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  2004.04.24  00.01
Hats off to a great day...

Today was cool, I brought my pictures from my party to MCAS camp today and Mr. Worcsted?? saw the pic of Dana's boobs. heh there are a lot of awesome pictures heh.

After that Dana, Jill, Scott, and Eric came over. That was cool, we watched Cruel Intention, and when we were filling up the hot tub, not only did we like flood my laundry room. Then when Scott and I went to chance the hoses over, I electricuted myself. That was wicked funny. And Jill spray painted "Dana has a diase" hah. My brother had to shovel it out heh. Then we went to go in the hot tub and it was like 75 so we didn't heh.

Then we went to the mall to go to the movies. I bought a book on sexual positions and the wheel of passions because I lost my other one heh. My mom's friend Donna came, and she's in a wheel chair. After the movie my mom parked upstairs and Donna couldn't get up the stairs, and we were cracking jokes about it and Dana says "when we go back, Donna will be gone, and her wheel chairs wheels will be missing and it will be on cinderblocks" heh.

Then we went to a gas station and Dana and I got energy drinks, I had so much energy heh and Dana was wicked hyper...but when isnt she??

Oh well today was a lot of fun :) heh.


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  2004.04.22  17.15
What is that boy doing to the bear?

So today was ok. I had camp...once again we didn't win but we did come in second place so that isn't bad. Tommorow I guess we have Mrs. Haven for a teacher because Mrs. Michaels isn't going to be there... fun!

Then I went to get my pictures picked up and the lady behind the counter rang up packet up, and it rang up to like $10 sumthin. And I was like uhh those are only supposed to be $5. Then she started giving me an attitude about it, so I was like w/e let me see a she got the manager after bitching about me to her friend, and he told her to give me the pics for $5 like they were supposed to be. I wouldn't have minded if I didn't have 6 things of film to be developed....but it adds up after a while...
Then I was in McDonalds with my mom because she wanted a hamburger or something and I was looking at them, and there was one of Luke with the baloon weights in his pants and it looked like he had a boner then he had the bear in front of it so it looked like it was giving him head. and she was like " OMG WHAT IS THAT BOY DOING TO THAT BEAR??" heh. Then someone took a picture of Dana's huge jugs and my mom like wouldn't stop looking at the picture...and I was like uhh mom can I have that now heh. It was funny though... There are some interesting pictures...

Tommorow should be fun Eric Dana Jill and Scott are coming over. We're gunna have story time again. We're gunna read "Pussy party" because we already read "a musical score" heh. Yea that should be fun. I'm not sure if we're going in the hot tub or not, because when Dana and I went in there we got a lot of water out, but I can fill it tonite.

Oh well i'm not sure what else to write about....


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  2004.04.21  20.51
Is that toothpaste?

Well today was cool. I had camp, our team didn't win :( But Dana's team won, so now we both have movie tickets. So I was talking to Dana, and instead of going to Six Flags on Friday, I think we're just gunna come here and hang out instead. That will be cool. Because my dad couldn't get tickets through work and they would be like $40, and my mom can't afford everything else. So that will be cool.

After I went to camp I went to Scott's house. That was cool we watch Half Baked, and played pool and then ping pong for like more than 2 hours. Then we were watchin Not Another Teen Movie, and Scott got a phone call from Chris asking if he was eating... then Scott went upstairs, and I was looking at my ring and I saw something out the window out of the corner of my eye and I look out the window and Chris was peeking in. So I got up and opened the window and I was like can I help you? and Chris said "is Scott here" and I said " no he's eating" hah you kinda had to be there. It was fun though. :)

I did a rotten thing to Ashley...i'm sorry ash if your reading this :(


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  2004.04.20  19.29

Today is April 20th..get it 4:20...yea

Well today was a great day except for the bus ride to school today but that is a long story....

Today I had MCAS camp and that wasn't bad, our team all won a ticket to go see a that's cool.

Then I went to get my permit, I waited in line for soOoOo long. But I got it :) The test was easy, I only got one wrong, I didn't even have to finish the test because I got them right. I don't really remember any of the questions though...I know one of them was "when you write a check to get your permit, and the check bounces, can the registry revoke your permit?" and the answer is yes, I got it right. heh I forget which one I got wrong. Then I got to drive home from Brooks cuzz I didn't want to drive through Kelley Square. Then when my dad got home, he let me drive to Brooks in Grafton. I did good, I didn't hit anything, and I went the speed limit heh. Then when we were going through the intersection in Millbury my dad was yelling at me to slow down, and I got scared and slammed on the gas. heh. oops. but I didn't hit that's good. yea...

Oh yea. Last night I went to Dana's it was fun. We ended up going to Jeff's house and watched Edward Scissor hands. Quite a good movie :) *thanks amanda* Then Dana and I went back to her house, and we were going to go outside to breathe but we fell asleep instead. When I woke up this morning I had 2 missed calls and I have no idea who it was because I don't recognize the numbers and one is restricted.

Oh well i'm gunna go...bye...

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  2004.04.19  14.58
Already been one year...geeez

Well today was one year actually since my pepyre passed away. I had to go to church for his mass today, it was pretty boring, at least this time they pronounced his name correctly with out saying Emily....heh. Dana went with me cuzz she's an awesome friend like that. Then we went to my gramma's house for donuts. Then Dana, my mom and I went to CVS, and then The Blue Moon Cafe. While we were there, my mom said she wanted to go to Six Flaggs this week. So Dana and I are going to see if Eric and Scott want to come with us. That should be fun :) I wanted to bring someone other than just Dana, becuase she doesn't like going on most of the rides, and I love the thrill of going on them.

Earlier it was wicked nice out, it has been. So Dana and I went outside and were tanning, then we went for a walk, and came in to get sun screen, then we decided we wanted to go outside and tan in the buff. So we set up a piece of fence and a blanket so the neighbors nor my brother could see us. So we were laying there naked tanning, and the wind blew causing the fence and the blanket to fall down, and we curled up in little balls and put our clothes on heh. We fixed the fence and continued our tanning. heh.

Tonite i'm going to sleep over Dana's house, then take her bus to MCAS camp tommorow. Then after camp my mom is going to pick me up and take me to get my permit, then we're going to pick up the pictures from my party, i'm excited to see what they look like heh. I hope there isn't anything so bad they can't get developed, but I doubt it.

Oh yea Friday was the 9 year mark. It's been a long time....

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  2004.04.18  12.15
The day after

Well I am officially 16, and my party was awesome heh. Well for all of those that wern't there you missed a good time heh. Before the party Anthony came over. Well he came over at like 9 am hah. It was fun he helped out a lot, when we were setting up he did like everything him and Dana I didn't really feel like setting up I was too excited. My mom was being mean before everyone got there, as usual but I ignored her heh. When Anthony and I were arranging the beads on the coat hangers so they would be easier to hand out, I made a noise and I scared him finally heh I can never scare him, and I did the smallest thing, and it scared him. He jumped and dropped everything that he had in his hands it was wicked funny.

Some exciting things that happened at my party were when we got in a water bottle fight. I made my dad buy a case of water which worked out good, although not many people drank the water, a lot of people ended up with it on them. I got soaked and I found a white shirt so I put it on because I thought it would be drier but my bra was wet so it didn't really work out too good so I put my black shirt on over it and it kept me sry until I went to dump water on Derrick and he turned around and dumped it on me. Then Dana and I got in a water fight and so did my "mom" and I. It was fun.

We played twister too. and we were dancing and Danielle and Ashley D layed on the floor and were like Nikki I want you to dance on me, so I was and my mom came over and was like Nicole get off of them. heh. Like at the end Amanda and Dana went down to the store and bought a ton of condoms and we were blowing them up and people were filling them up with watere and the floor was soaked so Dana Scott and I were trying to clean it all up before the bitchy lady came and yelled at us. heh.

I got a lot of things that I wanted too, I got Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Gothika, thirteen, edward scissor hands, and married with Children for DVD's then I got bracelets, and a label maker hah. Stephen gave me a picture of a fairy in a cool frame, then a necklace, and Luke made me a cool picture, and he got me plugs :). From my mom and dad I got a white gold necklace that has a pink heart and a 16 on it, and then "from my brother" I got 10 kt gold earings that havy ruby's and diamonds in them. and money :). oh yea and a big teddy bear with balloons from my mom's friend Chrissy :)

After the party Dana, Eric, Scott, Jill, and Stephen came over. We watched some movies and had story time hah. That was funny, but my dad was upstairs and I didn't want him to hear heh. When we were watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre when ever something small would happen i'd jump so far. I was laying down to begin with then I jumped and sat up heh. It was funny. Then we brought Scott home at like 10:45 I think and on the way back Dana and I thought of like a million different names for the fuzz. Then we were talking about how we should go on google and look up different names, then bring up a conversation about them and pull out the list and "think" of all different names to call them. heh.

Yea a lot more happened but you would have had to be there. hah.


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  2004.04.16  17.48
Tommorow's the big day!!

Well this week has been pretty good. I've been quite the bitch though, and I feel bad, but i've had like raging PMS...and it sucks. My poor brother i've screamed at him for just about everything. He's probably scared to come out of his room. heh oops.

Anyway now you know my hormonal status... Tommorow is the big day. I'm 16!!! I'm old enough to get my permit, 2 years away from being able to get any piercing I want (ahh I can't wait, i'll be in heaven) and the most imporatant thing...i'm legal to have sex. hah just kidding. I'm excited to get my permit on Tuesday though, hopefully I pass. *crosses fingers* heh

Today kinda really sucks. Dana was saposed to come over Wed. but couldnt then she was gunna come over yesterday but yet again she couldn't then today she couldn't because her mom is being mean. Grr. hopefully she can come over tommorow morning though and help out, if not i'm hoping Anthony can come over, I called him but he isn't home, I think he's at work. Hmm oh well.

Earlier I was cleaning my room and Ashley and Danielle came over, that was cool. We played twister moves (that game is the worst game ever) and then we put the glow in the dark glue on the regular twister. Yea it was fun.

Oh yea Thursday I had the interview, I don't think I did good. I was supposed to find out today but Mr. Lynch wasn't in school so we couldn't find out. bummer. Oh well, i'm not that worried because I don't think I won, but I did win the scholarship to the CDMASC camp so there's one win heh

Oh well that's about all.

Today is my last day ever to be 15 YaY!!!!

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  2004.04.12  15.13
2nd place baby! yea!

Today was an awesome day. Well it didn't start off too good, I woke up wicked sick, I was up all night vomoting and coughing and it was icky.

Today in shop was mystery basket, and I was in team 3 which consisted in Anthony, Rachel, and of course me :) and we came in 2nd place. The only reason is cuzz we stupidly defrosted the meat with the seafood because we forgot to seperate them. oops but i'm proud that we did good :)

Last week Anthony told me that he got me a glass dildo for my birthday and I was like uhh ok and I didn't really believe him. But then Stephen and Dana were like yea it's a dildo so I kinda believed it, but I highly doubted it, and then I went into school today, and he got my glass plugs!! They are so cool, they are 1/2 in on the outside, but in the middle they are 00 guage. I told my dad and he was like well are they any bigger than the ones you have? and I was like uhh yea only one size bigger heh. And he said that I could get them stretched again, I just have to pay for it. No problem there...

I came home and got the mail like I always do, because I like getting mail *i'm such a dork* heh and I got a card from my aunt and it had $50 in it!! awesome huh? cuzz my grandpa sent me a check for $50 too!! yea it will pay for like 1/2 a month of car insurance heh. and some repairs, I think my car needs new breaks, but I know how to fix that myself, so I just need to buy the parts. Yeah.

Ashley M and I finally are talking again. It's not like we were fighing or anything, it's just that we never talk. So we talked today, i'm glad :)

Oh well I have to go get baloons for my party. If anything interesting happenes i'll write :)

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  2004.04.11  20.54
Happy Easter

So today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I went to Brian's with my mom, dad, brother, and grandma.

There was a six hour marathon of cops on, so I watched some of it heh. I fell asleep during it, and then my dad woke me up, because my neighbor is back and she wanted to see me. I havn't seen her in so long, she changed so much. It was good to see her again.

Other than that, nothing is new. Tommorow is mystery basket for shop, but Anthony and I don't really know what we are doing. For an entree I was thinking of doing a surf *N* turf, with the meat shaped as a fish with shrimp around it. but i'm not sure, hopefully we can work something out :)

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  2004.04.10  20.31
Why would someone put a naked lady sticker on your car?

Ok so yesterday was not a good day. I was in such a bad mood you have no idea. I havn't been that upset since my mom lived here, and woah isn't that a coincidence! That's why I was upset! Things got a little better when Dana got here though. My mom took us out finally at like 6 when she was sapsoed to take us out at like 3. Just a little late... oh well

Then last night at midnight, I had gotten off line to go to bed because I was tired, and my brother came downstairs and was like nikki go back on line and I was upset and I was like david i'm trying to sleep, do you think it's right that you can come down here and wake me up so you can go on line. Then he went and got my dad and he came down here and yelled at me. Then I was falling asleep and at like 1 am my bro came back down and woke me up to tell me he was done and I had to disconnect. I was like are you kidding me. But I was so upset, after my dad yelled at me, I cried. I don't really know why, I just had a stressful day. And I felt bad because Dana was here, and i can't cry in front of people, because when I was little my mom would always make fun of me when I would cry, so I just can't cuzz it always reminds me of that. It's stupid I know but what ever.

Today was fun Dana and i cleaned out the hot tub, and chilled out side it was so nice out today. Dana had to go home at like 6ish. So I just came down here and hung out cops is on now and i'm watching it. i'm gunna go bye

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  2004.04.09  15.01
The day after

Let's see....I'm not sure the last time I updated was. Oh well I'll just start with yesterday. I didn't go to school because I had to get my social security card. I should get it in 2 weeks from yesterday heh. Then I went to the doctor's office because I've had a cold. And she looked in my ears, and she found a sist growing over my ear drum, she said if it gets any bigger, than I will go deaf. So I have to get surgery on it. I'm not too concerned though, I have another one. I'll be just like Ms. Ganadick or how ever you spell her name. Hah that was funny on the trip "Scott when I get my licence i'm gunna drive to your house and give you pot" hah and she walked by, and Nicole thought that she heard her, so Nicole looked guilty and so she came over and was like what? and then she told us how she's deaf in one ear so she didn't hear what Nicole said hah.

Well you know how I wrote about my dad having kidney stones? Well he's passing them, and my "mom" thought it would be a good idea to come over and "help out" yea right. If sleeping on the couch, making a mess of the entire house, and making the whole house smell like smoke is helping out. Then she made plans to take me out to get stuff for the party, and I guess today she made plans with my brother to take him and his little g/f to the mall tonite. She had all day to do it, but NO she has to do it when it's convienent for her. I mean you wouldn't want to interfear with her sleeping, would you? God forbid that... Grr that's why I hate my mom. Oh and you wanna know what else pisses me off? She's wearing the wedding ring my dad got her. I don't know why that aggrivates me so much, but she has no right to, I mean she isn't a wife (legally she is, but she doesn't act like one) and she always cheats on my dad so what makes her have any right to wear that wedding ring? Grr.

Last night I went out to Target and Michaels to get curtain rods and paint. Then I got some hooks to hang my sweat shirts and stuff in my closet.

Dana's come over later, but we're going to have to be quiet because my dad is sick. blah.

I think that's it. yea ok bye

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  2004.04.06  20.59
I'm all stuffy

Ugh i'm all stuffy I hate it. I got the batteries for my cell phone, one doesn't work though. Today I went out to get curtains for my new room, they are maroon to match the new painting i'm going to put on my wall, i'm so excited. When it's all done, i'll get some pictures and if any one wants to see them, i'll send them. I pics of the picture I already painted on my wall.

So today I stayed after, and showed Mr. Mcardle up. Ugh he aggravates me so much. Oh well I showed him haha. It's a long story, and I don't feel like typing it all out.

Sunday my dad had to go to the hospital so Dana and I cleaned the house and hung up my shelves. it was fun :)
We paid my brother to clean off the air matress heh.

If anyone has suggestions on what I should get for my party, post and let me know... thanks

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  2004.04.03  20.08
Bad boys bad boys watcha gunna do?

Friday was cool Dana came over my house then we went to Strawberries to get tickets to Warped tour but they aren't for sale yet. hmm. When we were there I bought a white trash trailer sticker for my mom. It has a naked lady with flames in her, and we stuck it on her car. She still doesn't know its there. It's hilarious. Then we went to Mc Donalds and we all got sick. I think it's from the french fries. On our way to Linda's Video store my mom was having a full conversation with her car, it was kind of scary.

When we went to Linda's we got Thirteen, Duplex, Pultergise 2, Carrie 2, and Faces of Death. Faces of Death was stupid, Duplix wasn't that good, but Thirteen was good. I've already seen Carrie 2 a zillion times, it kind of gets old.

Today Dana and I painted the pole in my room. Then painted shelves. And my dad finished my closet. Dana and I got the phone taken away because of my stupid brother but we got it back. So we took my sponge bob pinata and duct taped him to the tree in my front yard and beat him with a broom stick, he's still up there hah. We have pictures, and we painted a black eye on him. It's funny.

Now we're watching cops so I have to go.


Beating off my friend Mike...

What are you doing with that alchohal?

uhh drinking it...

Really? I like to pour it on my self, run around and tell my self i'm a pretty woman.

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Music: COPS

  2004.03.31  17.30
YaY it's raining!!!

So today was ok, it could have been better in the afternoon. Today I got called down to some guys office I believe his name is Mr. Lynch. I was scared I messed up again doing something, I was really hoping it had nothing to do with you know you. I was pleased to know that I was in no sort of trouble. I recieved 2 pieces of paper, along with 5 other sophmores in our school. One of us will be selected to go on this two day thing to learn about leadership. I am guessing, the paper doesn't really give that much information, but I know I get to miss school :) bwa ha ha.

Shop wasn't all that bad, there were like no orders until the end. I wanted to be able to clean up early but I couldn't. Anthony left early so I had to scrub dishes clean out the sinks, and then sweep mop, and dry mop the middle. I was hurrying to change because once again (like everyday) I was changing while the announcements were on.

Anthony and I got bored and we melted chocolate and made chocolate covered spoons, then we made chocolate covered strawberries. Then we melted white chocolate and started to make the "tuxedos" on the strawberries. We started only doing it for fun, but we're going to take pictures and put them in our portfolio, they look cool. Oh then we melted more chocolate and put it in a bag, wrote out names on parchment paper, and put it in the freezer so it can harden. They look so cool hopefully no one eats them on us after school.

Tommorow I have to stay after for a math exam but I really don't want to. I don't remember like 1/2 the stuff i'm saposed to know. Oops, I guess i'll have to study later.

Oh well that's about it

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  2004.03.30  18.44

Well MCAS wasn't that hard, I hope I didn't fail. I had a question about heroic characters in stories, just like every other sophmore in Ma. When MCAS was over I was reading the autobiography on Marilyn Manson, woah that man had an uhh interesting childhood heh.

Then I stayed after school and Dana and I did some investigating. We went to all the girls bathrooms to see the things what Dana supposedly wrote things about Erica. Although we did not find anything written about Erica, we did find out that "Dana is a big whore". I thought we were sluts because "us sluts have to stick together" but I guess not. Eh what ever floats your boat I guess...

Last night I got a call from some one that I havn't talked to in a long time. At first I didn't know who it was, and then I figured it out. No one calls me anymore :( I miss when people call me but I think it's because I went through a "stage" that I didn't want to talk on the phone and when ever some one would call I would tell them I hated the phone and would get off the phone with them. I'm not really sure why I did that, but I did. Oh well just one of those wierd things teen agers do I guess.

Oh well that's all for now good bye

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  2004.03.26  22.49

Today was good, I didn't have to go to classes because I had the CDMASC conference. That wasn't bad but Julie (the girl from our school that was running for VP) didn't win. I liked the last conference better but it was just another experience to "add to the books". Anthony and I came up with a couple ideas and told them to Ms. Leblanc about things to improve the school, and she said that she's going to talk to the commitee about it.
When I got back I went to Dana's house off the bus, and we went to Jeff's house to watch House on Haunted Hill. It was funny because I jumped at the stupidest little part. heh. Dana tried making nachoes but couldn't...she should have left it up to the culinary artist (me) heh. :) But Jeff ended up making them. Then we had some salty nuts (peanuts).
When we left Jeff's house Dana and I went back to her house and got directions to the ryi i think it's called. Then we went, it was like going to church, the guy preeched to us the whole time. It was much much better in school. Dan Valentine (the speaker) said that he couldn't tell us about God in school because it was a public school. and I was like Thank you public schools, i've never apreciated you this much! It was funny. There were a lot of people there, we sat with Tim, Dan, Dan, Nick and yeah... Dana said something funny, and I was chewing gum, and I choked on it and my face was turning purple because I couldnt breathe but no one could see because the lights were off so as everyone was praying I ran out of the building and Dana runs out and she was like Nikki are you ok? and I spit to try to spit out the gum, and I was like OMG I SPIT ON A CHURCH, but i'm ok now. Then Dana and I were sitting on the couch waiting for her mom to pick us up and the fire alarm went off because there was smoke in the room where the presentation was being held, and I was like "Dana we should probably go outside" and Dana said "No Nikki, we don't have to, Jesus will save us". Eh you had to be there, even though we were being preeched to the whole time, Tim Dana and I still made a joke out of it and had a good time :).
We got a new couch today woo hoo! (just thought I would add that)
Don't miss me tommorow, I won't be on because i'll be in New Hampshire until Sunday around noonish. Talk to you then :)

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  2004.03.25  19.22
I dunno what to write here...

Today wasn't bad. In science, Brad and Hugo broke the skeleton (mostly the teeth). Then I had to stay after to take a vocab test for culinary and I didn't do as great as I thought I would. Then Jill, Tim, Jeff and I hung out in the library so I could work on my poster and I finished it. Then when I was going to Mr. Kahler's room we saw a bus with cop cars sitting outside the door, i'm not exactly sure what happened, but I heard a lot of stories, and i'm guessing drugs were involved because cops were searching the bus. Then my mom picked me up and I came home. I tried to take a nap because I was tired and finally I fell asleep and I woke up eating cheeze puffs...wierd but what ever. Then had to go to the mall to get Danielle her present, and I did then I got the sweat shirt that i've been wanting for a long time!! So i'm excited about that, but I don't think I can wear it to school tommorow becuase it has a "tool" on the back of it heh *devious laugh*. Oh well i'm gunna go.

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  2004.03.24  20.46
Dana and I got our bowl on

So things havn't been too bad lately, very busy, but i'm not complaining. I have MCAS next week, so i'm kind of nervous, but i'm hoping that I do good. Earlier this week, in english class, we got our practice MCAS tests back, and I got a 15 (out of 20) and I didn't think it was that great of a score, but it turns out it was the highest in the class. Pretty pathetic if you ask me, because it's only a 75, but oh well.

Every night since i've gotten back from Florida, i've had dreams that i'm back there. It's so wierd because it seems like i'm there. I really want to go back there it was a lot of fun.

So today I stayed after school until 4:30 with Dana, and then we went with student council to go bowling. It was fun, I won the 2nd time which is surprising because I am not good at playing, i'm glad Dana got to go though :) I don't think it would have been as fun if she wasn't there. Earlier today there was a motivational speaker, I know it sounds boring, and most really are, but this was pretty cool. The people that were a part of the program broke bricks with their heads, arms, and hands. Ripped phone books, and blew up a hot water rubber thing. ( i don't know the name). And I passed out some of the invitations to my party. Oh well that's all I feel like telling everyone. Good day/night

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  2004.03.21  19.48
Strong leaders always make strong enemies

So today wasn't that interesting. I had to go to the grocery store to make dinner. Then I went to Blockbuster to rent West Side Story for english. I thought that movie would never end. It seemed like a cross between Romeo and Juliet, and Clockwork Orange.
Last night I had a dream that I was back in Florida, watching the fireworks. I wish I was there again :) Hmm hopefully next year I will be able to go again.
Wednesday is student council at the bowling alley, I want to go, but my friends quit student council. Well i'm not sure what else to write about... If I get bored I will update later

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  2004.03.21  19.48
Strong leaders always make strong enemies

So today wasn't that interesting. I had to go to the grocery store to make dinner. Then I went to Blockbuster to rent West Side Story for english. I thought that movie would never end. It seemed like a cross between Romeo and Juliet, and Clockwork Orange.
Last night I had a dream that I was back in Florida, watching the fireworks. I wish I was there again :) Hmm hopefully next year I will be able to go again.
Wednesday is student council at the bowling alley, I want to go, but my friends quit student council. Well i'm not sure what else to write about... If I get bored I will update later

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  2004.03.20  20.07
Saturday night

Ah a pieceful evening to myself. I finally get to watch cops yay! I just came back from Ashley's birthday party, it was fun. Before I went, I was debating wether or not to go, Ashley seemed like she didn't like me very much. But it was nice to see all my old friends again.
For my makeup work I finished history, and now I just have to finish my english report, and then do math homework. Then I have to read West Side Story...eek! I might read that tonite and then tommorow night, hopefully I finish the book, because Ms. Hoar said if I read it, then it will count as 2 extra test grades! I would really like to improve my grades. Oh yea I forgot to write my grades in here...

Yea, I have a couple classes to improve in, but i'm glad i'm not getting 60's or low 70's in geometry, i've never really done well in that class, but i'm trying to improve :) Oh well that's about all.


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  2004.03.19  23.47
How the evening really went...

So my mother and I went to pick up Dana, and then her and I hung out here for a while. Then we went to pick up Amanda, and then went to the mall but we got lost and it took us almost 2 hours to get to the mall. Then we got there, and I was excited to see Ceci, but she kept leaving :(
There's so much more I would like to write in here, but knowing anyone can access this website and read what I wrote. Oh moves on :)
Dana and I are now watching Cruel Intentions :) Oh well I'm going to go...

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  2004.03.19  11.39
Day off

I've been pretty busy lately, but i'm not complaining, I'd rather be out doing something than sit around and do nothing. So Wednesday I went out and got shoes for shop, dickies pants, and a belt :) Yesterday and last night I waitressed at the super intendents dinner, and that was fun, Anthony and I took the center pieces and hid them so we could have one heh *devious grin*. Stephen's mom brought me home, and we went to Dunkin Donuts.
Today I'm goin to pick up Dana, then she's coming over for a while, then Amanda, Ceci, Dana, a bunch of Amanda and Ceci's friends, and I are goin to the mall and the movies. So that should be fun.
I'm debating wether or not to work on Sunday..I do get $10 an hour, but i've been so tired. I think i'm gunna just end up doing it anyway... I don't really know what else to do, then next weekend i'm free to do as I wish :)
Oh well I shal go finish getting ready, and I will update when I get a chance...

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  2004.03.16  18.55
Back to school

Well today I went back to school, it was so good to see everyone again. I missed everyone so much. I talked to Anthony about how I lost the necklace he made for me, and he said that he would make me another one, so i'm happy about that :) I miss my necklace... Cafe was easy, today went by so fast.
Last night I went out to dinner with my mom. Heh. I was glad that I got a break from her, it seems that if I am away from her for a long time, then she actually cares about me. So it made me happy that she was actually interested in what I had to say, and she wasn't complaining about how much her "life sucks". Maybe she's changing for the better. Only time will tell I guess.
My b-day and my b-day party are in one month and one day from today. I'm so excited. My dad said I can only have like 5 or 6 people sleep over. I'm gunna see if guys can sleep over too. My mom said she would talk to him, she said she wouldn't mind as long as the guys slept upstairs.
I havn't been able to talk to Ceci, I have a strong feeling that she doesn't like me any more.
Oh well i'm off to do homework super fun!

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  2004.03.15  17.51
Sadly enough, I'm back

Florida was AMAZING! I didn't take as many pictures as I hoped I would, but at least I didnt have to worry about losing it. We won the competition as well as an award. It was broadcasted on the internet, I thought that was awesome. Everyone on our team got gold medals. There is so much to say I don't know where to start. I got to eat at the Rainforest Cafe as well as Planey Hollywood. That was cool, very different than any restaurant i've eaten in before. I got to go to all the parks, well not the water parks, but the amusement parks were amazing. My favorite rides were the rockin roller coaster, and splash mountain. If anyone gets to ride that ride, listen to the song, I swear it says "how you doin' pretty good, show me your balls". I asked a woman that worked there and she said the song sang "how you doin' pretty good, sure as your born" but she's wrong hah. Before I left for the trip, to be honest, I was leary about my roommate Jenn, we didn't get along in middle school, but we seemed to get along fine, so everything worked out. Most of the time I hung out with Nicole and Scott. The first couple days Ashley, Jill, Nicole, Scott and I all hung out. It was fun, but having an odd amount of people wasn't fun. Oh well I keep getting distracted. Maybe i'll write again later because i'm going out. Bye

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