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Thursday, October 9, 2003


A little note before I go to bed.. We got an apartment!!! YAY! I think we will move beginning of next month. It will be 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen + bathroom and wc. :D
Now I go. Talk to you more tomorrow!

Good night!
Love, Taukki :D

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A little note before I go to bed.. We got an apartment!!! YAY! I think we will move beginning of next month. It will be 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen + bathroom and wc. :D
Now I go. Talk to you more tomorrow!

Good night!
Love, Taukki :D

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Monday, October 6, 2003


Long time no see! I have been pretty busy and lazy.. sorry!! :)
Now I have seen the play called Nicholas Nickleby twice in Tampere Theatre. I just loooooooooove that play!!! It is so funny and emotional and the music is so great in it. Last time I saw it I sat in the 2nd row with my sister and friend. One of my favorite actors watched right to my eyes three times!! WOW!! That was great.. :D

So I have started my drama class and in open university and those are keeping me really busy. Well, my back is still a problem. I can't sit more than 15 minutes without pain and my lessons takes 3 hours. Ouch!!! But I try to do it as good as I just can. Next spring we are doing a play called Hunchback of Notre Dame with my drama class.. YAY!!! I love that story so much. I still haven't decided if I will be part in the play because I may not have time for rehearsals next year. :( But I do my best with that too.. *sigh*

Me and my twinsister Henna are looking for own apartment. My mom may be moving to Espoo (a city near of our capital Helsinki) if she gets a job from there. It is so cool to get an own apartment.. finally!! LOL
Only problem is that me and my sister have to start to pay all of our bills like rent, food etc.. together. I hope we still have money for the theatre!! :D

Oh well I think I stop now and do something else!

Until next time you've been touched by ~Taukki~

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Saturday, August 30, 2003


Today I ordered tickets to musical Cinderella and to the Finnish play called Viattomuuden Loppu. Both shows are going in our capital Helsinki. It will be an expensive trip, but who cares!! :D I have loved musical Cinderella since I saw the movie version with Brandy, Whitney Houston and Pernadette Peters. I'm so excited to see the show on stage as well. I'm sure it is amazing!
Umm.. what else?? Nothing? I think I will stop now!

Take Care!
Cheers! ~Taukki~

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Thursday, August 28, 2003


Now I have ordered tickets for the one play I forgot last time! :D

My aunt is now visiting here. She came to give our souvenirs.. :) I got new diary cos I haven't found any nice ones here in Finland.
Today I made new yahoogroup again *grin*. It is for all the theatre collectors. Anyone who collects any theatre stuff like souvenir brochures, playbills, cds, posters, cards etc.. can join! You can find the group homepage at: www.yahoogroups.com/groups/theatre_collectors. Please join! :D

That's all.. I don't know what to write anymore.


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Monday, August 25, 2003


Home again!!! I have been here at home since last wednesday, but my back has been so bad that I could hardly walk so I haven't even written here.. :D Now everything's pretty much fine. Last friday I enrolled to open university. I will get more information about it middle of next month. :)
Today I ordered tickets to one musical (Into the Woods) and 9 plays! :D I also emailed to my cousin and asked if me and my sister can stay with her when we will travel to our capital Helsinki to see some musicals and plays next year. It will be lot cheaper than stay in the hotel.. She said yes so I'm happy!!! :D

I'm going to enroll to my high school today again. I will only take one french class because I won't have time for more because of open university. :) That's great cos I can't stand high school... :D

Oh well.. talk to you later.

Until then you've been touched by Taukki

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Friday, August 15, 2003


Here again.. Today was pretty fine day even I had to woke up too early. :( I met my doctor again and then I was in a gym.. I like working out. After my rehab things were over I went to my aunt's place and ate. Then we went to downtown. I got a new bra.. :D

I'll be back on monday. Now I go to watch Zurich's Golden League.. Talk to you later!

Until then you've been touched by Taukki

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Thursday, August 14, 2003


Hey Guys!!
Here I'm in the rehabilitation centre. I came here this morning.. I have been swimming alot and played little bit basketball alone. Then I met my doctor etc.. This has been pretty normal day here in the prison.. :D Well, this isn't prison. I have a lot free time. My rehab things usually ends before 3.30 pm and then I go to my aunt's place. She lives pretty near. :D Unfortunately she goes to Rome this saturday and I need to be alone here. She gave me a key to her place so I can be here after rehab things. I will go there saturday afternoon and will come back to here (rehabilitation centre) monday morning. I have been thinking of going to see Bruce Almighty in a local movie theatre this sunday. It's not so fun to go alone, but I have nothing to do. :(

I have a roommate here.. She is an old lady (everyone here are fossils.. :( ). In our room we have a 2 beds, 2 chairs, a table, a tv etc.. Okay that's all about my room.

I think I go stop now and go to bed. It's only 9.30 pm and I'm tired as hell!! I think that's because I have been done so much.. But now I go.. Talk to you later!

Until then you've been touched by Taukki!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Now I have seen Hair and it was just fine. Not the best musical I have seen though. I didn't like the story so much. Coreography and lightning design was awesome!! Set design was pretty boring. About cast. There were lots of talented actors/singers/dancers. They had lots of energy and that was good, but sometimes it seemed like a little bit over acting. But for overall it was good show.
It was in our capital Helsinki and we had to travel little bit over 2 hours in a buss. That was fun, but my bad back didn't like it and sitting in a buss and then theatre and again in a buss was horrible.

Today I will travel to Turku (again couple of hours in a buss.. :( ) Tomorrow I will start my stupid rehab things.. Thank God it's only one week and then I can come back home and start my "normal" life again. Which is pretty boring by the way. Now I go to update my theatrecollect.cjb.net site and stop writing. I think I write from Turku too..

Until then you've been touched by Taukki!

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Monday, August 11, 2003


Thought I should write today too! :D I went to employment office with my sister and friend this morning. My sister got job from our nearest kindergarten. Congratulations to her!!!! :D I have two choices for the near future. One, I continue my high school or two, I go to open university to study theatre. I want so much to go to open university cos I really hate high school. :( I want to study subjects I really like. And the only subject I love is theatre. It is my passion, especially musical theatre! Oh well, I think you have already noticed (from my earlier updates) that I love theatre. :D
Next spring I go to our university's entrance exam for "research of theatre and drama". I have already started to read one of the exam book. It's in English so I need lots of time to read it and understand it. (You know my native language is Finnish.) But the book is great. I like it alot and it isn't so difficult I first thought it would be. :) Umm.. I think I go to continue my reading.

Oh right, I will see Hair tomorrow!!! YAY!! I'm sooo excited about it. Will tell you next time what I thought about it. Until then.. Take care!

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Sunday, August 10, 2003


Yesterday I saw closing night show from Hopeinen Kuu... Damn I was soooo sad!!! :,(
Actually I couldn't see a lot, but I did hear something!! LOL Again some dummies sat just behind us and they
were talking and making stupid noise all the time. I think they had a lady with them who couldn't hear so good and this man just always told her what actors said.. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
And when act II started there also start raining (it was outdoor theatre). So we had really bad luck this time.
Show was wonderful again!! I just couldn't enjoy it so much. :( And when raining started some people just left the audience. I can't understand idiots like that.. If you buy a ticket why the hell you can't sit there and watch the whole damn show?? Is it so hard? Who cares if you become wet little bit.. no big deal!
I think it wasn't so nice to actors see audience leaving and IT WAS THE CLOSING NIGHT!!!! Audience should respect actors little bit more and sit down and behave!

Today I have just been home and wrote my diary. I also watch little bit wrestling. *grin* So this has been pretty boring day again.. I think I will close now. My aunt is coming to visit us and she'll be here any minute now!

See ya later! :D

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Thursday, August 7, 2003


Today I went to downtown with my sister.. I bought (again) three classic novel books. They are Tolstoy: War & Peace, Austen: Pride and Prejudice and Shakespeare: Hamlet. I think I will get some of them with me to Turku when I go to the rehabilitation centre. Then I have something to do there.. :)
I try to update my journal there too, if I have some time to use internet. Oh well, I think I do have some time.. LOL.

That's all for today. I just have anything to write at the moment.. sorry!!!

Talk to you later, ok??

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Wednesday, August 6, 2003


Long time no see.. I have been pretty lazy again. Sorry 'bout that! :)
Yesterday I did see Hopeinen kuu again.. I had my seat in a first row. YAY.. I think it was the best show so far
we have seen. :D Maybe it was because yesterday was pretty cold day. I was freezing in the audience. But who really cares about stuff like that?? LOL
I did write a letter to one of the actors and I gave it to him.. Last week I was still wondering if I will give it to him.. :) That's enough about the letter.. LOL

Nothing have happened since I wrote last time. I have been just hanging out and do nothing...

I will see Hopeinen Kuu this saturday again *grin* and it is the last show.. :,( We have our seats in the 17th row.. :,( I know my sad little eyes can't see almost anything from there but fortunately I have a good hearing.. :D
Next tuesday we will see HAIR! I haven't seen it before so I'm excited about it. :) And next thursday I need to go to some rehabilitation centre and be there week because of my bad back.. :,(
My sister goes to cruise and I go to rehabilitation centre.. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS UNIVERSE????

Okay, I go to check if I find something to eat.. talk to you later!

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Monday, July 28, 2003


Here again... oh people people.. don't go away!! LOL
Today we had a little thunder-storm and I were coming from downtown.. I was sooo wet when I came home. I needed to run from the buss stop so you can imagine how hard here were raining. :(
That's all about today.

Do you guys want to see my pics? *now everyone of you will scream: YES YES YES!* Oh, ok! Here you can find some newer and older pics. I will add 5 more today. YAY!! :D


Well that's all for today... will continue later!

*Kisses & Hugs to my eternal readers* :D

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Friday, July 25, 2003


So yesterday I saw Hopeinen Kuu again!! :D I hate those old ladies who can't just shut the fuck up when show has started.. Aaaaaaargh!!!! I hate I hate I hate them!!! :(
Some ladies started to sing in an audience yesterday and of course they sat right behind us!!! Why can't those idiots understand that actors are there to sing and talk! Why can't someone shoot those dummies?

Anyway besides those idiots the show was great!!! Me and my sister had our seats in a center of fourth row so the view was perfect! :D Actors where really in this show even though it was matinee.
Some actors did little mistakes, but nothing too serious! :D

Well, that's all about yesterday.. oh wait in the evening we did drive with my sister, mom and cousin to churchyard and checked my granny, granpa and uncle's grave. That was fun! :D
Yea yea I know you are now thinking what was so funny in it?? And I will answer you: Nothing!!! :D I just said it was fun cos I didn't know what to say about it! LOL

Today I went to library and took one book. My sister took many notes and now she play for me. :D
That's pretty much all for today. I will continue later..

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Here again.. :D Hi everyone!
I just ordered tickets to see musicplay called Hopeinen Kuu for the sixth time! :D Now me and my sister
have our seats in a first row! YAY!!
Hopeinen Kuu is a story of finnish singer Olavi Virta. My favorite actor Kari Arffman as Young Olavi. He sings 12 songs. :D His voice is woooooonderful and he is pretty hot too.. LOL
I have seen him for example in the musicals The Scarlet Pimpernel (Chauvelin) and RENT (Mr. Jefferson).
I will see Hopeinen Kuu tomorrow too!!! YAY!!!! I'm sooo happy! We have seats in a fourth row. :)

Do I have anything else to tell? Umm.. NO!! LOL
I will continue later if I have something to say. :D

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003


And boring day is here again.. blaaah!!! :( Today I have done nothing. Well that was a lie! LOL
I went to a post office to send a letter. Then I went to buy some food. Now I just hang around and do nothing. I started to watch my old SmackDown episodes again. Those are so boring too. :D
I like RAW more. Only cos there's Kane and Shawn Michaels.. :D

I'm so waiting September when I maybe can start my studies in open university. YAY!!! That's pretty expensive so I need to save some money now and ask if my aunt can pay something.. :)
I have also considered to start study French. Actually it's my sister who wants to study it and she wants me to study with her.. So sweeeeeet! LOL

I was talking with my friend and I asked him what should I write. And he asked me to write about my friends. And cos I'm friendly and wonderful girl (LOLOLOLOL) I make his day and tell something about him.
Okey, his name is Mikko and he lives here in Finland in a small city called Hollola. He just graduated from high school and he wants to study English in university. He went to entrance exam, but...
I'm sure I'm his only true friend? :D
Okay that's all about him. He should create own Live Journal and tell there everything about him. :D

I think I go now.. I don't know what to do, but see ya later!

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Monday, July 21, 2003


I'm soooo bored bored bored bored!!! :(

Yes, I did start watching Moulin Rouge. Actually I only watched DVD extras and "One Day I'll Fly Away" scene. It's my favorite. :)
Oh, and I did start to read Anna Karenina. It just have a waaaaay too much characters to remember. LOL
I think I will eat something cos I'm starving.. like always. :D
Damn I don't even know what to write.

Okay, now I eat and will continue sometime.. Or maybe I shouldn't. No one wants to read this crap! LOL

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I just came home from dowtown. Me and my sister went there to get our photos from the photoshop.
First we went to a bookstore and I felt like I was in a heaven, because they were selling really cheap classic novel books! I love those sooo much! :D Unfortunately they are pocket books and I don't like that kind of books.. but who cares? All of them cost only 2.50 € each!!!! I bought these:

William Shakespeare: As You Like It, A Midsummer Night's Dream, King Lear, Twelft Night, Macbeth
Charles Dickens: A Tale Of Two Cities
Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina
Gaston Leroux: The Phantom Of The Opera

Then I ran out of money.. :,( When I get money I will check if they still have couple of books I want. Especailly Tolstoy's War and Peace and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
After bookstore we went to a coffeehouse. Then we went to a mall and my sister bought me Moulin Rouge DVD because it had a price cut. I have wanted it since I saw it in a movie theatre. I, of course, will pay back to my sister when I get money! :D
Our photos were great. I'm a pretty good photographer.. :)
Now I'm waiting to get to watch my Moulin Rouge, but my sister bought Stargate SG-1 DVD and I allowed her to watch it first.. :( I think I will start reading one of my books... but which one? Maybe I start with Anna Karenina.
Also, I should read my next summer's university's entrance exam book. :) I try to read it before the end of this summer.

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So this is my first update here in blurty.com.. :D Right now I have nothing special to say but wanted
still write something. So I'm 18-years old girl from Finland. My hobbies are astronomy and theatre. I have played basketball and soccer before, but I broke my ankle and needed to quit my teams.. :(
I love to watch wrestling also. I have only watched WWE so far and my favorite superstars are Kane, Taker, HBK and Lita. Unfortunately here in Finland we only see 1 hour episodes of both shows RAW and SmackDown.. :(

What should I tell more?? I don't know... :)
I'll continue later...

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