them off the top of my head but it doesn't matter because WTSJ is a good reason to go

I'm really bored now, and I was thinking about switching to LJ because I don't know, I have a user name for it and it's just to read Dana's and Devon's because I love reading about peoples lives <3 <3 even though it sounds creepy, I don't mean it in a creepy way ;) But if I do switch I may just have to ask Dana to make it prettyfull because she is an expert at that, I hope she doesn't mind :\

Well maybe more in a little

plymouth rock.

If your gonna rip my heart out [saturday | jun 26 | 11.01 am]
[ mood | calm ]

I feel like making this short and sweet but to the point so bear with me.

I went to the mall with Danielle. It was fun, since I haven’t hung out with her in a long time. I was suppose to sleepover tonight but my mom said no because I have some family birthday brunch tomorrow.

After the mall we went back to her house, went online that’s pretty much it. I like that website . At about 3:55 I left for Allie’s because we had Sarah’s graduation party to attend. On my way I found with groovy bouncy ball, then it bounced out of control and I didn’t bother to look for it. When I arrived Allie was out waiting for me and we walked over. We arrived to Sarah’s house full of elders, how sexy. Then we find Sarah and Erica on the trampoline with Sarah’s little cousin. Sammy who is about 6 is an animal, she made fun f us and scratched me and pinched me. Richard is my favorite, we played concentrate together and I got to squeeze him <3 <3, the other kid Jesse who is about 9 was explaining his dirty sex story, if it is true at all and he calls the penis area, the forbidden zone and bra’s, booby holders, I love little ones.

We ate some cake and fruit and went on the computer. That is until Erica and I decided to go to 7-11 because Zisland was going to be there and Chris was with him. While waiting for Erica’s dad, Dana called and we were going to meet her there, :D.

We arrive and find then moseying around. We decide to sit on the curb and watch the two boys act like little boys. Apparently they conjure up the idea to dump boxes on us so they get some boxes and pour the crumbs, I luckily escaped, Erica failed to and Chris threw bread at her. Dana finally arrived <3. The whole time we just walk around the same spot. Mike gets and ice cream and I try and try to eat it, finally when he is finished I have some, w00t! We then make it to the front of 7-11 where Chris is on the payphone trying to call long distance, don’t really know why though.

That was my night. It was exciting at some degree.

I’m pissed off though, because I may not be able to baby sit, because my fucking mom screwed up the times about the lunch and at first she told me and the lady it was 12-2 now she finds out it’s 2-4 meaning I may not be able to, ahhh!

plymouth rock.

Cement Snowman [saturday | jun 26 | 1.05 am]
[ mood | waiting ]

I'm just patiently waiting for Danielle, so we can go to the mall today.

Sarah has a family graduation party, I'm invited and going to it.

My grandpop just randomly stopped by not too long ago.

plymouth rock.

Cement Snowman [saturday | jun 26 | 1.05 am]
[ mood | waiting ]

I'm just patiently waiting for Danielle, so we can go to the mall today.

Sarah has a family graduation party, I'm invited and going to it.

My grandpop just randomly stopped by not too long ago.

plymouth rock.

Damn right this is correct [friday | jun 25 | 1.51 pm]
What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsEverything
Special Talents AreStalking Your Prey
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

I'm just pissy [friday | jun 25 | 12.40 pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Jupiter - 311 ]

I woke up at about 11:45 downstairs on the couch with a nasty oily feeling on my face. I went upstairs to take a shower. Ah the sweet feeling of gentle soft smooth legs. While letting my hair dry I went online conducting today’s plans: going to Erica’s. I vacuumed and cleaned my room, got ready, straightened my hair yada yada yada. The funny thing is, it was about 1:15 and I still haven’t eaten anything yet, kudos to me, haha Allie.

I quickly rode over. I found me a self a new route. I don’t know if it’s longer than thee other but its coo. Go down Carlton, up Merion, Harwood, Heather the your basically in Country Farms. For the past um I say about 3 days I have been taking this new route and everyday on Merion in the same spot I see the same 3 girls. The one I used to see in 7th grade in my hall, the other two Asian chicks I’ve never seen. Every time I go by they give me an even weirder look, now they probably think I stalk them, oh well.

I arrive at Erica’s and we watch the Ashlee Simpson show for a little it’s actually not that bad of a show, even though her voice is annoying. She can do a good low steroid voice, but Becky’s still owns ;) we invite Jared and Dana over. While were waiting for them we watch more of the Ashlee Simpson show and Erica’s favorite show, Modern Girls Guide to Life. It sort of reminded me of those videos you watch in 4th or 5th grade about your period and the boys and girls separate.

Finally the couple arrives and we watch that movie, Cone Heads. Dana was weirded out by it and I was little too. The father Cone Head made this sound Chris always makes and it reminded me of him so much. I got myself a Kudos bar recollecting the fact I haven’t eaten all day, not that a Kudo’s helped much, but recalling all the times I’ve raided Erica’s pantry and Kudos bar just will do for now. After the arousing movie, Dana and Jared left. Only minutes later were, Erica and I walking around. On our stroll we saw Nick Mehgri, who I haven’t seen in awhile. Passing Zisland’s house we see him walking into the car with his faja. Of course Erica couldn’t resist and her giggles got the best of her, all the way down to Chris’s corner, I just smiled in spite that I just saw a hot kid :D. We were going to get him (Chris), but we heard him practicing drums, no need for an interrupt.

We walked further and on our walk near the intersection we see Zisland’s sister, Katie, what a doll. Erica and I go to 7-11 and she offers to but me something. We both get a medium strawberry-kiwi Slurpees and enjoy them on the curb. Considering the point I don’t really drink or eat anything really sugary this Slurpee really got me and I felt like I was about to barf.

Walked back because I had to go home. Passing the Gussman household again we see his mamma, Katie and his two adorable little brothers. I believe we accomplished seeing every member of the family today. It started raining, so Mrs.Foote offered to take my bike and I home :).

My report card and such came, I was overall pleased. Seventeen magazine came, read that. Oh the wonderful articles in girly magazines really float my boat, got ready for ice-skating as well. Ah how I was so anxious to go ice-skating with Allie and two sexy beasts, Brian and Chris. At about 7:30 my mom drove over to Allie’s, picked her up and we were on our way to Skate Zone in Voorhees while listening to 311, :).

We arrive. Allie does all the paying considering I was acting bubbly and ditzy. The boys were finishing up putting their skates on, well actually Brian was, Chris really didn’t know how to get his on. My one skate was a little damp but it felt real good to put on ice skates since I haven’t in a long time. I went to the bathroom while the rest of my hotties were finishing up. Chris wore shorts *rolls eyes*.

In the rink it was fun. Allie and Brian showed off to us since they play ICE hockey and are Mr and Ms. Skill. You know what though? I showed them my skills, with my backwards skating and the crossovers and they said I was making EXCELLENT PROGRESS! W00T! I noticed some tacky dressed kid “staring” at me so when he sat down I winked at him, I’m assuming he thought I uh liked him so then I even made more non meaningful sexual advances towards the fugly fruit. After awhile of winks and such, while Allie and I were sitting down his group of friends came over sat down next to me in and suggested I like him and go out with him. I replied with, “Never he looks pretty faggish acknowledging the fact he is running around groping the windows staring at me as I skated by all the time”, they all agreed. Then the kid came over and I told him he was tacky. The fat kid Chris thought was “cool” yeah he gave me a stick of gum.

The kid’s friends were cooler then he. In the end I was really freaked out by him, Chris insisted on me telling him I would have sex with the stalker, no never. It was about 9:50 and Allie, Brian and I took our last spin around and went into the lobby where Chris was. The bottom half of my shins felt burnt and stung from the skates so Allie rubbed ice on them :). We went into the arcade and then I went to look for water. Chris and Brian left :( :( :(. The damn drink machine only accepted $1 bills and I only had a $10. Allie and I just waited outside for out ride. The “kids” were out there. One of them kept saying he was horny and it was really getting annoying. The fat kid and the stalker were sitting on the curb as Allie’s dad arrived. I said “Bye Gentlemen” in a low steroid voice but told the stalker that liked me he wasn’t a gentlemen. I mouthed “I Love You” to the fat kid and winked while driving away I noticed them all waving vigorously. Ah my fans. On the ride home, Only One came on the radio and it bothers me how I used to love that song and now I don’t really like it at all and it’s on the radio, *shakes head*.

That was my day and evening, pretty nifty eh? Ah I’m very satisfied I went skating, especially since I got to see Brian the Beat and usually I don’t get to see him or hang out with him often.

The old man on the 6 flags commercial is sexy.

I ate 2 big bowls of Rice Krispies I was so hungry.

My new bike seat owns.

I’ve been feeling taken advantage of, AH!

plymouth rock.

Something [thursday | jun 24 | 9.58 pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Some good long survey for all of you lizards:
About Yourself
Full Name::Taylor Ann DEVEREAUX*
B-day::May 15
Birthplace::Virtua Hospital in Voorhees
Location at the time::a chair
Zodiac Sign::taurean
Status{single/taken/etc.}::single :\
Sexuality{straight, bi, les, gay,etc}::straight
Nationality::BRITISH, IRISH, then there's little amounts of german,french,polish
Parent's/Guardian's names::Catherine, and who gives a fuck about my dad
Sibling's names [if you have any]::mike
Pet's names and what they are[if you have any]::purple and simba - felines and the fish don't have names
Hobbies::computer, ride bike, walk, run, swim, music, eat
Goal For Life::succeed in Latin
Goal you have achieved already::uh
What you want to be or already are::?
Yes or No questions
Do you love your life?:most of the time yes
Do you believe in God?:yes
Do you sing in the shower?:yes
Do you know how to swim?:duh
Have you ever think about doing \\\'stuff\\\' with the same sex?:not at all
Do you like the way you are?:most of me
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:no
Do you know what you want out of life?:i guess so
Do you want kids? Or already have kids?:not really
Do you want to get married? Or are you married?:I would really liek to
Do you live a tough life?:sometimes
Do you fantasize about things you shouldn't be?:yesh
Have you ever made out?:
Have you ever been put into a situation that you didn't want to be in?:who hasn't?
Have you ever hated yourself?:maybe once, but i don't know
Have you ever done anything you regret?:oh but of course
Have you ever wanted to be like someone else?:maybe a long time ago
Are you a jealous person?:yes
Are you optimistic?:yes
Are you pessimistic?:nope
Are you a constant liar?:nope
If you said no, Have you ever lied though?:yes
Have you ever cheated on your past or present relationships?:i liked someone else while going out with someone, if that counts
Is sex a big thing in your life?:hell yes
Choose either:
love/lust::lust then love
biting nails/picking your nose::biting
short hair/long hair::on who?
small eyes/big eyes::don't know? big?
nails painted/regular nails::regular
in person/on the phone::person
chatrooms/personal IMs::personel
natural eyes/contacts::natural
resteraunts/fast foods:restaurant
football/basketball:i'm not good at either
golf/bowling::bowling bitch
i love you/i heart you::love
being in love/loving someone::aren't they the same?
Friend who..
manages to always make you smile::don't they all
makes you laugh::all
drives you crazy::sarah *giggles*
care the most::all?
you feel a HUGE connection with::what kid of connection might this be?
you can call your sister/brother::considering all friends are close, they all are
backstabbed you the most::i'm not revealing names
went through everything with::erica, allie
helps you through the worst times::erica allie sarah
goes through the best times with::^
always goes to you for advice::well i have had tyler then angela and sarah i think
you go to for advice::i don't like to ask for advice
can make you either happy/sad/mad because they are that way::hmm
you've known the longest::don't know
you've known the shortest::well i've just recently become reallly good friends with becky and dana so i guess them
In the past 2 months have you:
smoked/got high::nope
drank alcohol::nope
had sex::nope
made out::nope
tried to commit suicide::never
did something you regret::yes
helped someone in their toughest times::yes
made someone angry::yes
got in a fight::yes
made a big fuss out of nothing::yes
made fun of someone::yes
been made fun of::don't know, maybe?
talked behind someones back::yes
did something you wish you did::?
had the time of your life::yes
went crazy::yes
slept over at a friend's house::yes
slept over at a bf/gf's house::no
masturbated::yes ;)
walked around half-naked/naked somewhere other then your house::yes
been checked out::maybe maybe not ;)
felt feelings you didnt want to feel::yes
started a rumor::no
humiliated yourself::yes
tripped,fell, then got up and laughed at yourself::no
gone through a family/friend death::no
wanted someone so bad it hurt::yes
spent the whole day thinking about one particular person::yes
took pictures at a mall or something like that::well i've taken pictures
went to the beach::nope
did something you never thought you would be able to do::yes
impressed someone/yourself::yes i think so
cried for no reason::nope
laughed out of the blue::yes
daydreamed about something out of the ordinary::yes
Thinking Questions
What makes you, you?:my chests byotch mwahaha
Do you try to impress people by not being yourself, or what?:well if i at all was "impressing" someone i wouldn't not be myself
Do you think you deserve a lot in life?:yes
What are your hopes and fears?:hope to run excellent fear abandeness
Who is the most important person in your life, why?:there is no person there's personS
What does love mean to you?:caring for each other being there when needed and accepting each other in every way :)
When was the hardest time of your life? What happened?:elementary school, i had not many friends
Are you misjudged?:maybe, sometimes
Are you somewhat what people actually think of you?:some of the time, i don't know maybe i should start asking people
What do people see in you the first time they ever lay eyes on you?:some goody two shoes, well that's what i once heard
What kind of life do you want to live?:a peaceful one
Are you respected in this world?:i would hope so
Do you feel hated on/rejected now-a-days?:sometimes
What have you done to get your reputation people see of yours?:spurt some personality
Do you like being like/or dont care?:what?
How do YOU see yourself?:a decent person
What do you like about you?:my childish jokes
What don't you like about yourself?:my appearence
Is looks everything at first?:no
Are you somewhat scared for yourself in anyway?:yes
finally, did you like this survey?:yes :)

just take this AWESOME survey!! brought to you by BZOINK!

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

AHHH EXCITED! [thursday | jun 24 | 8.35 pm]
[ mood | excited ]

This has been the best 20 minuts of so of my life. I'm sitting here at the gay computer until I'm suddenyl interrupted by my mom who says my neighbor is outside asking about babysitting, now right there sounds excellent. After that I walk outside and talk, she says I can start on Sunday after my family lunch at about 2:30ish for a little and she'll start me out slow you know, not so many jobs and then we'll get more. I'm very excited, money, down the street babysitting job with these two very cool youngsters, this is the life!

But Monti's well I don't know...

plymouth rock.

Losing your imaginiation [thursday | jun 24 | 7.56 pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | none ]

I talked to Brian the sexy beast online today, it was very nice because I haven't spoke with him since school ended.

At about 12:50 I rode quickly over to the Monti's area. I met up with Allie. We had a little crach in the parking lot, ugh. Then met up with Alyssa and Ashley minutes later and we had a lunch in Monti's. I orded the notorious broccoli pizza and water. We chatted amongst a variety of subjects, one concerning braces, ah the toothy. Allie and I got our applications for a job :\ :). Then to 7-11 and I got a Baby Bottle Pop, Ashley got this slammin' Spiderman that grows in water. I told her in 72 hours we're having a traditional Gyna meeting and I'm visitng Spidey. We sat out listening to Rubberbandman. Then left and rode aruond the old people homes, it's so relaxing. Back to Allie's we go swimmming. Today's fun theme was going under water and blowing bubbles in people's ass's. It was amusing. We sat out and then went back to bike riding. We went over to Sexy Rexy and then knocked for Chris, nobody was home. Then we rode down to Maria's and chatted it up with her for a little. Alyssa had to leave so we went up to the Country Farms entance and waited for her mommy while making weird laughs. I love Ashley's, it reminds me of her dog for some very odd reason. Back down toawrds Fox Hill where we spot Chris skating, we decided to go and talk with him. He finally got more shorts, God bless you child. Ashley and him went inside to play drums, while Allie and I sat outside and waited. Since Hercules doesn't enjoy the drumming Ms.Anastasio comes out and talks with us, I pet Herc and he liked it, w00t! Chris's mamma says,"I know if Chris see's me sitting down with you two he'll be angry but oh well," she sits down and about a minute and a half later Chris storms to his front door and screams, "MOM!!!!!!!!!" That was her cue to go away. :( not cool not cool at all. Allie and I sit and then realize we kind of have to leave so I get Ashley and we ride back to Allie's because her Spidey was in the Scuba Steve goggles. Ashley and I ride out of Allie's circle and go our separate ways.

I ride home, nice and peaceful. I arrive to my mom just finishing up my scrambled egg omlet, owww. I eat and read August's issue of J-14, this is the best way to past time son. I go online and read Erica's depressing convo, sorry apple pie.

My mom says we have to go to Wal-Mart so we go as a family, wow what a night going to Wal-Mart as a family. Get a few things yada yada yada. I get a BRANDNEW bike seat, gel byotch and it has red lights on the back so ya know those crazy fella passerbyer's can see me. Then I go to get my 8th graduation dance pictures. No such luck for the 2nd time. This happened to me before with the pictures from Diana's party, and you know what I'll be REAL upset and angry if they're lost. :(

Too bad I can't go to the Falls with my hot friends, Dana and company, this sucks your cock.

it's like you and me on plymouth rock.

tampons pads and foundation oh my! [thursday | jun 24 | 11.12 am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Borders -311 ]

w00t w00t w00t! See I'm one of this girly girls that add my name to the mailing list on websites like and you know what it is 100% wrth it. The just sent me an e-mail about recieving free stuff and I did the little question survey thing about the products they're are going to send me and what type I like so after that they tell me, your going to be sent Tampax tampons, Always ultra thin pads and Cover Girl foundation, owww owww this rocks the cock dude.

Since I'm very generous here is the link for all of it, you've got one week left!

plymouth rock.

I know a drugstore cow girl [thursday | jun 24 | 10.35 am]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | The Continuous Life - 311 ]

I'm up unaturally early, for me and just waiting for time to pass by.

I'm supposed to be going to Monti's with Alyssa, Ashely and Allie for lunch today, w00t! Allie and I seem pretty damn desperate for a job so we're going to ask about a considered occupation there, you know for extra money. I'm excited :D.

I was thinking and I believe I cannot stand people who lie, just CANNOT stand them. What was the point of doing any of it to begin with? I mean yeah it's ok to lie if it's definatley going to save you, like for instance where you were at. Because yes I even do that, but that's because I'm saving myself a week long punishment, I just don't like those little gay lies friends or just other people make to each other about whhat/who the like and all.

There was no point in putting that there, I'm just kind of bored and felt like lecturing all of you, kind of.

I don't like it when people spell wrong. Damn illiterate people, you all suck.

Ok just waiting, maybe a bowl of cereal in the meantime, considering Monti's is a greaseball and french fries or carbohydrate mating grounds, ouch.

Maybe I'll just get broccoli pizza, mmm.

plymouth rock.

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