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Avid rawkz! [15 Aug 2003|01:39am]
yay!Avidgamers is letting me sign on as all of them at one time.So..all five people can talk to each other again!yes!woohoo!hehe..umm.My picture is a Rogue Manga picture that Ah cropped into a 5ox5o blank picture and yeah.you should get it from there.Well..umm it's friday!yahoo!heh okay not really that great but...tommorrow we go clothes shopping!yes!we need to go to Hot Topic so Ah can get more pins for mah backpack!heh..it's the pink one..yes thats right..the pink jansport that WONT go in my locker.but,it's better then the orange hawaiin one that is breakin'.Damn things are soo cheap and crappy.anyways Ah'm going to go and RP on avid nowz..bii

¤Rogue Angel¤
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