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    Thursday, April 17th, 2003
    9:13 pm
    spring break
    *puts on dark sunglasses* ahh....(i feel cool)...now where shall i begin... yesturday school ended, me of course left earlier then i was supposed to, cant take the work with fu*kin 80degrees outside. so i left with brittney(for all of you who dont know.. one of my best friends, then again i barely have any friends...feels better this way)and went to the madison deli...all the people who hate me where there...are you getting this so far? people hate me! muaha....i feel evil. =)
    Words of the day:
    1.Sorry=silly americans use this .nuff said

    2.i love you= cant tell whether its real or not...to some its an everyday expression, like those girls whom you cant seperate, and they keep reminding each other they are pretty(think again)...and they say"omg...thanks!" (heh i know im stereotyping, thos girls who say omg...its so like so...like beautiful. they are fun to make fun of but they really dont excist. what excists are those pink wearing,makeup explosioned,stick haired wigger hoes.

    3.friends=people who look out for you and care, its so funny how "punk" people walk around with their "punk" friends acting all tough, im not into that, if your nice ill talk you to.I was in the village one day with britt and lisa, and some dumb girl screamed out preps suck..its so funny...because she doesnt know what a prep is... those pink wiggletes arent preps they are whores!! preps atleast cover their body with enough material and they dont do anything to you...(i hate people..no matter what catogloy you wanna classify yourself in, ill still hate you, unless you give me a reason not to)

    !!!!!!!!!!! its me and my bf's 4 month anniversary!!!...blah i love you so much igor
    lol people....listen to gravesend!
    Saturday, April 12th, 2003
    12:51 pm
    Going to school is a dread... i walk around and peoples
    beady little eyes glare at me... fun? noo....i of course
    dont mind, iv managed to live though it eh?
    im such a loser..i took some pictures of me and took like
    a few hours to edit over 20 pictures,put some of them on
    whimit, Here is my first topic for the day:
    1.School-dont you wonder where "bored of education" came
    2.Internet-Where little lifeless morans sit all day on to
    glare at the screen....keep staring... it might do a trick
    3.Screenname-lots of time...i get bored of my
    screenames..how many times? over 50!..aol hates me...so
    does aim*sigh*
    4.Homework-what do you need homework for if you just did
    work for 7 hours?!?!?! ..coughLOSERScough...
    day went fine...got a few bites and scratches*glare at
    ashes*(my 3 month kitten), and iv relized a few days ago
    that trust is not given, it is earned...its true, no body
    trust me , no body respects me... im not the type of
    person to sit around groups of people talking to them just
    for them to like me better, im more of a loner, i dont
    have many friends...but its all better that way.

    Topic 2:mybf

    yay his show is today, i get something better to do with
    my day than sit around...lamour here i come! (hopefully
    wont get kicked out), *sigh* there are so many souls going
    there tonight....heres my though for the day (NO MATTER
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