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    Tuesday, November 12th, 2002
    12:40 pm
    Tuesday Update
    Well, we finally got a little bit of news on Zack's dad. Apparently he has some kind of bad infection and has a fever... which I did read that fevers can trigger seizures. They are still running tests to find out what the infection is. He is still pretty much out of it. We'll hear more later this week.

    Last night I slept so soundly. I have been dreaming alot the past two nights too, which is a sure sign I am sleeping good. However, I did NOT want to get up this morning. I am so sleepy! The cold and dark just make me want to curl up under my blankies and hibernate all winter until the sun comes out. I am one of those people who NEEDS the sun. It affects my mood. So I hate winter and cold.

    I meant to pay hubby back last night, for the wonderful love mark he left me on Sunday, but I was coughing so much and so tired, I was like, forget it. Once I get in my bed and under the warm blankies and get comfortable, I am out! He'll have to take a rain check on that *LOL*

    My hands smell like cheesey gold fish. I just made my boys lunches. Stouffers makes some cheesey crackers, even hubby loved them and commented on how cheesey they are. I think we may have found something new to buy *LOL* Today I need to clean the kitchen up. Oh wait, that is everyday! It seems I do it halfway through the day and then by the time snacks and dinner is done at night, I am back to square 1 and have a mess to clean again. I just want it clean and to STAY clean. Is that asking for too much?

    Speaking of cleaning... I have my own MSN group... one of many actually :) And it is called Homemaker's Oasis. It's for women who need motivation, ideas, and friendship. It has alot of neat information and message boards for all kinds of needs... It's new, so it only has 20some members right now, with new people joining all the time... but I am just really pleased with how it is turning out.

    Well, I suppose I should go. I can barely keep my eyes open. I need to focus on getting this caffeine in my system so I can take the boys to school!!

    Monday, November 11th, 2002
    12:19 pm
    Our weekend
    Well, my 8 year old son had an exciting weekend this weekend. Sunday morning he went to wake his dad up to ask him a question and his dad was unconscious. Apparently he had a seizure and passed out afterwards. Come to find out, he had a seizure a few weeks ago and didn't tell anyone. So, Zack spent most of yesterday at the hospital with his dad, and his dad is pretty much out of it. I think they are going to run tests to see what caused the seizure. Luckily, when Zack goes to his dad's for his visitation, his dad stays at HIS mom's so Zack's grandma and Uncle were there, so he wasn't alone. We're supposed to get a call today from Zack's dad or grandma, so maybe we'll learn more then.

    I didn't really update about MY weekend, so I thought I would do that now. Friday night, my darling hubby took the kids to meet their dads so I could get extra rest and not have to go out. Saturday I spent a quiet day at home. Hubby was gone ALL afternoon, helping his dad make our new coffee table and then transplanting some trees for him. I got quite a bit read of my book, and that night, we watched Spiderman. After Spiderman, we got to watch Trading Spaces Gone Bad, 3 hours of it! It was pretty good. Sunday, I was up bright and early and got ready for church. I muddled through Sunday School, coughing the whole time and then hubby and I watched the toddlers during 2nd service. It started POURING down rain while we were in the nursery, much to my dismay. After we got home, I put together my menu for the week and made a grocery list and we headed to Wal-mart, my least favorite store. We got all that we needed, PLUS we got some Christmas stuff for the kids. After we finally got done with the shopping and putting stuff away, I went upstairs to read some more and rest. Well, I was really tired and actually TRIED to take a nap, but my wonderful hubby thought it was a good time to seduce me. It was during our time upstairs that we got a call from Zack asking what time we were picking him up because his grandma was taking him to meet us and his dad was in the hospital. See, normally when things need to be relayed between his dad and I, his dad makes Zack do the talking back and forth (which I happen to think is wrong to do) and apparently his grandma did the same thing, had Zack call and ask the questions etc. Hubby went to pick the kids up and again I stayed home, my last chance at rest before the week started and I had to go back to being mom, daycare provider, maid, cook, etc.

    I did try calling Zack's grandma this morning to see how his dad is. I got the machine so I left a message saying I just wanted to know how Justin is and I wanted a mailing address because Zack wanted to send his dad a card and I wasn't sure the address I have for his dad is the current one.

    So far today I have been doing laundry, doing dishes, thawing meat for dinner, feeding, changing and entertaining the baby, and keeping my kids occupied. Since the baby is going down for another nap, it's time for me to go shower and stuff.

    Friday, November 8th, 2002
    9:51 am
    Doctor's Appointment
    I finally caved and made a doctor's appointment for this morning. Last night was horrible. I hope they find something specific wrong so they can medicate me. Like strep throat or something. Just because if it is a cold, I can't imagine them giving me anything that will work any better. The medicine I have been taking works well, except it dries my mouth out TOO much. Last night I was not producing any saliva, which made for a very sore throat. This morning when I woke up, my voice was gone. It's pretty much shot. So, anyway, I am all for medicine :)

    The parent teacher conferences went well. My kids teachers had them pegged so well. I was happy with the reports I got, and the concert was good too! And now I am off to drink some Coke caffeine and get ready for my doctor's appt. More to come later, hopefully from a drug induced state!

    Current Mood: sick
    Thursday, November 7th, 2002
    4:27 pm
    Parent Teacher Conference
    I am sitting here waiting to go to the Parent Teacher Conference. DH is on his way home so he can go with. I actually got dressed and did my hair. Will do my make up soon. I still feel like crap. I did some more of the wash out hair color today. I really like this color so I may start using it regularly. I am exhausted and I haven't done anything today. That's the worst feeling. Looking around and seeing the mess and not having the energy to do anything about it and doing that for several days in a row.

    Tonight is not only the Parent Teacher Conference but it is also the 2nd grade concert, which my oldest son will be participating in. I messed up. I was supposed to make soup beans today for dinner, and I didn't think about it last night (was too wrapped up in Ed) and then today I didn't think of it till it was already too late. I guess we'll do sandwiches or something. Maybe grilled cheese and tomato soup.

    Well, I suppose I should go. Find something productive to do. My son needs help practicing his lower case g's so I am gonna help him for a while. :)
    Wednesday, November 6th, 2002
    10:23 am

    It looks like the elections went well, with the R's getting more seats in the House... I don't really follow all that too well, but I gathered that the R's did well. The person we wanted to win the Sheriff election in town didn't. :( Bummer.

    I wish I could say I slept well last night, but I didn't. This cold medicine dries me out and I had a hard time sleeping with a dry mouth. Then, my nose started running. If it's not one thing, it's another. I just want to crawl into bed or lay down and not move a muscle. I am so tired.

    Hubby said he was going to try to get off work early. I am hoping he does and is here early enough he can go get the boys and save me a trip of hauling the baby out and stuff. This kid is a chunk and it takes all my energy to lug him out to the van and stuff. Plus, when I take the cold medicine, it makes me loopy and I don't like driving in a drug induced state. I did it yesterday and was nervous that I was going to wreck.

    Tonight is bell choir practice, but you know, I may even miss it. I feel that bad. I love going but I just don't know if I have it in me to stand for an hour and a half and ring bells. I am going to be gone tomorrow night for Parent-Teacher conferences and the 2nd grade concert, so I really need to rest tonight. And then Friday night, I have to meet my boys fathers an hour away for visitation... so really, tonight is my last night of "rest" until Saturday. :(

    I found the YMCA basketball information and need to remember to write it in my calendar. Season II sign ups are in December and they start playing in January. This will be the first time my kids have played basketball. I didn't do Season I because I needed time to recuperate from Soccer and then scouting started so I decided to hold off on basketball. Actually, I was going to sign the kids up for swimming and never did. I hope I can find some classes in the spring for them. Sometimes it seems there is so little time to get so much accomplished. I have all day to lounge around pretty much. I have my daycare, sure, but we just sit here at home. But the second my boys are home, it's homework, dinner, activity like soccer, church, scouts, etc. and before we know it, our evening is over. Sometimes I wish we didn't do ANYTHING. I get tired of the constant running. Then I think of all the stuff I still want my boys to do and feel like when will we find the time? There has to be a comfortable middle ground to all this.

    What's for dinner tonight? I am going to let the boys fend for themselves. I don't have the energy to make the cheese manicotti which is what I bought stuff for, and the only other meal I planned was soup beans I had those planned for tomorrow and they are not soaked and I am not going to try to throw them together now. They could go eat at church tonight if hubby takes them, or they can make grilled cheese and tomato soup (with hubbies help)... they won't starve. Me, I haven't had much of an appetite. I get to where I think I am starving, then I take 4 or 5 bites and suddenly I am full.

    It's overcast and cold out again today, a low 38 degrees. Brrrrrrr...

    Tuesday, November 5th, 2002
    12:17 pm
    Good morning, Sunshine :)
    Too bad it's cloudy, rainy and cold out today. One of those blah weather days. I am officially sick with a cold. I woke up this morning and whatever illness I had moved into my head and turned into a nice cold. How wonderful (note the sarcasm). I made some OJ this morning and plan on drinking it this afternoon. Vitamin C is sure to help, right? I took some cold medicine first thing this morning and my mouth is completely dry now. Oh, and I feel like I am swimming under water. Or, I imagine that is what it feels like, since I don't know how to swim.

    I had a great morning today. I did NOT want to get up out of my nice warm bed. I could have slept much longer, but I have responsibilities. Sometimes I hate that "R" word. My hubby was kind enough to go into work late so we could go and do our voting together. He held my daycare kid while I voted, isn't that special? ;-) I thought so. While I was in the booth I was thinking, isn't it amazing that women were not allowed to do this in the past? And here I am, voting. I can't imagine not being "allowed" to vote. Boggles my mind. Right before we went in to vote, I teased hubby and said, "I'm supposed to mark all the D's, right?" LOL hee hee... Anywho, I am anxious to see who won the Sheriff position. Hubby thinks the guy with no experience will win because of popularity, but we are both hoping he doesn't win.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences are this week. Thursday night. For both my boys. I have only done this once before, so this ought to be fun. Both my kids got really good report cards so I don't think there will be much to say at the conference. I am most interested in what my youngest son's teacher has to say. He is in Kindergarten so I would like to know how well he is adjusting to the rules, etc. He's a little head strong and really talkative (not sure where he got that from, ha ha) so I am just kind of curious as to how the teacher perceives him.

    Ok, well, I am going to go. I am going to create my own blinkin blinkie today if it is the last thing I do! *LOL*

    Have a Super-De-Duper
    Monday, November 4th, 2002
    1:32 pm
    Another Round
    I've been fed and clothed now, and I feel an eensy bit better. My body is not as achey but I sure could use a nap. I'm suddenly very tired. I'm currently in the process of burning a CD of songs. This disc is all TV show, commercial or movie related music. Music is definately an addiction for me. Especially now that I can burn my music and get music online, etc. Eventually I will be all caught up and I can start finding some new music.

    That's about as deep as it gets for today. I am too sick to come up with anything very insightful or deep.

    11:21 am
    Greetings and Salutations
    The good, the bad, the ugly.

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    I'm not sure why those phrases just came to my mind.

    This is my first entry at blurty.com but not my first time in a journaling community. I've been around. I've tried many different formats and sites. This format seems to work well and I am accustomed to it now (thanks to Live Journal).

    I have different places to write for different reasons. I have a blog for my child care stuff, which is all that I post there. I have a journal, a diary and a blog that are my "personal" writing spaces, and I go through phases where I will write in one and copy and paste in the other's but most times, I end up writing in one on one topic and then later going and updating in another one on another topic. So they end up not being completely the same read. I don't do it on purpose. I think it just depends on my mood and what format I feel like using. The diary has annoying popups and I usually only go there to read up on my friends there and will sometimes go ahead and update there once I get logged in. My blog I like but it is a hassle to log into all the time so I don't do it as much as I do my live journal, which I normally do daily, except on the weekends. Rarely do I get online and write on the weekends because I am simply too busy.

    I filled out my interests here when I signed up. You will find I can be diverse in some areas. I have LOTS of interests, there is no way I could list them all here. But as you take the time to read and get to know me, you will find out all kinds of things about me, including my likes and dislikes.

    It's about that time, lunch time, and my tummy is growling, so I need to see what I can scare up for lunch.


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