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Abby [15 Jul 2003|10:08am]
[ mood | o0f soo cold ]
[ music | Justin Timberlake-Cry Me A River ]

damn mi dog Abby keeps waking meeh up like 20 minutes after mi mom nd sister leave! baka damn dog CRIES nd she's down stairs.But I hear her all the way UPstairs. IT sucks like hell.oi im tired *yawn* I went 2 bed at like 1AM or sumfing..I like this thing cuz i cant go bak n forth from Tom to Johnny..weee oki ima go work on mi xanguh nows bi!

Tala Luffs Ya

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mornin [15 Jul 2003|12:13pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | LL Kool J nd JLO-All I Have ]

hey every1 i JUST made this thing soo yeah watevr..itsh as close to a LJ as I could find!weee im happy i also got n xanguh..damn i hav anon on mi chatterbox on xanguh.that sucks ass..he2 neways!umm nothing is realli happened so far.But i dont realli noe who it ish..but the spell not NAWT so im asking ppl how they spell it just 2 add 2 mi SUSPECTS list.But sum ppl im shur they didnt do it.I'm positive anita nd dki nd winnie didnt do nd alec 2!they're..like..mi best friends..rite?o0f watevr i just hope they go away!they sae i act asian nd shit i dont evn im happy 2 b Irish..lalala cuz i got Mr.Farrel he2 i like Mr.Farrel o0f Mr.Farrel ish Colin Farrel der..lol ima go nows..payyc!
Tala luhvs ya

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