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    Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
    11:45 pm
    Tuesday's Gone
    I guess today was alright
    nothing too exciting though
    I went shopping for shoes at robinson, fun fun
    but that limited my time to talking to Pip, argh
    I'm pretty sad about me and him not being to talk much anymore
    I feel like we are growing apart
    maybe thats just me..... yeah it's probably just me
    I flip about little things though so I'm probably just worrying for no reason, I hope
    well today just got "EVEN BETTER"
    yeah right
    I fought with my mom for a little bit about cleaning my room
    haha yeah that's a new one isn't it?
    she makes me just wanna kick myself in the forehead
    imprint my shoe on my face, Yes!
    so I leave the dreaded house and go with my dad to see Callie
    I miss her, it's not the same *tear*
    well then I get back here and sit on my ass
    then I do some more sitting
    and well hey, I've just been sitting for about 3 hours
    then Laur came over and saved me!
    we took our bag of candy and diet cokes and happily walked up the street to the neighbors
    in turn - we got to watch a homemade fashion show, sounds lame, but it was pretty cool.. cute clothes
    but not very amusing..
    Laur decides that she has to be home at 10:15pm so I just went home
    drew on my book for a while
    and watched the Osbourne's with my dad, my brother, and my neighbor Chance
    now I'm on here, bitching about my day
    and yeah I'm gunna bitch some more.. where is Pip?!?!
    I think I just need to go to sleep and shut the hell up
    tomorrow will be better, I hope..

    " I'm left here with nothing
    nothing to live for
    but you
    it's not easy to hide
    all of this damage inside
    I'll carry you with me
    till I'm not alive " -Staind

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Current Music: Last Caress : The Misfits
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