16th October 2003

6:03pm: Portfolios
Got home this arvo > letter from Griffith University.
hmmmm thinking thinking.
Low and behold > holy fuck i've got to hand in portfolios' by the seventh of November! I have to write why i want to go do the course n' all. quite the word count too.
It's a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Writing and Digital Art so i've got to sumbit two portfolios, one for friken each.

Man i don't even have a portfolio of anything to begin with.

That and if they see my portfolios and don't contact me for an interview afterwards i can kiss the possition goodbye. the letter says so, though not so many words.

yay! not only do i have a shitload of assignments to top off the end of my school years but i have to put together portfolios from scratch.
Current Mood: aggravated
Current Music: hellsing - op
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