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  I'm going friend's only here from now on. If you want me to add you, just comment. ^.^  
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Name any character(s) I know and I'll tell you three reasons why s/he sucks.

Posting this badass meme here too, for it's just that amusing. Already told why the pwnsome Zidane and Marluxia suck; might as well try for some more. X3
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Unnamed Shipping List   
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A public entry? Oh yes. Because I have a ton of ships that need names and it's getting too long to keep reposting elsewhere. So, in a semi-organized fashion...

Updated list:

Victor x Sugio/Sergio x Masa/Maron
Soutarou/Samuel x Masa/Maron
Ardos x Saturn
Eldes x Saturn
Senri/Norman x Saturn
Senri/Norman x Robert
Saturn x Ryou/Aaron

Melissa/Fantina x Sanae/Alicia Named Cocktailshipping by me.
Natane/Gardenia x Sanae/Alicia Named Zealotshipping by me.

Saturn x Haruka/May Named Coquetteshipping by me.
Akagi/Cyrus x Haruka/May Named Nymphetshipping by me.
Robert x Hikari/Dawn Named Illumineshipping by me.

Saturn x Ariados Named Debutshipping by me.
Sanae/Alicia x Etebosu/Ambipom

Ariados x Jirachi Named DreamWeavershipping by me.
Jupetta/Banette x Jirachi Named DarkStarshipping by me.
Muumaaji/Mismagius x Roserade Named WiltedRoseshipping by Whiscash.
Rentoraa/Luxray x Mukuhawk/Staraptor Named Surpriseshipping by Jonah.
Muumaaji/Mismagius x Etebosu/Ambipom Named Mischievousshipping by honey.
Etebosu/Ambipom x Glacia/Glaceon
Etebosu/Ambipom x Jirachi Named Pawshipping by EmberGryphon.
Glacia/Glaceon x Jirachi Named FrozenDreamshipping by me.

Goyou/Lucian x Saturn x Ryou/Aaron
Melissa/Fantina x Natane/Gardenia x Sanae/Alicia
Senri/Norman x Robert x Haruka/May
Akagi/Cyrus x Saturn x Mars x Hikari/Dawn
Saturn x Jun x Hikari/Dawn
Akagi/Cyrus x Hikari/Dawn x Jun
Akagi/Cyrus x Saturn x Hikari/Dawn x Jun
Sanae/Alicia x Masato/Max x Jirachi
Butler x Masato/Max x Jirachi Named Reposeshipping by me.
Muumaaji/Mismagius x Roserade x Etebosu/Ambipom Named Extensionshipping by me.
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Go here and look at this pic, now! http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/9488713/

Now read this (un-nit-picked version) fic I wrote about it. ^.^


by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi, incest, and lime

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto. I wish I did, but I’m sure all of the non-yaoi fans are really glad I don’t.

Authors Note: Okay, so this is pretty sort. But that means fewer chances for OOCness, ne? Still some though, this is yaoi after all. The timeline is after part one, but before part two. No one is above genin level yet and everyone’s back in their original villages. No spoilers that way. smiles Um, silliness ahead. And major implied “activities” that I’m sure you can guess. Crack couples all that way baby!

Inspiration Note: The idea came from the picture/comic “Normal Brothers” by gins on deviantART. I’d link to it, if the site would let me… It’s really great; you can email me if you want me to send you the link. And yes, the last line was straight from the picture.

Japanese lesson: Kami-sama is the Japanese equivalent of God.

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 3-11-05



Temari grinned as the timer went off with a loud beep. Finally, she’d done it. After years of practicing, she’d finally mastered what had so long tormented her—cooking. Yes, Temari had finally cooked a meal without burning, charring, or smoking a single thing. The meal was truly perfect.

She was extremely proud of herself. And to think that her brothers had said that she could never do it, even if she practiced for the next fifty years… Well, she’d shown them, hadn’t she? Honestly, this whole “domestic” thing wasn’t so hard once you got the hang of it…

Smiling smugly, she picked up the pan she’d been cooking in and headed for the living room. She’d show her brothers her master piece, and then rub it in their faces that they’d been wrong. Oh yes, that sounded fun indeed…

“Hey guys, look what I-”


That was the noise of Temari’s pan falling to the floor.


That was the sound of two angry brothers.


That was Temari’s initial reaction at seeing her brothers.

Kankurou was seated on the couch, his hood lying forgotten on the floor, his face paint smudged, and his usual jumpsuit pulled down to his waist. Gaara was straddling his older brother, his hair mused and half-naked. Before she’d interrupted them, they’d been kissing… or perhaps “shoving their tongues down each other’s throat” was more appropriate…

“You guys…” Temari gasped, wide-eyed, “You, you… You were going to have sex on our couch! What have I told you about doing that stuff on the furniture I have to use as well? It’s bad enough I have to use the same shower as you… And look, I finally cooked the perfect dinner and you made me drop it! Oh, see if I ever cook for you to ingrates again!”

As Temari continued to rant, Kankurou and Gaara rolled their eyes and tuned her out. It wasn’t like they hadn’t heard some sort of variation to this speech before. Like last week when she’d caught them making out on the kitchen counter. Or when they’d been having “fun” three days ago on the stairs… It hadn’t been their fault they couldn’t make it top one of their rooms, was it? Of course not! Temari just blew things out of proportion…

“So for the last time, if you’re going to screw around, do it in your own rooms! Got it?” The boys looked at Temari, then back at each other, and nodded. With no words, Kankurou picked Gaara up bridal style and carried him up the stairs. Seconds later Temari heard a door slam shut.

‘At least I won’t have to worry about walking in on them… Kami-sama, please let them be quiet…’

And of course, the second she thought that the bedsprings started squeaking, followed by some exceptionally loud moans.


Sighing, she bent down to clean up the ruined food, ignoring the scattered clothes thrown on random spots on the floor. Her perverted brothers could pick them up when they were done. Probably in a few hours… Sometimes the stamina they had from being shinobi was an unfortunate thing… For Temari at least.

And as she blocked out the lusty sounds coming from upstairs, she could only think one thing…

‘Why can’t I have normal brothers?’


Mou, I hope it doesn't suck too bad... ^^;
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...was the first half of that last rant really me? Kami-sama, I swore I'd never turn this into one of those angsty-goth-wannabe journals... Oh well. It's out of my system now. I listened to Madonna and Savage Garden all last night to calm me down. Plus I worked more on Kiba-chan Through the Looking Glass. It's *almost* done. Kiba was molested, I mean, met Humpty Dumpty-Kankurou and is now about to play chess against Mirror-Kiba. The King and Queen pieces are Shikamaru and Neji respectively. I love that couple too. And I oddly enough like ShinoxSasuke... Even though I hate Sasuke... Oh well...

Kankurou got new face makeup again! Yes folks, 17 year old Kankurou's makeup is even cooler than his Chuunin Exam-arc or Super Team-arc makeup was. Tis tres spiffish, go check it out! <3

Oh, I haven't had a quiz in a while! Here's one-

You Are: Sasuke X Gaara!!

A hot flame is already burning between the two of
you when you see each other for the first time.
You can sense each other's powerful chakra and
know that the other is a worthy opponent. But
after all the fightings been and done, Whatcha
gonna do next I wonder...

Which Naruto Yaoi Couple Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Odd... I'm not overly fond of that couple... But its better than SasuNaru. I guess if Gaara was seme it'd be pretty cool. ...Hm, to go along with it, here's the het version from the same person.

Neji X Hinata. Whoa...incest. One of you has been
given the duty(or burden) of protecting the
weaker of the two of you. Over the years, duty
has blossommed into something more. Your lover
easily dominates you and makes you work hard to
be the very best but doesn't realize he's
hurting you. But you're tired of being pushed
around. You're ready to take control and prove
to your lover that all his time spent on you
haasn't gone to waste.

Which Naruto Hetero Couple are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, that's more like it. This couple I do like. In fact, I'd say NejiHina is my fave het couple. Let's see how many there are all together... NejiHina, KanTema, GaaTema, SasuSaku... And potentially ShikaTema, KibaHina, JiraiTsuna... So definately four (three being incest), and potentially three more. The last three I could be persuaded to like. I've read them as side couples and didn't feel ill, so...

Moving on, I should have tons to say tomarrow, as my party is around noon-ish. Should be interesting... Oh, I know have all three Kaolla-in-a-bikini color variations! The pink one came yesterday and I got the blue one in few days ago. I had to assemble the pink one myself... -_-;;; Oh well, they're all uber kawaii na no da!

Well, I'll leave you with another fic. This one is actually the prequel to the first KanKiba fic I posted, but I'll let ya'll read them in order. ^.^ Enjoy and ja ne!

Falling for the First Time

By Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and slight lime

Disclaimer: Hmm… Are Kankurou and Kiba an honest-to-God couple? No? Then I guess Naruto isn’t mine…

Authors Note: Well, here’s that prequel I was talking about. I’m on a roll people; viva la KanKiba! Here’s what happened the morning/afternoon before “Crazy Glaring Dogs.” If you read this, imagine that fic happening a few hours or so later. Some minor OOCness and a bunch of spoilers (and ignoring of some canon facts here and there) scattered about, so beware if you haven’t been keeping up with the manga! Want me to do more in this mini-story line? Ask and you shall receive!

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 2-21-05


Kankurou couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt this nervous. Surely, it must have been back before the Chuunin Exam, back when he was constantly afraid of Gaara murdering him in his sleep. But now Gaara was slightly saner, and Kankurou had stopped fearing for his life. But as afraid as Gaara had made him, this was even worse. At least with Gaara he’d gotten used to it, but this nervousness he was feeling now was a completely new feeling to him.
He mentally berated himself for being so foolish, but he couldn’t help it. After all, he was going to do something he’d never done in his entire life, something that could mean eternal happiness or total humiliation…

He was going to ask Kiba Inuzuka out on a date.

Kankurou had never asked anyone out on a date before. He’d never wanted to. If Temari wanted to spend “quality time” with Tenten, that was fine. And if Gaara wanted to crush over Naruto and not even realize it, that was good for him. But Kankurou had been totally content being single… Until he’d actually noticed Kiba.

Sure, he’d seen the younger boy during the Chuunin Exam, but he’d never really paid attention to him. But then the “Super Team” had gone after Sasuke and the Sand Siblings had needed to help them. Temari had gone after Shikamaru, while Gaara had aided Lee. It made sense, considering they’d both dealt with the boys before. But Kankurou hadn’t known any of them all that well, and as fate had it, he’d come across a seriously injured Kiba and his dog first.

So Kankurou defeated Sakon and Ukon and saved Kiba and Akamaru. It wasn’t like they’d really bonded or anything. Kiba had pretty much told him to watch out while Kankurou commanded his puppets to take out the enemies. After that, Kankurou had gotten the younger boy to safety and that had been that. The Super Team went home, and the Sand Siblings went back to Hidden Sand.

Well, for a little while at least. It wasn’t long after that time when Naruto left Konoha and the Sand Siblings found themselves there more and more. At the current time, they had been there for a full two weeks, and still had a few more weeks until they were to leave. Even then, it probably wouldn’t be long before they’d be back. So Kankurou intended to take full advantage of the time he’d been given and ask Kiba out.

His attraction hadn’t been a sudden thing; the day in the woods had only started the whole thing. After that, Kankurou found himself watching Kiba practicing without even realizing that he was doing so. All of a sudden it would click, ‘Hey, I’m watching that Kiba kid practice… Weird…’ That went on for a while, until no matter where he saw Kiba, whether it be in the streets or in a store, he’d start thinking, ‘Oh, Kiba! Yay! Hmm, I wonder what he looks like in leather… Sexy…’

Needless to say, the first time he thought along those lines, he’d been extremely confused. After all, he’d never had a crush before. Not even on a girl, let alone a guy! But he wouldn’t deny that he thought Kiba was tremendously good-looking. So he just accepted it. He liked Kiba. No big deal. Oh no, the only big deal would be asking him out…

He honestly had no clue how to go about doing so. Sure, he could ask Temari, but somehow he had a feeling that would do more harm than good. And asking Gaara was the most ridiculous idea in the whole world, leaving no one left to go to for advice. He supposed that he’d just have to wing it, hope that he didn’t make a complete fool of himself, and pray that Kiba didn’t reject him. Or at least, pray that Kiba would let him down gently and not laugh in his face.

At the present moment, Kankurou was standing in the park, watching Kiba spar with Shino. Hinata was watching her teammates carefully, while Kurenai only seemed to be half watching them. It was often like this, and Kankurou was grateful, this way he was never seen and caught. If anyone did notice him, they never said anything. Kankurou honestly had no idea what he’d say if someone asked why he was always watching Team 8. Would he tell the truth, that he did it just for a glimpse of the way Kiba looked after a good sparing match, panting and sweaty and oh-so-delicious looking? The puppeteer hoped he’d never be in that situation. It could prove to be the most embarrassing thing he’d ever experience…

‘Oh, I think Kiba is winning… No, those stupid bugs are shielding Shino. Go Kiba! No, no, no… Maybe that dog- Never mind. Come on, Kiba! Whoa… Ow…’

Kankurou’s vague mental commentary was cut short by Kurenai announcing that Shino had won and that Kiba should really pay more attention to his training if he wants to win. She went on to inform him that she’d noticed that he’d seemed distracted lately, but Kiba just brushed the concern off, assuring her that he was absolutely fine. She sighed, but accepted his answer. Then she told her team that they could go home; there was no point in going on any more. So the four of them, plus one dog, started to walk off, while Kankurou paid absolutely zero attention to anything except Kiba’s flushed face and heaving chest…

Thus he never noticed when the entire team walked right next to him and temporarily paused.

“Kankurou?” The voice of the older jounin snapped Kankurou out of his fantasies involving Kiba and a dog collar, and brought him back to the real world, where he had four people and a dog giving him questioning looks.

“Oh, hi,” he said, trying his best to act normal, not like he’d just been stalking Kiba, “I was just… Um… Kiba, can I talk to you? Alone?” Strangely, Kiba didn’t look all that surprised, though the others made up for that. They all knew how Kankurou had saved Kiba, but why would the sand-nin want to talk with him in private?

“Sure,” Kiba agreed, smiling at the older boy. “Go ahead guys, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Shino nodded, not being overly concerned. Kiba was a big boy; he could take care of himself. Hinata murmured her goodbye, hoping Kiba would be okay. She didn’t fully trust the sand-nins yet… Finally, Kurenai gave the two of them a look, before smirking and waving her own goodbyes. Kankurou wondered if she had her suspicions, but had no time to ponder. He and Kiba were finally alone, with the exception of Akamaru. Now was the perfect time to ask…

“So, Kiba… Um, how are you?” Not quite what he wanted to say, but it was a good conversation starter.

“Well, Shino just beat me up with his thousands of bugs. I’m kinda tired and my left shoulder hurts. And I’m really curious to know why you’re always watching me. But other than that, I’m doing fine. And you?”


“Um, I’m fine… I, well, you see…” Well, this wasn’t going as he’d hoped… He wasn’t supposed to be stuttering like a love-sick schoolgirl. And was he blushing? He was! He mentally groaned. This was terrible! He had to do something… “How do you know that I watch you?” Again, that wasn’t quite what he’d been thinking, but he’d never been a very patient person…

“I can smell you. You come almost every day to watch my team, and I sense you when I’m alone sometimes. So I’m figuring that it’s me that you’re watching. And since you’re not denying it…” Oh that was right, he could have denied it, couldn’t he have? “…I guess I was right. And I have a feeling that what you wanted to talk to me about has to do with it…”

Well, Kiba was right. He didn’t know the specifics, but he was right nonetheless. The younger boy was much more observant than Kankurou had given him credit for. And really, now was the perfect opportunity to explain how he felt, how everything just felt right whenever he looked at Kiba. Yes, he was going to do it…

“Kiba, will you go out with me?” Well, maybe not poetry, but at least he was to the point…

At first, Kiba had no expression on his face. Kankurou thought for sure that he’d be yelled at any moment and told exactly how perverted he was to think that Kiba would want to go out with a guy like him, or even a guy at all!

But the seconds ticked by, and the berating never came. Instead, a grin appeared on Kiba’s face. It was small at first, but grew until it was nearly splitting his face in two. Kankurou took this as a good sign.

“I was right!” Kiba cheered, pumping his fist in the air. “I knew you liked me, I knew it!” Kankurou blinked, hoping that this reaction was in fact a positive one. As soon as Kiba launched himself into the older boy’s arms, he decided that yes, this was very good indeed.

“So… You will?” Kiba smiled up at Kankurou, his slit eyes almost sparkling in happiness.

“Of course I will! I’ve been waiting for you to ask for over a week! Why do you think I’ve been distracted? I would have asked you myself, but I could tell you really wanted to do it, so I waited. Hey how about we go out tonight? We can go to dinner than walk around and do whatever we want…” Kiba continued chatting about all the things they could do, and Kankurou listened to him, happier than he could ever remember being in his entire life. He had the guy of his dreams in his arms, and by the end of the night he would probably have his first kiss too. He had a feeling that things would just keep getting better from that point on…

“Oh, I just have one condition…” A condition? What kind of condition…?

“What is it?”

“Akamaru has to come too!”

Kankurou quickly glanced down at the small dog who had been quiet during their whole exchange, then looked back up at Kiba and nodded in agreement. That wasn’t an unreasonable request. After all, the two of them did almost everything together. So long as the dog didn’t interrupt any “fun time” they might have, he was fine with it. It wasn’t like a little dog could cause any problems anyway…

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Today has been... Different.

My birthday is on Sunday, right? Well, my party is on Saturday, so it wouldn't conflict with church and other crap like that. Well, turns out my second cousin *has* to go to her sister-in-law's second baby shower. Not like for her second baby, no, the second one for the same baby. Yeah, I don't get it either. Anyways, I'm like, "yeah whatever, you skip out on a lot of family crap anyways, no surprise there..." But then I find out my great grandmother is like, protesting against my party being on Saturday. What the-? It's apparantly an inconvinance. What?! She's old. She doesn't do squat. And if my cousin (her favorite person in the whole fricking world) hadn't been busy, I'm sure she wouldn't have had a problem. The hell- It's my FLIPPING 18th BIRTHDAY! IT MEANS MORE TO ME THAN AN OTHER BIRTHDAY I'VE EVER HAD!!! So much comes with 18, so much more than 10, or 13, or 16, or 17... Maybe I won't care when I'm older, but I DO care now! How dare she not come to one of the most important days of my life just because she's being pissy? GAH!!!!

Okay, I'm all right now. It's not like she's not the only one not coming. My step-dad's going snowmobiling that day, but asked me first since he knows I don't like crowds. I was fine with it. And other family isn't coming cause they don't go to a flipping thing. So it'll be me, my sis, mom, gram, aunt, and cousin as far a I know. Fine by me. Whatever. Doesn't bother me...

Sence the heavy sarcasm?

*sighsighsigh* Then there's the whole deal with my real father, who I see maybe three times a year (and that's a GOOD year) who now, after almost seven years, desides he wants to be all buddy-buddy and have me and my imouto-chan go to his house. Wanna know my thoughts? Screw that. His psycho new wife lies about me, forbids me from going over, now wants me to go over and be good friends, and he expects me to smile and nod? Not this time bucko! You more or less abanboned me, and I just don't care any more. You made me cry secretly at night for YEARS and I'm over it. So screw you Daniel, leave me the hell alone!

Kami-sama, built up rage is a pain in the butt... Gotta think happt thoughts... Like, um... Yaoi! Yaoi is always happy! ^.^

Mou, let's talk Naruto while my blood pressure drops back down, shall we? KanKib ahas officially kicked GaaNaru out of the way for fave couple. KanKiba just... ROX MAH SOX BAY-BEE! Hehehehe... It was only a matter of time, odd couples always take the top spot. Like FaustxYoh, BakuraxOtogi, ReixMistel... All pairings that I have to carry the fandom for almost all by myself... At least there are a few KanKiba fans... I have quite a few pics now... I've printed out some and coloredf them. They're on my walls. ^.^ I luv them. And Kiba makes such a great uke. I've already written three KanKiba fics, with one being written and one on the way. I'll put one at the bottom as a thank you for reading my ranting up there. I hate being so upset... Luckily, the mix of Madonna music and talk of yaoi has calmed me down. ^.^

Oh, the fic I'm working on right now is called Kiba-chan Through the Looking Glass. It's like a yaoi version of Miyuki-chan in Mirror Land. Kinda like how Mistel-cahn in Wonderland was. Nice and pervy. Everyone wants Kiba. Well, Jabberwocky-Shino, Violet-Naruto, Lily-Gaara, and Kankurou-Humpty Dumpty want him at least. Butterfly Chouji doesn't, and the chess pieces only want each other. ^.^ It'll be great once it's finished...

So, I'll give you a fic now. The shortest one, since this is already so long. Have fun guys!


By Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi

Disclaimer: Nope, Naruto isn’t mine. If it was, I’d let more of the minor characters have decent screen time…

Authors Note: I have officially decided that this is my favorite Naruto couple. And I’ve also decided that the fandom shall grow, even if I have to do it by myself. smile So here’s my second 227-word blurb, in honor of my birthday being less than a week away. It’s too short to be OOC in my personal opinion, but you can be the judge of that.

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 2-22-05


As strange as it sounded, Kiba liked cats.

Yes, Kiba Inuzuka, whose best friend was a dog, had other dogs living in his home, and even had the word dog in his last name, liked cats.

Cats weren’t so bad, once he got to thinking about it. They were stealthy, quiet, calm and laid back, and just like dogs, as long as you took care of and loved them, they’d stay with you forever.

Kiba himself wasn’t much like a cat at all. He was loud and rowdy, just like a dog. But he didn’t mind because although he liked cats, dogs were still his favorite animal.

Kiba hadn’t even realized how much he’d liked cats until he’d come along. He was like a cat. His look reflected that—his hat stood up at made it look like he had cat ears. His fighting style reflected that—crafty and concealed. Always fighting from a distance, and always underestimated. Kiba loved to watch him fight. It was so different from his own in-your-face style; it intrigued him. He intrigued him.

And from that simple intrigue, came genuine love. Kiba had always figured that he’d fall in love with someone like Hinata, not a guy like him. But he had, and Kiba didn’t mind at all.

After all, Kiba liked cats, and Kankurou was very much like a cat.


So, ya like it? I personally did. Not my normal style, but drabbles/blurbs usually aren't. VIVA LA KANKIBA! (squee, that rhymes!) Well, off to write some more. And please go to ff.net and reveiw some fics! I'm dying for some opinions!

Ja ne for now minna-san!
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KanKiba rox mah sox!   
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As you can probably tell, KanKiba is starting to rival my obsession for KanGaa. Yay for crack pairings! I mean, Kankurou saves Kiba in the manga, so it has some basis... A little... Better than my KanGaa evidence of "they're brothers and all sandcest rocks, thank you very much." Mou, Sandcest, Uchihacest, and Hyuugacest all rock actually. But enough about that. KanKiba is soooo under-rated. I've seen one fic (kinky and oh-so-yummy), and two pics (one English that went with the pic, and the other Japanese, both delicios lime). The English pic I made my current wallpaper. It's soooooooooo uber sexy. Kiba is laying on a couch with nothing on but fishnets and a dog collar. Kankurou is leaning over the couch with a leash in his hand (attached to the collar) wearing nothing but tribal paint. Yes, you heard me right. Everything is covered though, making it a step below porn. ^.~

I got some birthday present today, though i don't actually get them until the 26th. I got: a Nightmare on Elm Street calendar, Naruto manga 2-5, Negima manga 4, Gravitation manga 10, Golden Cain (yaoi!) manga 1, Selfish Love (yaoi!) manga 1, Exorsist 3 DVD, Scarecrow 1&2 DVD, blue fishnets, black fishnets, and black netted figerless gloves.

Did I mention I'm way into horror movies now? Didn't think so. I LOVE the Nightmare on Elm Street series, part 3 being my fave. Hellraiser rocks too. Dead-Alive was good too. Thing is, they don;t scare me. They make me laugh. I was watching "It" the same time as my sister and while she cringed at the clown, I laughed my head off. Come on, he was played by Tim Curry (who you can't find scary if you've seen him in fishnets and a corset in Rocky Horror), and kept saying "We all float!" Honestly. "We all float!"? Big whoop.

*sigh* I want my presents. I have tons of manga to read. And I have some things coming in from eBay too. I've already gotten my 5 Naruto posters, and the lot of Kaolla merchandise I won. I'm still waiting for my KakaNaru doujinshi, my Chobits DVD boxset, and my two Kaolla-on-the-beach-in-a-bikini figures (one in pink, the other in blue, I already have her in purple). The Kaolla figures probably won't be here until March though... Oh well.

Oh, and I got a Sennen ring, just like on Yugioh (only smaller), and one of the dangly pitons broke off today! I looked all over my school for it, and do you know where it was? In my purse! I was so mad... I paid $16 for the stupid thing and it broke! At least I have the pieces so I can fix it...

I'm now on vacation, my birthday is in nine days, and I practically told off my dad today (long story...)! I'm happy, and off to find more Naruto yaoi involving Kankurou-sama. Yay~!

"One True Pairing" Ship: GaaNaru <3
Canon Ship: There really aren't any... ZabuHaku was close!
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork": SasuNaru
"You are one sick bastard": JiraiNaru
"It's like a car crash": SasuSaku
"Tickles my fancy but not sold quite yet" 'Ship: KibaHina
"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" 'Ship: KanKiba <3
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" 'Ship: SasuNaru
"Be Very Afraid" ‘Ship: OroSasu
"Guilty Pleasure" Ship: KanGaa <3
"I can't believe I read it and liked it" Ship: KanShino
"Favorite older/younger" Ship: KakaNaru
06:43pm 17/02/2005
mood: blank
music: Dragostea Din Tei - O-zone
It's been a long time... Almost a year! Well, a lot has happened. Last June I was in the hospital's intensive care unit for four days. I found out I have diabetes, and not I poke myself with needles multiple times a day. Yippee skippy. Hm... I'm a senior this year, 5th in my class, accepted to college in the psychology program, and a peer tutor. Yippee skippy x2. I'm offically adding Love Hina, Fruits Basket, and Naruto to my list of obesessions. Add Kaolla, Kankurou, Temari, Shigure, Ayame, and Hatsuharu to my CIWTL list. I've written tons more fics, and I have an official hater. She's drawn pics and written fics about killing me. Yippee skippy x3.

All right, enough of that. Time to gush. Kankurou is fine. And soooo underappreciated. I like him with Gaara, Kiba, Temari, and Shino thus far. Temari goes with Kankurou, Gaara, Sakura, or TenTen. GaaNaru is my fave coupling. I like Sakura as a character. I HATEHATEHATE Sasuke. Thus I hate SasuNaru. Oddly enough, I think SasuSaku is pretty looking. And ShikaSasu isn't bad. KanGaa is my crack pairing of choice. I'm getting a KakaNaru doujinshi soon. I'm sooooo happy! ^.^

Speaking of doujinshi, I finally got Avarice! YAY!!!!

Mou, and I have manymanymanymany Kaolla figurines. Okay, just eight, but that's a lot to me. ^.~ I might be getting another one soon.

My birthday is in 10 days. I can legally buy honest-to-God yaoi then. ^.~

Hmmm, that's enough for now. Back to my report on Jim Henson...

Naruto 'Shipping
Favorite yaoi pairingGaaNaru
Favorite yuri pairingTemaTen
Favorite het pairingNejiHina
Overarching shiny M3ant2b3 OMGOTPDoes that mean my one true pairing? Then GaaNaru.
Favorite threesomeTemaGaaKan
Favorite teacher/student pairingKakaNaru
Favorite guilty pleasureKanGaa
Crack of choiceKanGaa ...My crack makes me guilty... ^^;
Because it's prettySasuSaku ...shut up...
w-w-WHY, cruel world?SasuNaru ...shut up again...
Favorite canon(-ish, loose definition, etc, this is Naruto we're talking about)ZabuHaku ...Is that close enough?
It all makes sense. After I've had a few beers, anyway.JiraiTsuna
Dysfunctionality, baby. It's what makes the world go 'round.ItaSasu
Because I canTemaGaa
My first Naruto 'ship EVARSasuNaru, until I watched actually saw the show... I'm so ashamed...
Where has all the shiny gone/why don't I feel the love anymore?SasuNaru, like I said, I saw the anime/manga and poof! It was gone...
Me/this 'ship = one night standKibaHina
obscure character 'shipIs Kankurou obscure enough? If so, I'm pimping KanGaa again... ^^;
favorite Naruto x powerful boy who's ass he kicked(/is going to kick three years from now) pairingGaaNaru
Twosome permutation of Team 7SasuSaku I guess, unless you'll count Kakashi, in which case KakaNaru

Do di do... (+"Once Upon A Time")   
09:42pm 29/05/2004
mood: mellow
music: Shut Up - Sin With Sebastian
On Thursday my school had the awards night. I'm now officially in the National Honors Society. Plus I made third year honor role and won the William's College Book Award. That means I'm in the top 5% of my class. Yay! The award is actually a Webster's dictionary with William's College Book Award printed on it. Plus it's purple. ^.^ The very first thing I looked up was necromancy. ^^;; Me, obsessed with Faust? Never...

I'm so glad it's a three day weekend. Then just four days (one we won't even have classes) then three days of finals. Erg, I got three big papers to write over the long weekend. French, Chemistry, and English. The French one one Montréal is done with three pages, the Chemistry one is done with eight pages, and I haven't even started English... Gotta do that tomarrow...

Oh!!! Add Mihaeru (from Beyblade, a part of the Balthez Soldiers team) to my CIWTL list! He is fiiiiiine~! As are Yuri, Lei, Mistel and Mao. And MistelxZeo is now officially in the running for my fave couple, competing with LeixRei and MistelxRei. Yes, I know they never meet, but they'd look so cute together!

And as a special treat instead of any quiz results, I'm gonna post my latest fic here! I'm quite proud of it actually. ^.^ FF.net and YGO's SR have to wait till tomarrow. *waves MistelxZeo flag* Enjoy!

Once Upon A Time
by Taitofan
Rated PG-13 for yaoi and some lime humor
Disclaimer- I don't own Beyblade 2002(V-Force) or G-Revolution. If anyone's selling Mihaeru, I'll buy him!
Author's note- Yes, I'm well aware that Mistel and Zeo never meet. But for the sake of the fic, pretend they did somewhere along the line, because they definitely know each other in this fic. So the first person to point out that the cute little android and Egyptian don't know each other gets a big old "DUH!" The main thing here is that I thought of a bunch of fairy tale clichés and turned them into a 100 percent dialogue fic. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out who's talking. Not too much OOC either, if you know the characters. And yeah, odd couple, but like I'd do anything but! ;)
Flames don't bother me in the slightest bit. Usually they're pretty funny! CC is always appreciated though. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 05-27-04

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess with long sea green hair, bright light turquoise eyes, and the most delicious looking body in the world. He-"

"Wait a minute. If the princess is a he, shouldn't he be a prince?"

"No silly, he's a beautiful princess because he has to be rescued by a handsome prince. Anyways, the princess was named Zeo, and he was wanted by everyone in the land."

"Let me guess, but the person who wanted him most of all was the handsome Prince Mistel, who had long blond hair, clear ocean blue eyes, sun-kissed skin, was just as effeminate looking as Princess Zeo, and wore more golden jewelry than should be legal?"

"You're catching on! Though you don't need to be so sarcastic... Yes, the most handsome prince in the world-"


"-was deeply in love with Princess Zeo. In fact, he was visiting the land of Zagart where Princess Zeo ruled to ask for his hand in marriage."

"The land of Zagart? Is someone running out of ideas?"

"Hush. I'm on a roll here! So, Prince Mistel went to Princess Zeo's castle and they spent the day together having fun."


"Not that kind of fun! They, I don't know, played croquet or something."


"That night-"

"They had more fun?"

"No! Stop interrupting! That night Prince Mistel proposed to Princess Zeo, and he accepted, wanting nothing more than to be with his beloved until the end of time. ... What? No comment?"

"Nope. I actually thought that was quite sweet, if a bit sappy."

"Oh, well thanks!"

"No problem. Continue."

"Right. Prince Mistel and Princess Zeo were just about to kiss when an evil witch appeared."

"What was her name?"


"Her name. You named the prince and the princess; you might as well name the witch."

"Oh, okay. Her name was... Hiromi. The Evil Witch Hiromi wanted Princess Zeo's beauty, since she was lacking in the looks department. Before Prince Mistel could do anything, Evil Witch Hiromi grabbed Princess Zeo and zapped them to her little hut in the forest just outside of Zagart."

"Wait a second! You let Hiromi kidnap me? Do you want to sleep on the couch tonight or something?"

"Hey, this is a fairy tale, the happy ending come later. Just give me a minute, all right?"

"Of course, I'm sorry. Go on."

"Well, the prince couldn't have his one true love have his beauty stolen by Evil Witch Hiromi, so he hopped on his big white horse and rode into the forest to find his love."

"Can this get any more clichéd?"

"Probably, I wouldn't doubt it. Okay, so Hiromi wasn't the smartest evil witch in the world, so her hut wasn't well hidden. In five minutes, Prince Mistel had stormed in and saw his fiancé tied to a chair-"

"Oh, kinky!"

"-with the witch trying to make him drink a potion that would drain him of his loveliness."

"So, did this prince only love Princess Zeo for his looks?"

"No, of course not! But, um... He'd look like Balkov if he drank the potion, and neither of them wanted that."

"Ew, you're right."

"Hmm, yes. Creepy thought... Oh yes, Prince Mistel drew his magical sword, intent on killing the witch. But when she saw the mighty prince, she became frightened and dropped the vial containing the potion, then dropped to her knees and begged for mercy. Prince Mistel took pity upon her and instead of killing her, he rescued Princess Zeo and they used their previously unmentioned powers to turn her into... A potato."

"A potato?"

"Yes, a potato. Which was soon eaten by a stray rabbit days later."


"Then Prince Mistel and Princess Zeo rode back to the castle where they finally shared their kiss. A few days later they got married and lived lovingly together, ruling over Zagart for the rest of their lives. The end."

"The end? That can't be the end! What about their honeymoon?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that... How about we act it out ourselves?"

"I like the way you think! Oh, and Mistel?"

"Yes Zeo?"

"I loved your story."

"Thanks love."

"So... Let's go!"


Awwww~! They make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! Plus they're the most effeminine characters since first season Olivier. And about as straight as circles- Not very in Mistel's case and not at all in Zeo's! ^.^ Zeo's definitely a six on the Kinsey scale and Mistel's a... five. *nodnod* They're so prettttty~!

Okay, enough gushing. Till next time!
08:14pm 19/05/2004
mood: creative
music: Gyroscope - Tea Party
Today was pretty cool. I heard this joke about the age old question about which came first, the chicken or the egg, and told it to a bunch of people. Only my homeroom teacher got it on the first try. =P Everyone else I had to put a slight emphasis on one of the words. ^.~ I also told some guys (two friends and our class's president) a joke about some guys trying to catch an airplane. The president swore he could make my joke dirty, but changed his mind after he heard it. He said it was already straight forward and genius. Well, it wasn't really "straight" if you know what I mean. ^.~

I wanna watch Beyblade G-Revolution... Mistel/Yuri/Lei/Mao are just toooooooo yummy! I just realized that they changed Yuri's eye color. Twas ice blue in the first season and purple in G-Rev... Then again, he is a cyborg (with a kickin' ice attack), so I guess an eye color change isn't that crazy...

Hehe, Mistel is Malik and Marik's love child. ^.^

Hmmm... The episode of Digimon Frontier is the same as yesterday's. Someone made a mistake~! Digimon 02 should start playing next. Yay for Daiken/Kensuke! ^.^ It's my fave along with KouKou. Twincest is crazily popular in anime. KouKou is the most popular couple in all of Digimon, HaoxYoh wins in Shaman King (yes, even over HoroRen) and though they're not really twins, all the YamixHikari pairings in YGO are definately in the running, though SetoxYami takes the cake... Well, enough about that... ^^;

Ohmygosh~! Kouichi and Kouji are flirting again! Theytotallyloveeachother!!!

Okay, now I'm really done. ^.^

I got in a new YGO doujinshi today... It's good, but never trust a doujoujinshi without pics... It wasn't what I expected. At all. But it had some Yami/Bakura, so all's good. ^.~

Dun have much more to say, so... Ja ne!

You are...  KOUICHI & KOUJI!!!
You are... KOUICHI & KOUJI!!!

Age, gender, and looks doesn't matter to you! It
doesn't matter if they are twin brothers
because they barely know each other! Kouichi
has been always been looking for Kouji while
Kouji has been always beening looking for the
truth behind his life and BAM!!! The two met
and all their so-called answers came! But it
doesn't not stop Kouichi saying Kouji's name a
million times over and Kouji helping him with a

What Digimon Yaoi Pairing Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hm... I think I took this quiz before with other results, but oh well. KouKou rocks my socks soooo much. The how stalker/not liking to be touched thing reminds me of Zach and Trevor in Drawing Blood. Cept Zach's not really a stalker, he's a hacker. And they're not twins. ^^;;; But they're both rockin' couples! =)
12:54pm 16/05/2004
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music: Love Me Just A Little While - Janet Jackson
It's not cold anymore! ^.^ But my hand hurts from helping outside for three hours yesterday. I got paid $15 at least. That just about covered the two manga I bought yesterday. Petshop of Horrors 6 and Fake 7. Fake is all done! No! Well, Dee and Ryo's love confessions to each other were so sweet. And for those of you who own it, Dee has a brillant way to describe how he and Ryo have their fun... It's near the end, and you'll know what I mean once you see it. ^.~ PSoH was good as always. Tet-chan's human form is flippin' sezzy! Hehe, he wants Chris. Bad. =P Tet-chanxChris is my second fave pair, right after LeonxD. But really, what PSoH fan doesn't like LxD? Not many... ^.^V

Dun wanna go to school tomarrow... Well, it's almost June 10th at least...

I ordered the latest Beyblade first season dub DVD. It's number eight. I can actually stand the Beyblade dub. And for kiddie anime, it's one of the best. Better than Digimon/Shaman King/Sailormoon/Yugioh/ect. I can actually stand the voices and name changes... Even I have to admit Bryan sounds better than Boris... But I still with the originals when I write. *happy sigh* G-Rev is being put uncut in Japanese on english DVDs! I wanna drool over Yuri/Lei/Mistel/Mao NOW!

I got the Super Mario Bros 3 DVD too. It has six 11-min epis and one 22-min Sonic epi. None of the epis have the twins in them... *grumbles* But it has Spanish language! I can watch the koopalings in Spanish! Spiffy! Well, I can't watch the twins... -_-;;; Hey, but I can watch it on our new 51" tv! I watched YGO on it yesterday. Giant Otogi/Malik/Marik/Mana/Mai/Anzu/Shizuka/Esper/Kajiki! All in two epis! Plus Ghost was on a commercial, so all ten of my loves in an hour! With giant faces! I was a vedy vedy happy fangirl. ^.^

Alrighty, I should finish my English homework, so I'll be off. Ja ne!

You despise Kagome, and who doesnt? Her whiney Im
better than you persona is very annoying. And
the very idea that she kisses YOUR Inuyasha
makes your eye twitch in a very disturbing

Annoying Anime Girl?
brought to you by Quizilla

Or Kouga's Inuyasha... ^^; I crush over Kouga actually. ^.~
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07:24pm 13/05/2004
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music: These Dreams - Heart
It's vedy vedy cold... The house is being redone, so there are big gaping holes in the walls. And it's cccooooooooolllllllllllllllllddddddddd!!!!!!!

Almost Friday, so only one day of school left this day. Yay! Weekends almost here! It's good, cause I've had a test/quiz in all my classes this week except for French. I'm gonna be working this weekend on the house though. $5 an hour. I need the moneu to support my doujinshi/manga addiction, so... Well, Demon Diary is done! No shounen ai ending, grrr! Twas cute though. ^.^ Tokyo Mew Mew and Fake are done too, but I don't have them yet. Gotta wait till Saturday and hope Borders has them...

Oh! I won a Jun figure on Ebay! I can't wait to get her! She's definately my fave girl on my CIWTL list. *nodnod* Tres yummy!

I'm watching Power Rangers now... I hate PR... Okay, I hate all of the seasons except Ninja Storm. Thank Ra that's what's on! The acting can be downright terrible at times, but Shane/Dustin and Hunter/Cam are such adorabibble couples! ^.^ Yes, I love slash enough to see it in Power Rangers. =P

I turned up the heat, shut the door to my room, put on two blankets, and I'm finally getting warm. Yeah! =)

And remember, the next person to use a made-up word has to put a dollar in the made-up word jar! ^.~

You're Honda's 'I'm Going to Molest You' look. Erm...that's nice...
You're Honda's 'I'm Going to Molest You' look.
Erm...that's nice...

Which Yu-Gi-Oh Expression Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, duh. He *was* looking at Shizuka after all... ^.^V
06:59am 09/05/2004
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Mana has finally come in the Japanese epis of Yugioh. She's so totally on my CIWTL list. *nodnod* My list is quite long... Wanna quick reminder of the list? Probably not, but here it is anyways!
Yugioh- Mana, Ghost, Otogi, Malik, Marik, Mai, Shizuka, Anzu, Esper, and Kajiki
Shaman King- Faust, Jun, Yoh, Hao, Macchi
Beyblade- Mistel, Lei, Yuri, Mao
Digimon- Wizarmon, Sylphimon
Pocket Monsters- Haruka, Atsumi, Kosaburo
Inuyasha- Kouga
Slayers- Phibrizo
Sailormoon- Usagi
I think that's all... ^^; 27 in all... 10 girls and 17 guys.

School's out on June 10! Yay! Almost done! ^.^V

Mou... I got a sunburn on the right side of my face and the top of my head yesterday at my mom's college commensement(sp?) ceremony. Hehe, she graduates in December, and I graduate next June. =P Then *I'll* get to go to college for eight years (I'm gonna be a clinical psychologist). Fun fun.

Oh! I got three uber cute Inuyasha doujinshi. One's Jakotsu/Inuyasha (YAY!!!) and the other two are Miroku/Inuyasha. Plus I won a new MiroInu one last night. Tres yummy. ^.~

Ow, just scratched my sunburn by mistake... =(

Well, I gotta got to a Mother's Day lunch thing at my grandmother's house... Later at least. I have a bit more time before I have to suffer. =P Ja!

*Purrs* Your yaoilicious babycakes are most definatly Inuyasha and Kouga. A sort of love/hate battle goes on between these two. Why exactly DO they fight each other for Kagome so much? Is%2

Which Inuyasha Yaoi pairing's best for you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yummy, my fave IY couple! ^.^
Okay, I give...   
08:09pm 26/04/2004
mood: okay
music: Butterfly - Dance Dance Revolution
I like more than just one het IY couple... Kouga/Kagome and Sesshoumaru/Sango are pretty good too. If done right. Meaning, Inuyasha has to be with a guy all ready and Sango has to be tough, not a damsel in distress. I still prefer yaoi though. Go KouInu! ^.^V

I've won two Miroku/Inuyasha doujinshi lately. One's from Hotdog Express, my fave IY cirle. Their art is so cute and fluffy! ^.^ I like hoe MiroInu is the most popular of the IY yaoi couples. It's my third fave. Miroku might act like he wants every girl he meets to bear his child, but he really wants his Inu-uke. ^.~ I also love how Inu is uke 99% of the time. Tis kawaii na no da!

My sister and I won the newest set of IY figurines and shared the cost. She get Sesshoumaru, Kikkyo, and Shippo while I get Inuyasha, Jakotsu and Bankotsu. I guess we'll share Kagome, since neither of us are all that fond of her... I think I got the better deal, but that's probably cause I don't like Kikkyo either... But Jakotsu is my second fave character, so all's good. ^.~

Eh, I went back to school today. It was so boring... I had nothing to do in my study halls, so I read the IY manga #14 (has Kouga ^.~) and then the first volume of Eerie Queerie. With Fake and Demon Diary ending next month, I was so glad to see a new shounen ai series! And shounen ai there is... Hasunuma is totally in love with Mitsuo. No, really. Canonly. Tis so sweet! Mitsuo was having naughty dreams about Hasu, then freaking out because he was sure he wasn't gay. Suuuuuure... The author even says they're soulmates... And who am I to disagree? ^.~

Ick, I dun wanna go back tomarrow... I have three and a half classes instead of two. Blah... Well, I guess that's all. Ja ne!

click here to take more tests like this at internet junk!
How creative are you?
08:47pm 21/04/2004
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music: Real Good Man - Tim McGraw
I have two submissions to my contest, and two others asked about it! ^.^ Raine-sama wrote a sweet/angsty Ryuzaki/Ghost fic in which Esper was cheating on Ryuzaki so he leaves and meets Ghost. Then Ghost admits he likes Ryuzaki, runs off, almost drowns, then they get together in the end and it's sooooo cute! Yup, that was indeed a run on sentence. ^.~ And I harassed Amelia-chan until she wrote something! And get this, it was a Kouga/Otogi crossover! I put it on the list because they look and act so similar, and 'Melia did it! It was so cool, Otogi wakes up in Feudal Japan, meets Kouga, they flirt, they get it on (fade to black kinda thing to keep the rating down)... Then Otogi wakes up to find out it was a dream. Yup, Otogi's a fanboy with a crush on Kouga! And Faust too. ^.~ That would be an uber spiffy threesome. My three fave bishies from my three fave anime. ^.^ I can't wait for more submissions!

I currently realllllllllly hope someone enters an Inuyasha/Jakotsu fic. I think someone might because they asked if the couple could be an exception to the no violence rule. I, of course, said yes, seeing as I don't want to stop some one from entering. I've only read one happy Inu/Jako fic, and I loved it to pieces! I'd love for a happy one to be entered... I/J is my second fave couple, right after Inu/Kouga. ^.^ The one-sidedness is so sad... Why'd you leave him to die Inuyasha no baka! He loved you! Why don't you ditch Kagome no bakayaro already? Since Jakotsu's dead you could have Kouga! *nods* The couple reminds me a lot of Mamoru/FishEye on Sailormoon. Fishy and Jako are both canonly gay and in love with the main male character (Mamo and Inu) who are destined (blah...) to be with the main female (Usagi and Kagome). And they both die, though Fishy comes back to life. Mamoru didn't hate Fishy, didn't even know he was a guy... Inu was so mean though! I thought it was so sweet when he said Inu was cute! ^.^ (and Miroku was sexy and Kouga delicate *laughs her butt of at the thought of Kouga being delicate*) Make inu... Needs to kick Kagome to the curb all ready...

Mou... Vacation's half over... I haven't done too much. Put up a new fic on ff.net today. I originally wrote it in French and read it in class. Twas cool. And twas Marik/Jounouchi! Very very very neglected... I've only read two other fics with the couple.... I also wrote a new Bakura/Otogi fic called "Fanboy", playing on Amelia's idea of Otogi being Kouga and Faust's fanboy. ^.~

Wanna know something really weird? Inuyasha/Kouga and Bakura/Otogi are quite similar. Inu and Kura look and act alike, just like Kou and Togi. Weird, ne? But I/K are rivals for Kagome and B/O never talk in the anime (but they do in the manga! squee~!). But they're both oh-so-yummy and my faves from they're shows. Tres cool. ^.~

Yes, I'm *soooooo* obsessed with IY right now. Mainly bacause of all the yummy yaoi couples. Too bad the fandom is mostly het oriented... And I only like one het couple. That being Sesshomaru/Rin. Yes, oh-so-pedo for the time being. Most fans age Rin, though I don't mind if she's younger. Yup, I'm a lolicon-loving freak. Though that shouldn't surprise anyone. I like Sess/Inu too, and that's just as odd. ^.~

Well, I believe I've ranted enough for now. Back to trying to come up with a Kouga/Inu or Inu/Jakotsu fic... Or a Kouga/Inu/Jakotsu threesome... Yum... Jakotsu did comment on Kouga (delicate, ha!), it could happen! ^.~

Ja ne!
09:02pm 18/04/2004
mood: calm
music: Engel - Rammstein
*is thinking of Kouga* Add Kouga near the top of my CIWTL list. He is sezzy beyond belief. And the title of Ookami Youkai no Ouji (Prince of the Demon Wolves) is sooo cool! ^.^ But since he can't be with me, he should be with... Inuyasha! Yes, that's my fave IY couple. Oh so neglected, but oh so yummy.

Speaking of neglected couples...

I'm having a contest! It's for fanfics of neglected yaoi couples. The list includes couples from Inuyasha, Digimon, Poocket Monsters, Yugioh, Sailormoon, Maze, Slayers, Shaman King, and Duel Masters. Rules are here- http://www.geocities.com/fausttheviii/contest.html I already know at least on person will enter between now and July... Gotta talk to Amelia and ask her to do something... Writes that one Kim Possible fic than stops writing! All she does is review my fics, the silly girl. *sticks tongue out at Amelia*

Yay for vacation! I went to Borders and bought two manga, Digimon Tamers 1 and Eerie Queerie 1. EQ is shounen ai! Yay! *dances* Plus, I won two Rammstein cds for 13 dollars. Much better than 18/19 dollars in the stores. ^.~ Oh, and I got new speakers for my comp. Now I can actually listen to music without headphones... ^^;

Um, that's all for now, ja!

Kouga! OOOOO! Your love is the Super Fast Wolf
Demon! Not only is he super fast, but he's
Super CUTE! He will do anything for the one he
love's, he act stupid and embarrass himself for
you. HEHE and he's even a leader of his own
Tribe...how awesome!!! GO YOU!!!

Who is your Secret Inuyasha Love?
brought to you by Quizilla
10:00pm 15/04/2004
mood: sleepy
music: Rammstein - Zwitter
I'm offically on April vacation now! Ten whole days of no school! I'm soooo happy, I swear, all my teachers gave big projects all due this past week... -_-;;; But they were all done and I have no homework to due! *dances* Today they inducted the new members to the National Honors Society. Guess who got in? Yup, me! Twas tres cool. People said congrats to me all day long. ^.^

Okay, enough about school. I'm awaiting a doujinshi that has Yami/Seto (yes, uke!Seto, the best there is) and Noa/Seto. Yummy. Tonight a set of two Rammstein cds is ending, and with any luck, it'll be mine! For all you poor people who have no clue what I'm talking about, Rammstein is a German rock band. I love them! And I don't even know much German... ^^;;; Go listen to them!

Hmmm... I've been watching Digimon a lot more lately, and three more characters are to be added to my CIWTL list. They are Mimi, Sylphimon, and... Wizarmon (Wizardmon in the dub). No laughing, I'm serious! He's sooooooo fine! ^.~ Luckily Tailmon(Gatomon). You *know* they loved each other...

Well, I suppose I don't have much else to say right now since I'm getting tired. Bye till next time!

Kouga. 'Nuff said.
You're matched with Kouga, the wolf-dude who's
Inuyasha's rival for Kagome!! Wouldn't you like
having someone fight for you like that and call
you his woman? ^-^

The Inuyasha Matchmaker Quiz!!! (for dude-lovers only)
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*happy sigh*   
07:50pm 03/04/2004
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music: Maroon 5 - This Love
I just watched Duel Masters... The dub really sucks, as usual, but they can't change the fact that Kokujyo is one of the sexiest things in this universe. Long wild black hair, pointy-fang teeth, trenchcoat, black pants, no shirt, evil... Wow. Add his to my Characters-I-Want-To-Lick list... Hmm, plus he and Shobu totally wanna do each other right on that card table... Honestly, you can cut the UST (unresolved sexual tension) with a spork...

Interesting fact- Kokujyo/Shobu is the most popular DM couple amoung the Japanese. When I found that out, I was soooooo happy that I wasn't crazy! Like when I found the Finding Nemo slash; I love finding out I'm not the only one to love such couples! ^.^

Getting back... Other characters to add to my CIWTL list- Yuri, Lei, Mao, and Mistel from Beyblade. Or Tala, Lee, Mariah and to-be-announced for you dub fans. Mistel's in G-Revolution, so he doesn't have a dub name yet. Which is probably good... (They dubbed Hao as Zeke! I'm gona strangle them!) Mistel is soooooo cool. He looks like Malik and Marik's love child! But he's sooooo genki! And sooooooooo in love with Rei!!! ^.^ Rei saves Mistel from falling and catches him bridal-style! It's so kawaii! *dances around*

G-Revolution is honestly the greatest. Macchi (oh, another Macchi! There's another one on Shaman King, who's also really named Matilda and from Europe, how cool!) looks so much like Shuichi that it's scary... (Gravitation dub is coming out in later June! Yay!) Balthez Soldiers, the team Macchi's on, is great. They all have wings when they blade (they being Mihaeru, Claude, Aaron and Macchi). Oddly enouh, I like a het couple from the team. Mihaeru/Macchi is really cute. ^.^ Mihaeru/Claude is better though. ^.~

I like another het couple, Raul/Julia, from F-Sangre. They're Spanish, and rather spiffy. But the most spiffy new team is... BEGA!!! That's Mistel's team. Brooklyn and Garland are great (and a great couple), Moses is rather blah, and MingMing could go either way. I need to see more of her. She could be cool like Mao, Julia and Macchi, okay like Emily, Sarima, and Mariam, or horrible like Hiromi. I HATE Hiromi... Why she had to come back in G-Rev is beyond me... Why couldn't Zeo come back? Zeo was awesome! And about as straight as a circle. I mean, he has long green hair, a pink shirt, and is Takao's fanboy! Who cares if he's an android? He loves Takao! ^.^

As for old teams... Neo-Borg loses Ivan, Yuri is totally cool when he goes all cyborg on us, and Boris actually shows expression! The Majestics are about the same... But Olivier lost his girliness! No!!! Send out the hounds, we have to find it!! Um, yeah. Anyways... PPB All-Starz lose Steve and get some new guy named Rick. And... OH MON DIEU! I found Olivier's girliness! Michael stole it! Stop the search, case solved! ^.^ But honestly, Michael looks spiffy now. Baifuzu keeps everyone, though Gao takes the back burner. Kiki is quite kawaii, Lei is sezzy as usual, and Mao is even more kawaii than usual! Um... BBA Revolution gets Daichi and Kyoujou fights... Moving on! Oh wait, I'm done. ^^;;;

New doujinshi- Another Seto/Mokuba. I'm getting quite the collection. ^.^

Until next time...

Tala- So Hot!

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No complaints here! *drools* Nope, none! ^.~
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Back again!   
10:03am 14/03/2004
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Whee! Add Hao and Macchi to my list of characters I wanna lick, kay? ^.~ That makes five from Shaman King. Heh, Mankin rocks. I got all the epis in Jap for my b-day. I'm offically 17! ^.^ I got a bunch of posters on my walls now, along with some pics I've printed. Various couples, some singles of Faust, an uber spiffy pic of Hanagumi being all yuri-ish. Yumminess! *drools*

I've been drawing too. I have an account at deviantart where I put all my PPG-style pics. Yesterday I did Macchi, Lyserg, and Tamao. Gotta scan them later today. At ff.net there are a bunch of new fics too. Mankin/Digimon Frontier/Yugioh.

I have almost 50 doujinshi... Wow. That's an obsessive amount, ne? New ones- Sirius/Harry&James/Severus (Harry Potter), Seto/Mokuba (YGO), and Kouichi/Kouji (Digimon Frontier). KouKou is such a kickin' couple! The doujinshi is sooooooo cute! Kouji is a cute uke. ^.~

Well, that's all for now. Ja!

You belong to Hao's team
If you took part in the Shaman Fight, you'd join
You'd probably feel attracted to this mysterious
and cute boy who wants to create a world ruled
by shamans only, and you'd give your loyalty to

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Oh Kami-sama...   
04:15pm 25/02/2004
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It's been sooooooo long! But I decided that it was high time to update, so.... Here I am!

My birthday is on Friday, just two more days! Then I'll be 17! ^.^ I got some spiffy presents, all of the current Yugioh on DVD in Japanese, all of the Shaman King DVDs in Japanese, some Shaman King posters (Faust, Jun, and Yoh as well as Ren and some group ones, yummy!), Super Mario Land on GBA, and tons of money! ^.^ I've already ordered two doujinshi sine then, one Daisuke/Ken from Digimon (finally!) and an Miroku/Inuyasha one (from Inuyasha, duh) that's my first one of the sort. I want another Mankin one... The only one I have is mainly Yoh/Amidamaru, with a couple other shorts like Pyron/Jun (YAY!) and Anna/Yoh (BOO!!!) as well as a tres amusant Faust/Amidamaru (WTF?!) one where Faust dresses as Yoh and fools Amidamaru into bed... Nope, I don't know either....

I've been sooo into Shaman King lately. Take my advice, dun watch the dub. Faust-sama sounds scary... And Jun-sama went from Chinese to British... -_-;;; I'm scared about what they'll do to poor Lyserg. His name will go probably as he's named after LSD... Plus Ryu falls in love with him, and heaven forbid there be one sided shounen ai on a tv show... -_-;;; God, I hope they don't make him a girl like poor Zoisite and Fish Eye on Sailormoon. Dubs, bah!

I've officially added Faust, Jun, and Yoh to my list of "Characters I Wana Lick" list. Especially Faust. *drools* Necromancy rox mah sox baby! *hugs Faust keychain she just got today*

Oy, there's so much that I can't think of anymore! Well, yahoo shut down one of my emails for no reason, so I made another. I also have a new personal website with it, at http://www.geocities.com/fausttheviii Yes, I'm obsessive, so sue me! I also have a bunch of new fics at fanfiction.net if anyone's interested....

Well, I suppose I'll update next time I think of something, or something new happen. Just remember- FaustxYoh is the best couple EVER! ^.^

Faust is the man for you!
Faust VIII
He's a little bit macabre, weird, mad, and enjoys
experimenting with death and summoning
skeletons at graveyards... who wouldn't love
that? But one thing is clear... if he loves
you, he'll love you even after death! He won't
let your soul go!!

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HAI! I KNEW IT! ^.^V Aishiteru Faust-sama!

Yun Tao
Yun Tao is the girl for you!

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Could have told you that too! Suki da Jun-sama!