Halo of White Lies   
12:58pm 27/05/2003
mood: moody
music: Misfits-Dust To Dust
It's too easy here. To easy on the Internet to pretend. Would anyone believe what I type? Or it be a called a lie? Perhaps I am lying. Perhaps its all an ill faded phallacy. You'll never know. Maybe I'm a deranged maniac typing out these demented lunacies. . You'll never know for sure. Mysterious. Unsettling. Will you take it as the truth or pass it off as some sick joke. I can never admit to what I really am. I'll leave it to your imagination. This … journal.. It’s my way of omitting these unbearable thoughts and feelings from my being. Without having a mishap..without being found out. It’s so hard hiding everything.. this is my little way of releasing the pressure. So here I am. Tabriel: Another one of Heaven's Mutant Children.