09:47pm 20/05/2004
mood: sad
music: GreenDay- "Time of Your Life"
Lots of things happened since Rapids. Well Wednesday (sp?) there was an essembly for ALL eight graders so in 5th hour we were supposed to go, it was something about drinking and driving you know it was importante! Well ONE kid in our class was being bad so Mr. Rickman had to go be an asshole and say we couldn't go. I wasn't mad about not seeing the essembly, cause I could really care less, but it was the principle of not letting us go when we didn't do anything. So Camillo gets up and then Silva, Sam, Me, Matt, and Christina got up and left. Well let me tell you I am not one to be doing this kind of stuff, no I'm not a goody good I just don't like being bad like that lol. Well I was and I got a referral and a saturday school which really sucks ass. I only told my mom about the saturday school, she don't need to know about the referral lol. So I have to get up at EIGHT in the morning!! That SUCKS!! Oh well...

Today Deandhra and Debra signed my year book and each took up a half a page and omg I was crying because I was so sad. I'm leaving in the summer for some hick place up by Tamp so I might never see them again, you know? So yeah...

Actually our concert went REALLY REALLY well and we gave Mrs. Owens her plack (I don't know how to spell it -_-;;) and everything. We were all crying in the end because of One Voice One Song. So many memories have with all these peple and I'm going to be leaving them.

ok I'm crying now so I'd better go, bye!

07:08pm 17/05/2004
mood: depressed
music: Evanescence- "My Tourniquet
On Friday before my hair apointment my mom, my brother, and I went to the mall. I cought a pair of high top ORANGE converses, two shirts from PacSun, Gravitation V.3, Fushigi Yugi V.2, and D.N.Angel V.1. My mom bought me a shirt for the concert too. We had prom on Friday and it was a lot of fun. Everyone looked like they were having a real great time and everyone looked really good.

On Saturday Debra spent the night and we had fun too. We spent like a hour or so just talking at like 4 o clock in the morning. But it was one of those really cool talks, I love having those with people. Its one of those talks where its serious and everything, those kick.

Let's see today was ok I guess-

Math-Went over some new
Chorus- We had to practice gay choreography in a hot as hell room, it flat out sucked.
FFEA- Finished my math homework and looked through Rachael's yearbook.
Lang. Arts- Did some of my response journals
History- wrote a note to Manda, read, and looked at Sam's yearbook
Science- Did gay bookwork

Well since I really odon't have anything more interesting to talk about and I really am just in a depressed mood, I'll leave now.

I love me!   
11:00pm 14/05/2004
mood: contemplative
music: Lil Wyte- "Oxy Cotton"
I am so happy with who I am right now. I mean there are so many times in my life where I've hated who I was, what I looked like, everything, now...I've grown up so much, I've learned to be happy with who I am. I've always followed the crowd when I was young and immature, I'd wear what everyone else did, stop wearing it when they did, listened to music that everyone else did, I just never knew the real me. I used to think I couldn't listen to rap and rock because you know, I didn't think I could, it was either one or the other. I didn't think I could like hot topic and wear like ghetto shoes. But I am so past all of that. I can listen to Brittany Spears and not give a damn what you say about me. I can wear a pair of phat farms and not care whether you call me stupid because of it. I can listen to rock and not care if you call me a poser or not. Its who I AM and who I WANT to be, why should your opinion matter to me? I have grown so much as a person over the years, and I mean it took me till eighth grade to finally appreciate who I am. I mean sure I have my moments when I just want to be someone else, but I can move past that. I've finally realized that I can be who I want to be without having to care about what everyone ELSE thinks about it. I really thought I had to write this in here because I was just starring at the computer screen while I was thinking and I was just like, 'you know, I am really happy with who I am.' You know it was just one of those moments. So yeah, be happy with who you are, don't be worried about what other people think. If youn like something, GREAT, who gives if someone else doesn't like it.

08:33pm 04/05/2004
mood: crazy
music: Anggun- "Rose in the Wind"
EEHHH!!! I'm so hyper right now, omg omg omg!! AHH AHH AHH AHHH *sounding like Veronica* HAHAHAH!! That's so HILAIOUS!! Sorry you probably don't know what I'm talking about do ya'? Well I'm not gonna say because if I do someone might read and tell a certain *singsong voice* SOME ONE!! *end singsong voice* Alrighty? Its all good though homes *peace sign*

OKKK, let us get on to more importante matters...not really...

Ok, well let's see my party was FRICKIN' AWESOME!! It really really was, you should have been there omg omg omg!! Ok well I got $312 and like wow!! I also got a video camera from my mom (like I wasn't expecting that hehe ^^;;), I got a photo album from Kaykay, a shirt from Aunt Renee and Steve, a pretty pretty bracelet from Debra, a stuffed camal from Allie which is UBER CUTE, and...bath stuff (cucumber melon yum ^_^) from MegMeg!!

Debra, Melanie, Lexi, Bobbi, and Jenn spent the night and Gio stayed till like 10 and we all went on the dirtbike and they loved it lol. Then Gio left, sad sad, and I tape recorded a lot of stuff because I was being dumb and didn't have a tape in it when I recorded all the crap at mis party. God I should slam my head against something!!!

Well anyways about today...well wait first I have to tell you what I boughts with me moolah!! I bought a red jansport bookerbagger, Volume 1 of Kodocha, Volume two of Demon Diary, and dun dun dun Volume two of Fruits Basket...FINALLY!! OMG OMG OMG You do not know how LONG I have been LOOKING for it!! It was really irritating me!! Well I found it so well, like...go me! I also bought Lost Prophets cd and Neon Genesis Evangelion v.1 from target with mis giftcard.

Well back to today-

Math- Finished up our review thingy
Chorus- Are you that dumb?
FFEA- Graded and gave out tests and didn't have enough time to finish my Lang. Arts HW *sob*
Lang. Arts- Didn't even turn in the journal ^^;; *sparkle sparkle* Took tests on 17 and 18 and chatted about the bookie...oh yeah... PINGA!! HAHA, my all time favorite spanish word!! Hehe...
History- Watched a video on the Korean war and OMG OMG OMG I paid attention!! w00t! Go me!! *celebration*
Science- notes and video!!

After schools mesa had a NJHS thingy and I got my speech paper and then I went to chorus rehersal.

It was an all around good day...not really, but hey whatever...




Ne wfavorite Anggun!! WOO, They rock!!
09:34pm 29/04/2004
mood: annoyed
music: Within Temptation- "Blooded"
Ha, I can't get enough of that icon lol. I *heart* it!! Oh oh, I found one that says busted from when Yuki caught his brother trying to rape Shuichi! AHAHA, its funny. Lol, so anyways, life is going good...yep...

Oh hell! I get my birthday present from my mom tomorrow!! UWAA!! Go me! I go why am I getting it tomorrow (I'm just curious, its not like I MIND or anything ^^;;) and she's like well...I think you'll want it for your party. It is so a video camera. She is good at giving hints and I'm good at thinking them through hehe, so go me I'm going to get to film all the funny shit I wish I had on tape at my party, Uwaaa! GO me again!!

Ohio is going to be so fun. I cannot WAIT! OMG, its next week!! UWAA!! YAYERS!! Sorry, I'm just a bit excited...can 'ya tell?!?! HUH?!?! CAN YA?! Hehe ^^;; sorry...I'm going to have to make a list of everything I'm bringing. I also want to go to the mall to buy an orange or red jansprt bookbag and a few manga to bring on the trip. I also need black pants so my mom is gonna take me to Walmart so I can try on dickies.

School was ok today, you know, it was 'all good homes'.
-Math- worked on some formula thingies, real easy...
-Chorus- I'm giving you one guess...
-FFEA- Finished my math homework and talked to the 6th graders, really uneventful...
-Lang. Arts- Read with the gay ass tape narrarated by some gay ass guy which I hate because he's stupid...
-History- Watched a video on World War II and took a test which I'm positive I didn't get more than five out of 35 right on.
-Science- Most of the class went to the ice cream social so we all got o eat cake which Kayla (her mom) made for MR. Lou's birthday. It was nummy. I even could have gone to the ice cream social whatever, but ice cream sucks ant balls and cake is better.

I need to stop finding cool icons to save, I've got too many!! @_@!!

Holy shit I'm pissed off at winzip right now!! What the hell!!?? Its like being stupid, I downloaded Parfait Tic ch. 4 and its saying its in the wrong archive or whatever!! WTF?!?!? I'm going to have to complain to the site, because unless I'm doing somthing wrong (which I'm not, at least I don't think), its their fault!!


...going now!!...


New favorite band- Within Temptation, their songs kick!
05:57pm 28/04/2004
mood: cheerful
music: Phil Collins- "Look Through my eyes"
Something happened and blurty was being gay so I couldn't update or even VIEW my journal. It sucked, but I'm back so w00t!

Got a new icon. Aww its Shuichi and Yuki kissing ;_; so sweet! I'm way obsessed with Gravitation right now, I have a Gravi backround and Gravi winamp skin @_@ I'm getting really pissed off because whenever I got to Walden Books they never have the 3rd volume! I NEED the third volume!! I'm buying the anime when I get my birthday money, I already have that decided. So...yep...^^;;

...Just killed a flea...

God, Kazaa is being really retarded right now and I'm getting all pissed off. It keeps saying remote everytime it tries to download the song...-_-;; Grr...So I tried disconnecting and connecting again and HOPEFULLY it will be better.

dude, today was SO awesome! First hour we worked on some worksheet but it was fun lol. In second hour we had a sub. and Debra spilled water on the front of Sunny's pants and then Sunny got her back. Then, Debra got Katie and she went up to the sub. and was telling her she pissed her pants, god it was funny. Then she came up behind me and got me soaked and then I soaked her and we all had a big water fight in the hall. I was walking to third hour and everyone turns around and goes OH JAMIE HAS WET PANTS!!

Kazaa wasn't being gay the song is just messed

It was really funny.

The feild day thing was AWESOME with a capital everything! We walked around and had water fights, omg it rocked! Jenn and I were running away from Melanie because she was trying to wet us and so I ran behind some kids and ducked and Jenn went around the way I didn't think she was coming around and she tripped over my ankle and flipped on the ground, oh god it was FUNNY!!! So yeah I got soaked, but I had lots and lots of fun ^_^!!!

Some guys came to the house today to resurface our bathtub because its all crapped up and we can't use that bathroom for TWO DAYS!! Now we all have to share ONE bathroom!! That BLOWS!! I hate taking a shower in my moms bathroom because mine is better!! GAH!!

I don't have anything else to say...sigh...well ok...

I'm leaving then...

Crappy Day   
10:20pm 23/04/2004
mood: calm
music: Do as Infinity- "Fukai Mori"
Yeah, today was a rather crappy day...If I ever even think about staying up later than usual without being hyper I'm slaming my head on a table and telling myself I'm stupid. I swear i was so 'out of it' today and totally freakin' sucked. I was so happy I took a shower the night before so I got an extra half an hour of sleep, but my showers usually wake me up and well I didn't take one in the morning...damn I'm dumb...Oh well I needed that extra half an hour ::pout:: Ask Vero and Sunny man, I was like delirious on the bus this morning, all woo and the like. I hate being like that, it gets really annoying. When we got to school I gave my cousin her cds and I forgot to give Ashley her invite, dammit I'm such a forgetful person. I gave Katie hers though, so at least I remembered SOMETHING. First hour we had a quiz, oh damn I was really not in the mood to think... I was even more not in the mood to explain things over and over again to people ::cough:: Sam...Yeah ok on Dave the Barbarion the princess is dancing with a pimple...animated or not that's gross...::shudder:: Ok well, um, anyways in second hour we just hung out for a bit then we sung, I wasn't really in the mood to sing either, especially when we spent so much time going over part two's part in Once Voice One Song, I mean I know we have to for the people who didn't do that part last year but I already know it and its just boring and I sound concieted or something? Whatever. I don't care if I do, I still don't wanna sing the damn part so much >.< 3rd hour I graded...and graded...and would be much easier if the damn kids were a lot smarter, than I wouldn't be sitting there counting on my fingers to find out how much % it is for 15 out of 20 wrong...stupid idiots. Why couldn't I be an aid for an advanced class? Well actually I like the dumb classes better because they talk to me lol, when the smart kids are too afraid they'll get in yeah...In fourth hour...hmm...oh yeah we did a word search and oh Karyna bit my finger and it was bleeding...Karyna has some SHARP stung for a while...

...I so got rabies...

5th hour we got out pictures...

...I'm never smiling for a camera again...

My pictures blow...I mean seriously, THEY SUCKED!!! I HATE school pictures, I look good most of the time in regular pictures but when i have to sit there and smile and pose for some gay little camera man my pictures always SUCK! Maybe its just me? I'm so not buying them I don't give a damn if Kayla wants one or not I'm sure she's got a whole shit load of crappy pictures of me at her house, she can use one of those. 6th hour took a test...Debra was writing down everything Karyna and I said...she's dumb...She also kept touching my butt only for the sole purpose of the way I react...jumping in the air...I really don't find it that hilarious...yeah ok maybe I do...I also snorted when I was laughing...that doesn't happen a lot, only when I'm--ok nevermind scratch that I was gonna say when I'm laughing really hard but I'm also laughing really hard Debra accused me of touching her crotch at lunch today, when both of my hands we on the table eating my chips and her leg was across my lap because she's a freakin' weirdo...I found it kind of pointless to even try pushing her off she just keeps putting it back on, so whatever , hell with it lol. I'm almost possitive now Daniel thinks I'm a lesbian, if not then bi, all thanks to Debra of course...who else would kiss me on the cheek a total of a lot of times on the bus home. No one but Debra...I have the weirdest friends...::sigh:: but I love them all to death. Well let's see we rented movies, I got Cheaper by the Dozen, though I wanted to get Akira, my mom got Identity, and my bro got Matrix Revolutions, both I want to see. I already watched Cheaper by the Dozen, it was funny and really good. We hate checkers, it was good...I'm really full right now...Tomorrow My mom and i are are giving ourselves facials and peticures, I love doing that crap with my mom, she's so cool to hang out with. I *heart* my madre!! Ok well I'm leaving now, ta-ta!

Ah the wonders of 10 hours of sleep...   
07:21pm 22/04/2004
mood: content
music: Michelle Branch- "Breathe"
Its such a nice change when I sleep 6 hours most of the rest of the week, probably today as well. I woke up at around 12:30, even though I stayed in bed till 1 because I really didn't want to get up. So I'm a lazy bum, eh sure me. Let's see...I watched my brother Grand Theft Auto three out on the PS2 and I ate a bowl of Easy Mac (nummy ^_^) and while he was still playing I turned on the radio and read Angel Santuary again. Let's see, I can't really remember what I did, its all so hazy now lol. Probably because I wasn't fully awake most of the time, that's what happens when I don't get a shower in the morning. Oh yeah, I cleaned my room!! WOOPEE!! My mom didn't even notice yet, and I better get some extra money out of this too because I actually VACUMMED!! That's surprising to say the least, I hate vacumming, but I did it anyway because all the pieces of paper and shit on my floor was getting really annoying to look at, so...go me. I played Kingdom Hearts for a while and then I made my cousin her two cds, Offspring and some mix I made for Kyle a while ago...I need more cds, I only have two left and I need four, probably more if Sam decides to be nice and ask me to burn some cds that I don't have for her and Ashley, because everytime she does that I burn it for myself as well. Well wait actually I'll have three blank cds because one of Sam's cds was fucked up so I used one of my own, so yay. Man...I just ate a cheeseburger and it was nummy nummy, I love cheeseburgers sometimes. I say sometimes because when I'm not in the mood for them they can become the most disgusting food in the me at least, I'm weird like that. Before dinner I went to get a small thing of pringles because I was hungry (I had l had lunch and that was it the whole day) and my mom goes you want some Strawberries? Yeah ok so I have just recently discovered the goodness of strawberries, but that doesn't mean I want to eat them when I could have pringles...heh, I'm such a junk food addict. Well that's all that happened...I guess that's what I get for being lazy, a boring day really. But hell it was a ton better than school so I'm perfectly happy with a boring day. Next week my mom has off because of my party, I don't know why she takes a week off, I mean I'm only getting one thing from her, I asked for a camcorder, 'cause she usually takes off the week to go shopping with my grandma (whose giving me $100 w00t!), but hey whatever I'm happy because I get to get taken to school and I don't have to ride the bus home everyday, which I really don't mind, but I DO mind taking it in the morning...that sucks. Well ok adidas!

08:22pm 21/04/2004
mood: depressed
music: HIM- "Join Me in Death"
I'm feeling really depressed at the moment. Why am I feeling depressed? I haven't one reason to be depressed, but I suddenly am, for no explainable reason. Maybe its pms? No, no I'm no where near my period...hmm...this sucks...Can't stand purple. I'm sorry but its getting on my last damn nerve, maybe I shouldn't have has SUCH a purple room, I mean purple yeah whatever that's fine, but THIS! This room is way purple...Ask anyone, its WAY purple and its pissing me off. There's something wrong with me I know it, and I really don't think its lack of sleep....about that whole 'lack of sleep' thing, I'm up till 1:00 in the morning every night and I thought my body would be used to its whopping 6 hours of slep, but apparently I'm dead wrong. Maybe that's why I've been sleeping (or wanting to) so much longer than usual on the weekends or days off? It doesn't make me have any intentions on ging to sleep earlier, but still its a thought. Actually last week I only stayed up till 1 once and that was only because I was cleaning my room. Who knows...I'm just really bored right now and i don't have anything to do...what is there to do anyway? No ones online and even if someone is I'm not in the mood to talk to some annoying person say lol 50 over and over again when there is apsolutely nothing funny about whatever is said, its retarded and I hate it. Kayla does it all the time and I'm sitting here like wtf is funny you moron? God...people...pft...I never was this bored when I went online last year, what did I do online...? hmm...oh I know it was neopets...oh god help me if i start thinking about going back on that. Well then what is there to's think for a moment shall we. APSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT!! As I expected there is nobody interesting on and all the dumb people have away messages up...::sigh:: this really bugs me. I'm depressed with nothing to do and I want food, but I only want food because I'm bored and I will NOT allow myself to fall victim to my boredness and start eating till I weight about 50 thousand pounds, I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!! Yeah ok well I'm getting pissed off now because I'm bored and semi-miserable...maybe this sleeping in tomorrow will do wonders for me or something...hope so...Adidas.

07:03pm 21/04/2004
mood: tired
music: Phil Collins- "Look Through my eyes"
Dude I think I have frigin' ADD!! No, no add, A.D.D!!! HOLY SHIT!! I come home and I watched tv, after five minutes I got bored and I was like oh hey I'll just listen to bored after five minutes, so I go play playstation, got bored AGAIN! so I called Debra but she had to go to churcy so I couldn't talk talk no more no more!! Oh FUCK YEAH!! I et to stay home tomorrow!! YIPPEE!! GO ME!! I really need tomorrow to sleep in, I was up till three in the morning on a sugar high and its really starting to hit me now...dammit. Well let's today, what happened today? Nothing really inteestin happened today? I don't think anything relatively interesting happened but I guess nothing super interesting ever happens to me so whatever. Let's see on the bus I was in complete hysterics, laughter and such, and after school I made it up my drive way and as soon as I got up in I fell on my ass and started cracking up about nothing...My brother is like uh...Jamie? Aren't you gonna come inside? I just told him no and laid down on my driveway till my dad drove up. Well ok 1st hour we went over some paper, nothing 'special' or anything. Second hour we always...WHY WOULD TODAY BE ANY DIFFERENT?! Lol ok today in 3rd hour Mr. Earnest was a real ass and kicked me out of the office and told me to stay and the back instead. Dude, HELLO!? I'm fucking bored as fuck and you want me to sit in the back and twittle my thumbs?! I was fucking doing my fucking homeowrk anyway, Sam and I weren't even talking!! Stupid old man >.< !!! 4th hour we found we have to do some gayass project on colors, god its so fucking stupid. Mrs. McClain is dumb, I hope she falls and breaks her stupid hip. Actually I hope the same for Mr. Rickman too. Stupid old people, why are they always so mean? Well in Mr. Rickman's class I kept nodding off, like seriously my eyes would close and its like I was drifting in and out of sleep. But then I got into 6th hour and I woke back up. I sat by Karyna because Debra wasn't there, which is good because I LOATHE sitting by the door and I LOATHE opening the door for every single stupid fucker who knocks!! Hehe well let's see I was hyper again on the bus and I was about to shove Daniel out the small ass windows, which is possible actually, Eldrin jumped through one the other day because he didn't have his bus card lol. Well oh yes in second hour Sunny and Kayla, and Vero were all crying because next year we're gonna be gone and everything and we were practicing our end of theyear song so yeah...Ok well I'ma go now adidas!

07:50pm 19/04/2004
mood: irritated
music: D12- "My Band"
Why are people so fucking stupid these days?! If someone could please just answer that one damn question for me you would be my savior!! Am I the only one who notices we have more idiots than normal? Becase I tell you, I sure as hell am noticing it and it pisses me the fuck off! Maybe its just because parents just don't give a shit anymore and let their kids go do drugs instead of going to school so that when they grow their fucking idiots with an elementry education?! Maybe, or maybe its just because people are just plain old dumb? I don't know but I want a damn answer! i swear I never thought this before, not until I began noticing how stupid people are really getting. Is it just in Palm Beach county? Dammit I hope so 'cause when I'm out of here I want to at least look forward to SOMETHING, like not being surrounded by fucking morons 24-freakin-7!! Ok first person that pissed me off today- Megan, she's some stupid thinks-she's-so-cool-because-she's spanish-and we're aren't 7th grader. Ok well she's talking to Daniel and she's like oh yeah the only reason they sit back there is because ealier in the year I said hell with it and went ot sit back there...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU FUCKING IDIOT?!?!? HELLO!!! Unless you didn't fucking realize it we've been sitting in the back, along with you, THE WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR, INCLUDING THE FIRST DAY OF FUCKING SCHOOL! We got fed up last year and went to sit back there when all the Mexican's originally did, but that was not ''your" idea you annoying little dunce, it was just all of us were tired of sitting at the front! GET A FUCKING CLUE YOU GHETTO WANNABE DUMBASS!! GAH!! sometimes I wish I could just go up to some of these people and punch them in their freaking face!! Second person who pissed me off, well ok pretty much everyone in the hallway, bunch of fucking losers who think everytime someone bumbs into them they automatically do it to piss them off. NEW FLASH MORONS WE NEED TO WALK!!! If you're going to stand there in the middle of the damn hallway, expect to get pushed because I'm not gonna fucking stand there and wait for your punnkass to move out of my DAMN WAY!! Then they start cursing at you like its ALL your fault that they chose to stop in the middle of the hallway, blocking our only way to get to class. So like guess what? DROP DEAD!! GOD I CAN'T STAND PEOPLE ANYMORE!! GET SOME FUCKING BRAINS YOU FUCKING LOSERS!! 3rd person who pissed me off today, well actually there was more before this, but really it wasn't any big deals, just some people ::cough:: Camilo, Dave, and Danny ::cough:: that I also wish would just like DROP DEAD!! Well anyways to the third person, my dad. I know I've ranted about him a lot and then I wrote that whole 'I love you' sappy entry in here. Well yeah that all still applies but its times like these that he just pisses me the fuck off!! Its like everything that comes out of my mouth is automatically in the 'wrong tone of voice' or that I'm automatically 'giving him attitude'. Dude, shut up, this is how I talk get a fucking clue. I'm trying to explain to my mom that I'd do the directions to my party later, and my dads like stop with the damn attitude, blah blah blah I'm a dumbass mother fucker who can't spell elephant blah blah blah!! WELL FUCK YOU!!! God I'm like dad, (in a very calm voice) listen I'm not giving anyone attitude I'm just trying to explain to mom- See your giving meattitude again Jamie. No I AM NOT!! GAH!! Oh another thing I don't get in school why do people knock and then open the door?! WTF? Hello people if your just going to open it without us opening it for you, DON'T KNOCK!! What are you fucking retarded like the rest of this shit hole we live in!? I mean COME ON!! I really hope you've enjoyed that little 'rant about why people piss me off' I raher enjoyed it and now my anger has pretty much calm down, excpet for my dad, he still pisses me off, but he always pisses me off so its not like that's anything new or anything. God I feel bad for all those 5th graders who are going to have to put up with this shit at OMS next year. Yeah ok so I don't exactly want to leave middle school, but that's middle school in general, leaving OMS? Oh hell I am SO for that, I HATE no I LOATHE OMS with a passion, I cannot wait till I get the fuck out of there. Alright well do you want to hear about the good parts of my day? No you probably don't, well because I don't give a fuck what you want or don't want I'm writing it anyway so fuck off. Well Kayla lent me her Sevendust cd so I could burn it, which I did but I've only listened to the first two songs because I'm stupid and don't wanna listen to it right now lol. She also made me a list of songs for her to burn on a mix, which I did also. Even though she was pissin me off last night because I had an away message on because I OBVIOUSLY was busy but she kept iming with questions "is this on this cd" Or is that a good song" blah blah, freakin' blah. Grr...But I controlled my anger and answered her questions and finally she shut up. Sam I also gave me a few cds to burn. How is it that out of everybody that has a cd burner I'M the one who burns them? I'ma start charging a buck a cd to burn, that's a good way to make money with all those CDs Sam keeps giving to me. Oh and guess what? I CAN'T SING AGAIN!! GAH!! When is this damn cold supposed to leave?! My mom says in three or four days and guess what woman?! ITS STILL HERE!! Fuck it next time I'm asking a doctor because y madre lied to me >:( ! Debra told me in 2nd hour that her and Santiago spent a while talking about me lol, I guess I should feel loved to know that she'll sit there and talk about how cool I am lol. Well hey whatever Debra wants to waste time talking about me, its her time to waste lol. I don't see what's really interesting about me though, but hey whatever! Oh we're walking out of second hour and as usual we were all singing and some kids like shut the hell up!! I'm like well yeah?! BITE ME!! Fucking little kid, if you don't wanna hear us sing, plug your damn ears 'cause shut the hell up isn't going to shut us the hell up. Fucking moron. I should go back and count how many times I've said Well ok I don't think I have anymore 'exciting' or 'annoying' things to write about excpet that I got a 200 point, or 100% on my autobiography, oh yeah i totally rock ^_^ HAHA TAKE THAT TWO HOURS I SPENT ON IT!! I had better get 200 points on that damn thing lol. Ok I'm getting tired of typing and I need to pee so Adidas homes!!

Errands YAY!   
09:57pm 17/04/2004
mood: achy
music: Amy Studt- "Misfit"
Yeah ok not really yay, I'm just being stupid ignore me. Ok well my mom went to the March of Dimes Walkathon today and my brother went too, which is good he needs to exercise...stupid fat boy...Well I would have gone, because I normally do, but I feel like shit, I'm constantly coughign and sneezing and francly I stayed up till 1:30 last night, there ain't no way in HELL I'm wakin' up at 8 in the damn morning! That would have only been 7 and 1/2 hours of sleep!! AH! SHIT!! I missed Yu Yu Hakusho!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!! Stupid Jamie!! Oh well its not like its my fault, I mean stupid cartoon network never told me what time it was on, so I blame them. Well yeah back to today, so I got to sleep till 12 and when I woke up my mom told me we were all going to Target, so I got ready. I gots 6 pairs of underwear, a bra, 4 pairs of socks, party invitations, and two wifebeaters. I feel so happy because I got stuff, even if its not really important stuff lol. Oh yeah and before we went shopping we went to steak and shake and it was was good ^_^ ! So we came home and I did invitations, boring!! I had SO many to do too it was unbelivably exhausting! Hehe I'm being way over dramatic, forgive me. I made a two beaded racelets, one using blue and orange beads and one using red and black. Sadly I couldn't make my Kyou bracelet because we didn't go to Joann's, you see I need specific beads to make it, they need to be bigger and rounder and they need to be black and shiney white lol. I also need elastic string, which I don't have either. I'll just ask mi madre to take me tomorrow, hopefully she will. I didn't go get my 'Lost Souls' book either, i knew I probably wouldn't, I'll probably end up buying it when I have so more money lol. Anyways last time I went to Walden books they didn't have it >.< ! Well I had a semi-good day I guess I would say. What do you think? Good, ne? Yeah I guess...well adidas I'm off to get me a soda!

The few days I've been waiting for ALL week...   
08:15pm 16/04/2004
mood: pleased
music: Utada Hikaru- "Simple and Clean"
Ah the weekend, how I love it so! I really love weekends and omg this time I can actually say yes I have stuff to do this weekend! I feel so proud of myself, I'll be BUSY! ME, BUSY!! WOO! Go Jamie...-_-;; I'm such a nerd...but hey I'm a BUSY nerd lol. Well let's see I have to go get some new underwear, bras, socks, you know the whole shaboom that no one really gives a rat about ^_^ Then I have to get invites for my party, I mean oh my its on May 1st, I haven't got too much longer and people CANNOT make plans that weekend or they suffer my wrath...::sough:: A swift kick in the shins...I also have to get my 'Lost Souls' book by Poppy Z. Brite, I probably won't get it this weekend because i don't have much money and I'm not sure my mom would buy it for me i mean on the back it says in bold white letters, SEX, BLOOD, and something else I can't rmember lol. So we'll wait and see about that little errand. I also have to go to Joann fabrics so I can get beads to make my Kyou look-a-like bracelet. I would have gone last weekend but I was being a homo and forgot...stupid me. I also have to finish those two gay journals for Mrs. McClain and my math homework for Mrs. Cook. I hate doing homwork over the weekend, but hey I got to because I don't wanna fail! I still have Debra's 'love' yarn around my wrist lol, yes Debra I still love you lol, tough I'd love you anyway, even if it falls off! Well let us ser, in first hour we went over a lot of stuff and turned in a worksheet. Second hour we made these little bags that had facts in them about the dangers of smoking and we were supposed to give them to someone who smokes. Actually everyone in the school was supposed to do them during reading time for brown ribbon week. Then we sang a bit, I barely have my singing voice back. I can sing everything in Non No Bis Domine except the high notes, but even then I'm still nastly, so it doesn't really sound TOO good lol. In 3rd hour I didn't have time to finish my journal for Mrs. McClain, which is why I have to do it this weekend, because I was running around trying to grade papers and pass out tests so that the little kids have a chance to bring their grades up before progress reports come up...even though most of them are gonna fail anyway because they're mostly stupid, but hey they can at least try, makes no difference to me. 4th hour we reviewed and took quizes on ch. 9 and 10. have a question, what is the difference between a quiz and a test? Is like a test more important than a quiz? I mean because Mr. Rickman always gives us quizes which are worth 10 points usually then he gives us a Chapter TEST, which is worth 100 points. I think that's it, but still I don't know -_-;; 5th hour we worked on 27-4 review, Ch. 27 summary and Test preview 27 and then I helped Lindsey with the Brain Teasers she got in Mrs. Cook's class, btoh of us got all of them but three, those ones didn't make much In 6th hour we had a sub. so I sat with Eric and Tanya since Joey wasn't there and took my test. It was fun sitting over there with Debra, Eric, and Tanya ^_^ wee! I got home and I cleaned my room! YAY FOR JAMIE!! Go me! Go me! My dad saw me lugging the like 5 or so bottles and cans out of my room and he goes when your done with that mess clean up your room and I'm like I already did and he's ike nuh ah! I'm like yeah it is GO LOOK! So he did and he goes oh yeah partly. PARTLY MY ASS! Just because it wasn't vacumned, ok I'm just a little bit too lazy to be vacumning, that's mom's job anyway not mine. I didn't say that because if I did he would have yelled at me lol. I played my keyboard, still practicing "My Will" which I learned some more parts with my left hand to go together with the melody, go me, and worked a bit on my scrap book and now I'm writing in this lol. Well I guess that's all I have to write now so...Adidas!

My own little hell...   
08:27pm 15/04/2004
mood: accomplished
music: Adema- "Unstable"

The New York Yankees
Circle I Limbo

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Dr. Samore
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

The Denver Broncos
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Jessica Simpson , Ryan Seacrest
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

The Mexicans across the canal
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

All other rappers
Circle VII Burning Sands

Ghetto Kids , Osama bin Laden, 50 Cent
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

George Bush, Saddam Hussein
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

Oh my I'm back   
07:14pm 15/04/2004
mood: sick
music: Story of the Year- "Until The Day I Die"
Ello everyone, I haven't updated for three days ::gasp:: Well for me that's abnormal because I usually update everyday lol. Its all a part of my 'internet routine'- Check mail, check posts on, check everyone else's hournal, write in my own, then etc. Yeah it works...I'm talking to my cousin Megan now, which is indeed a rarity because she is never around. I really love Megan, even though she is sort of messin' up she is still awesome. But of course she's family so I'd love her anyway lol. Well let's se what happened today...? Well it was really cold and I wore my Converse beanie because I didn't want to do my hair and OMFG!! Mr. Freaking- Murray took it a-freaking-way!! I was so pissed off, I have to get my mom to write a note so I can get it back before the last day of school!! Stupid fucking ass bastard >.< !! Well anyways...Sunny said that her cousin told her that he best friend is going out with Mikey (the kid KayKay's in love with) and omg I felt so bad because Kayla was all sad, I though she was going to cry ;_; Well in 1st hour we learned about slope and everything and OMFG I GET IT!! I acutally GET IT!! OMG!! That is so freaking awesome!! Take that you stupid dumb fuck of a teacher Mr. Bitchoff!! HAHAHAHA!!!Ahem ::clears throat:: Well let's see anyways in second hour we sang. God Im so surprised I haven't lost my voice yet, I've been yelling non stop, like when am I not as my friends say, and I can still talk. I mean I can tell its going, I can barely sing, when I sing high notes my voice goes completely shot or it cracks, which sounds pretty bad lol. Well anyways I sang today because I felt better I guess, but I don't right now, I feel like shit. Well ok in 3rd hour I let Aaron read my Autobiography and he said it was really good and that I was smart and that I had a really good vocabulary (which I do ^_^) But anyways if you can't see the obvious, the kid has a crush on me lol. I could tell before and Samantha (6th grader) told me already lol. Well that's that and 4th hour we read 9 and 10 of The Giver, well ok I read like 13 and 14 lol, I hate reading with that damn tape it gets on my last nerve ::eye twitch:: Jason read my Autobiography and he said it was good too, and I mean it had better be I spent 2 hours of my valuable time on that thing! Yeah ok I'm sure some people spent longer, but still. In 5th hout, oo I swear I'm going to shoot Camilo and David!! GAH! They piss me the hell off!! They just never know when to shut the fuck up and one day they're going to pay for it. When the time comes and they end up getting their asses beat for not being able to shut their mouths I'm gonna be there cheering, you can bet on that! ok in 6th hour we watched a video on, interesting ::rolls eyes:: Note the sarcasim if you will. I sat by Karyna because Debra wanted to sit in my seat, the reason I've not a clue, all I know that it saved me the annoyance of getting up about 50 million times to answer the damn door. Stupid Mr. Lou has to lock it so the idiots have to knock and make ME open it for them, sometimes Melanie does it and other times we both kind of look at each other and ignore it till Mr. Lou makes one of get up. I mean hey i'm busy I don't need to be interrupted every damn second to open the door. Lol, I make such a big deal out of the dumbest little things, but i mean its the little things that annoy me so much!! Like the way Mrs. McClain pronounces strengths strenths...GAH!! It pisses me off!! People who pronouce things wrong always piss me off, its a pet peeve of mine. Well ok so I got off the bus and I came home and I played kayboard again lol. That's why I haven't been online so much, because I've ben practicing "My Will" from Inuyasha on the Keyboard and I pretty much have it memorized, though I'm still working on it. so yeah, bye now because I don't have anything else to write because my life is boring as hell! Toodles!

Can't stop sneezing grr...-

[Slept in your bed] Me...::cough:: and debra ::cough:: jk lol
[Saw you cry] No one I don't usually cry in front of people :/
[Made you cry] Kayla's note almost made me cry because she was saying how no one was going to miss her after this year and that everyone hates her and that is NOT true!!
[Spend the night at your house] No one has stayed recently but I think Sam was the last one to
[You shared a drink with] Um...well I had some of Daniel's Gatorade on the bus
[You went to the movies with] My grandma, Lauren, and Kyle
[You went to the mall with] Lauren, Kyle, my mom, and my Grandma
[Yelled at you] ...well since I get yelled at all the time, I'd have to say I can't remember, there are too many people who yell at me during the course of the day
[Sent you an email] MSN lol, offering me some new gay offer or whatever ::shrug::
[Said they were going to kill you] Probably some stupid ghetto kid who got mad at me for ACCIDENTLY pushing past them in the hallway, well maybe if you'd move out of the damn way it wouldn't happen, ne?

[Said "I love you" and meant it?] Well yeah I say to my family and hell they'e my FAMILY.
[Gotten into a fight with your doggy/walrus/bird/fish/etc.] I get into fights with my hamster 'cause she never shuts the hell up.
[Been to New York?] I wish
[Been to Florida?] I live there duh
[California?] I wish
[Hawaii?] I freakin' pray!!
[Mexico?] ::burst out laughing:: Yeah right...
[China?] No
[Canada?] No, but I will get there someday because one of my goals is to become a mountie and I can't be a damn mountie in Florida
[Danced naked?] Wehn I'm alone, sure probably
[Dreamed something really crazy and then it happens the next day?] haha, when I got my acrillics I dreamed I buttoned up my pants and I did the next day, but that's not crazy or anything
[Stalked someone?] Yeah we stalk people all the time at the mall
[Had a mud bath?] nope
[Wished you were the opposite sex?] Only when I'm on my damn period
[Had an imaginary friend?] who doesn't?

[Apples or bananas?] green apples
[Red or blue?] red, blue sucks
[Walmart or Kmart?] Walmart homes
[Santa or Rudolph?] Santa, what gift has Rudolph ever givin you?
[Math or English?] English, I'm better at it
[radio or CD?] CD, my radio is never on anymore
[up or down?] whichever
[drawing or painting?] well it depends, I suck at both so I'd have to say...drawing
[High school or college?] Well I'm in neither but since I'm going to highschool next year I'm going to have to say highschool

[What are you going to do after you finish this survey?] Read s'more of Dark Illistrations: Sketches in Blood (great story wee!)
[What was the last food you ate?] Speghetti and garlic bread (Jenn, it was Texas toast!!)
[you bored?] When am I not?
[How many buddies are on?] 15, wow I added...
[Last movie you saw?] Princess Mononoke
[Last noise you heard?] The music coming from my speakers

[Laughs the weirdest?] dunno, laughs the most annoying-Kayla
[Will grow up and be a model?] Anh, Melanie, and Jenny
[Going to have the most kids?] Hard to tell, depends whether I'm going by the sluttiest or the one with the greatest love for kids, wither way I don't know, not me though.
[Have you known the longest?] Stephanie, Jordan, Gio
[Is the loudest?] Kayla, Me, Vero, Sam, Melanie, Debra, Gio oh hell we'er all loud!
[Is the quietest?] Kelsey
[Do you have the most classes with?] Sam, she's in every class and even third hour when we're aids she's right next door and I see her anyway
[Is the weirdest?] Debra by far, but also well...we're all weird lol
[Is the funniest?] Debra, me
[Is the moodiest?] Kayla
[Can you tell most of your secrets to?] Sam and Kayla
[Do you usually go to about all of your problems?] Sam because she's just always there lol

[Last time you went out of the state] When I went to Georgia with Chorus, so fun!
[Lucky number] 8
[Things you like in a girl/guy?] looks and personality I guess lol
[Weirdest thing about you?] My greatest fear is Barry White and I'm obsessed with turtles...I guess :/ lol
[What do you think of quija boards?] dunno never tried one out
[What book are you reading now?] A Swiftly Tilting Planet and I just finished Angel Sancuary the other day
[What's on your mouse pad?] purple clouds
[Favorite board game?] Life
[Favorite magazine?] Cosmo Girl, US, Teen People
[Favorite sound?] music, ::chicken noise:: lol
[Worst feeling in the world?] I don't know
[What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?] Leave me the hell alone and let me sleep more
[Do you like scary or exciting rollercoasters] BOTH!
[How many rings before you answer?] depends how far away from the phone I am
[Future daughter's name?] Cassy or Lia
[Future son's name?] Jake or Aaron
[Chocolate or vanilla?] Chocolate, vanilla blows
[Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?] no, I have ones on either side of my pillow though
[If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?] Marine Biologist, what I'm gonna be ^_^
[wat is your favorite snapple?] My favorite snapple? What the hell is a snapple?
[Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?] righty HOLLER!
[Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?] no, but I can type with out looking anyways lol, WOO I'm talented!! Yeah ok not really...
[What's under your bed?] a whole shit load of stuff
Eh...I feel like SHIT   
06:38pm 12/04/2004
mood: crappy
music: Do As Infinity- "Fukai Mori"
My throat hurts like a bitch, even trying to clear it doesn't help and all of a sudden I'm feeling tired and my eyes hurt, like I've been watching the tv for too long really close up, which I haven't! I haven't even been on the computer for more than a half an hour! Then there's my stomach, which hurts bad too. When I got home I went straight to the bathroom and was in there for like 10 minutes. I almost hurled like 50 times but nothing came out and I could only spit! Its like there's nothing to throw up, but I HAVE to! God it sucks big time! I didn't even stay the whole day today, I went home in 5th hour. Lauren ran up to me and told me she wasn't feeling good and that Grandpa was coming to pick her up and I asked her if he could pick me up too because I wasn't feeling good, so grandpa came and picked me up as well. Well anyways besides the fact that I felt like shit all day lets go on...My dad stayed home today because it was pouring down rain and well construction workers don't do well in the rain lol. So he took Me, Bobbi, and Brittany to school. I walked around the halls a bit and then finally settled into the Cafeteria. They FINALLY let us go to class and it looked like night outside cause of the clouds. In Mrs. Cook's class we learned a new way to graph, which is simpler to me because I wasn't here to really learn about the tabke of values so...yeah ^_^ ! In second hour we sang for a bit, well I didn't because my throat hurt and my voice kept cracking and going out. Then we just talked for a long time and I laughed a lot lol, what else is new, ne? 3rd hour I gave out some tests and sat in my spot lol. 4th hour we took the SRI and I gotses a 1406, which is better than I got last time. I still went down because last year I got a 1500, go jamieh! In 5th hour I went home so its not like I can really tell you what I did, lol. I have a biography due someday this week and I desprately need to finish it x_x!! GAH! Well anyways I'm going to go and read some more of Dark Illistrations: Sketches in Blood, awesome story lol. Bye now!!

Fellin' like crap
Shopping! WEE!   
10:37pm 10/04/2004
mood: happy
music: Sevendust- "Enemy"
Yeah I went shopping today, it was fun but damn was it exhausting!! First I had to get up at freakin' 10:30 because plans changed and Kyle's yu gi oh thingy ended at 12 instead of 12:30. I took a shower, got ready blah blah blah. Grandma picked me up and me and Lauren and er met my mom and my brother at the mall. Sam couldn't come because her mom was bitching at her or something lol. So we ate and then I got my black low top convereses!! For easter ^_^ ! I was so happy!! So then we started looking at dresses...OMFG!! I must have tried on like 50 thousand (exaggeration) dresses today!! I never knew trying on clothes could make you so tired!!! I finally found one at Dillards I apsotely LOVED and it looked super good on me too! Ok now think that red dress from titantic when Rose is about to jump, except not so pretty lol. Its black and the top goes straight across my chest and is all beaded with white beads. And then right under my chest at the middle this lace material goes down and splits so its like on each side of me with beads going down the sides. Its SOOO PRETTY!! OMG my pointer finger was the what I was using mainly to sip up the dresses and it is SO SOAR right now!! It hurts!! We're going to get my shoes and purse another day, we were too tired to look today lol. I got a pair of tan corderoy pants and volume 1 of Angel Sanctuary. It must have just came out in the US or something because there is only one volume so far and yeah...I rented Princess Mononoke and it was really good and my mom rented Gothica which I just finished watching and it was creepy but really good also. My brother rented The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I'll prolly watch that one tomorrow. Ok well I'm gonna go now because my shows will be on in like 10 minutes, adidas!

Don't happy ^_^ -
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"Some people are alive because its illegal to kill them"   
08:08pm 09/04/2004
mood: lazy
music: BoA- "Listen to my Heart (english version)"
Yeah that saying is pretty much correct. How many people would you find missing at our school if murder was legal? A whole shit load I'd tell you that. Lol! Yeah we had no school today w00t! My brother woke me up at 10 because my grandma called to ask what movie we wanted to see. We were gonna see Scooby Doo two so I told my brother to wake me back up at 11 and I went back to sleep. When I did I looked in the mirror and I hate black marker on my cheek! I must have slept on my hand because I had marker on my and from the night before lol. It sure was a bitch to get off though! Its the same marker I wrote Happy St. Patricks Day on my arm with last year, and it didn't come off for two weeks -_-;; !! Well anyways we went to see Scooby Doo two and it was really good and funny too lol, though I'm not sure which one I liked better the first or second one. My brother went to my grandma's afterwards and she took me home because I didn't want to go swimming, strange ne? Yes well I went home and listened to music and then my dad came ome to change trucks then went to go pick up Chyna from the vet. You see she was sick and Thursday the vet said there was something stuck in her intestines and she might have to get surgery, well today she had to stay the whole day but they said whatever was blocking it is gone now and she'll be fine. I'm glad, I don't like seeing my puppy all sickly ;_; ! Well afterwards I watched Fruits Basket (::cough:: again...) out on the playstation. My dad came home with an EXTREMELY happy puppy ^_^ !!! She was all bouncy and tail waggy and lol it was good to see her feeling better. My dad's such a meany >.< He's like oh your watching that stupid ass movie aren't you? I was like leave me alone! One of the charactors cussed and my dad goes oh yeah dammit shut up you stupid ass movie. Yeah well screw you too!! Stupid dad, he has no taste in anything what so ever and its not a movie its a series! x_X !! I can't wait for tomorrow!! Sam and my grandma, my mom, and lauren are going to the mall and I'm gonna get my dress!! I also get to get my black converses for easter and also a pair of pants!! WEE!! So anyways I had a fun day ok bye now!!

::cough:: Dad's an ass ::cough cough::-
"I wish these parents would just beat the shit out of their kids till they're silent or in a coma."   
07:32pm 08/04/2004
mood: blah
music: Russian Dance (The song from the nut cracker and fantasia)
Yes Yes I totally agree Foamy...Lol. Go to and go to toons then go to Foamy's rants I and Foamy's rants two, they're funny as FUCK! Well anyways, no school tomorrow, thank god!! I need some sleepin' in! My madre told me that my grandma might take us to the movies tomorrow, us as in my brother, cousin, and me by the way (see I spelled it out -_-;;) We didn't do TOO much today, not really that is. In 1st hour I went to the John I. thingy, even though I wasn't supposed to. But everyone else was going and I didn't want to be lonely ::sniff sniff:: so I went ^_^ ! It was pretty boring and man John I has sucky electives for 9th graders, but I'm not going there anyways hehe...In second hour we went to Mrs. Shearon's class because Mrs. Owens got sick at last moment this morning and well...yeah. So anyways Sunny, Sam, and I went down to guidence because that girl Adriana that is starting shit with Sunny put lotion in her hair and Sunny wants to get this solved withOUT fighting because if she gets in a fight she won't be able to go to Ohio!! So we went to Mrs. Bolden-morris and waited a gazillion years while her and Mrs. Bryant talked about the step team...everytime we thought they were done talking they started up again @_@ !! So we finally got our chance to speak and Mrs. Bolden-Morris brought down Adriana, who denied it all and said she didn't have a problem with Sunny which is straight up bull SHIT! She came up yesterday, we all were there and said she was gonna beat Sunny's ass if she kept talkin' her shit...which she hasn't been doing!! So then we left and we went to Mrs. Browns to get Monty down there and blah blah...I haven't talked to Sunny since then so I couldn't find out what happened, I'll find out Monday on the bus or maybe online or whatever. Well in 3rd hour I spent my time in the office with Sam while we were talkin' about how we're so tired of this school and the people in it, you know, your average BITCH SESSION lol. IN 4th hour we read ch. 7 and 8, well I read 11 and some of 12 lol. I always read ahead, I loathe reading with the tape ::twitch:: OMG at lunch Melanie had Amanda's plate with her meat loaf on it and she looks around and then dumps it on the floor!! It was so funny because people kept stepping on it or kicking it, lol it was hilarious!! In 5th hour we did some work...I can't really remember what exactkly, just that we did something. Then we had some gay little fire drill...gah, I hate fire drills, I don't see the point in 'practicing' them I mean we've only practiced them since we were in pre-school, it isn't that hard!! Then we had a gay little code yellow because there was a suspect of a car theft a few miles away...they made us stay in 5th hour for the REST of school!!! I mean one, they said we were in no danger and two, its a freakin' highjacker, NOT a mass murderer!! I hate 5th hour, so that's why I was so pissed lol. Well anyways adidas for now because well...yeah I have nothing else to talk about except no school tomorrow!! WHOO!!!

Its just one of those days...   
06:58pm 06/04/2004
mood: pissed off
music: Maroon 5- "This Love"
Go dammit I have a headache!! GAH!!! It hurts!! You know what its from?! Frustration!!! I'm so frustrated right now and my heads throbbing and its bot making the situation better, well technically there isn't much of a situation anymore but I'm still pissed off. First of all MSN explorer goes all gay on me and I have to shut it down and then Windows Media Player does the same DAMN THING! So I shut that down and open it up doesn't I open up MSN and it dials but then it doesn't sign me in!! WTF?!?!? I had to shut them all down again and then restart my fucking computer!!! GAH!! Then I was mad so instead of punching a pillow or screaming or something I growled and punched my desk, which hurt REALLY REALLY BAD!! My pinky knuckle is all freakin' red and its in pain!!! So anyways now that I've found one thing to be pissed off about, everything that has pissed me off today just comes flooding back, I hate how that happens to me!!! Which just pisses me off more!!!! My brother is so fucking STUPID!! GAH!! He goes Jamie could you help me and I'm like sure so I go in his room to help him and he starts getting an attitude because I couldn't even get the answer the calculater kept showing me and so I jkust told him to put the wrong answer or skip it and he starts gettin' all 'mouthy'! He's like but Mrs. Cadore will get mad at us and blah blah blah! WTF?!?! I mean if I didn't get a problem or whatever I'd leave that shit blank but Kyle is like no no I can't do that! YES YOU FUCKING CAN!!! God he pissed me the hell off, the other day he needed to draw a plant and animal cell so I told him to just trace the ones from the book (like I always did when I was younger) and he's like no we have to DRAW it. I'm like so tell her you're a really good drawer or I drew it for you or something, he's like no no she'll no! I seriously fucking doubt that you stupid little prick!! God I just want to tie a two ton rock to his ankle and throw him off a bridge!! Also WTF is wrong with all these stupid fucking spanish people at our school?!?! I'm talking about most, which includes all those who aren't dumb and my friends (becaouse none of you are dumb and do this).Ok I'm really sorry and I'm not trying to be racist or anythying it just really fucking pisses me off how they always have to walk so damn slow!! I mean they know they have like a gazillion (overaxageration) people behind them yet they show no common curtousy AT ALL and they stop right in the middle of the hall, blocking up traffic and pissing people off, just so they can kiss their friends cheek and start yappin'!!! What the hell?! I mean and then you try to get past them, which is usually hard because our school has too many fucking people at it and you bumb into them and they get in your face! I mean that wouldn't fucking happen if you'd just fucking walk instead of standing in the fucking middle of the hall!!! God it just pisses me the hell off!!! You know who else pisses me off?!?! Elizabeth Suthard...god dammit I wish I could just lock her in a box and then blow it up!! She's so fucking annoying!!! We'll be walking top the bus stop and she'll just be talking and talking and talking and talking and none of us are paying attention cause none of us give a damn and its freakin' annoying!! You should hear Bobbi, when it gets uber annoying Bobbi will be like Liz shut the hell up, no one cares!!! Lol, its funny. You know what totally freakin' pisses me off and gets me totally frustrated beyond reason?! Teaching people the easiest thing in the world only to have them constantly saying..."huh? I don't get it." GAH!!! @_@ Its like What the fucking hell!!! That's why I could never be a teacher, I just don't have the patience or the anger control to deal with these fucking idiots who don't understand a single thing!!! I was talking to my mom again about taking a foreign language and she was telling me I should take spanish because a lot of people speak spanish and blah blah blah. Listen its not about whether more people speak spanish or not, its the fact that french is cooler. I mean why the hell would it matter if a lot more people speak spanish than french?! Why the hell would I go up to someone and start speaking spanish to them?! I wouldn't, exactly!! I mean I'm not dissing spanish or whatever but i mean they're saying that we are becoming more spanish now in west palm than anything but I mean WTF?! If I wanted to learn spanish it would be for the sole purpose just to know what they are aying when they are going on about something and looking over at me and laughing or whatever. And I swear if I ever learn spanish and have to listen to some fucking stuck up spic talking about me because I'm fucking white I'm going to fucking hit them!! That's why I am so totally tired of West freakin' Palm!! Because I can't go anywhere anymore without being looked down on because I'm white, which is so not right!! Listen people I'm white, yeah who gives a fuck, you're spanish who gives a fuck!? You're black or asian WHAT-the hell-EVER!!! I mean I've heard the Mexicans on our bus going on about how Sunny or Bobbi is racist and shouldn't be sayin' crap and everything when just a while ago one of girls goes I wouldn't care if all white people dropped dead right now. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT!!! What the hell did I ever do to you?!?! Its plain fucking ignorance like that that pisses me the hell off! I'm so damn tired of it! Sunny just told me that some mexican girl just randomly calls her white trash so she told her to go back to Mexico and then she apologized for it, but what I heard on teh bus was a whole different thing!! They are all mad at Sunny because of what she said BUT none of them ever mentioned her apologizing OR that the girl called her white trash which is why she said that in the first place. They are putting all the blame on Sunny whenits the girl's fault, they are making Sunny out to be the 'bad guy' and that isn't right!!! I just wish everyone would get along!! I'm so tired of having to write entries like this and havin' to bitch about another race pissin' me off because of something I don't do or because I'm white! God whatever!! I'm sick of it and I'm gonna go because my fingers are like numb and my back hurts!! Bye.

PISSED-the fuck-OFF-