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Colleen [16 Jul 2003|11:08am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

OMG colleen is being such a bitch today.She says I cant RP..I've been RPing since I was six!And she says I'm not nice.When she's at my house we do more then sit in her room and clean!That's almost exactly what we do at her house!Shit she says I'm not nice.I dont make her clean my room now do I?No..okay then.Oh!Abby is potty trained.LoL well not POTTY trained but yeah.She is better and out of heat now!Yay!Heh this morning she was in my bed.Hehe I got 4 level things on my new game!wee!only 4 more!then the like champion thingy.Hehe okay I'm going to work on the 5th level thingy.Okay!Bye!

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