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[29 May 2003|03:28pm]
A friend was downtown to protest something he wouldn't admit .. there were bums under threshold canopies prove foundry and shoppers aren't worth the fit. These people fall in a hole and cant crawl out...but I can’t always lend my hand to pull them out..Why?.. I have to stay in the dark..Like I’m some kind of monster.. So im told differently.. .But really we’re treated like dirt under their nails. Remaining in the shadows growing wings.. But bring this to light.. t where would the human race be without us..And on my behalf..without my musings?
never received a thank you..
every night I end up in the drunk tank…
four walls can't protect me... A pint of piss me, is better than an empty glass of yesterday when jesus, mary, joseph were heard frequently, and then you said life's a dream
i said chances are usually what i take but at this age its a pathetic stab at fate

Found myself sitting on the roof.. looking up at the stars above. Memories filled my head.. when the comet once grazed the night sky. Stars dabbles the dark sky. I remember A ring of Bright Slaughter. And when I spat in the waters. Nostalgia grows.

I couldn’t sleep last night. Last night was awful… just awful. ..Im just so sick of being so afraid..
If i thought for just one second that i could get away with it .. believe me.. I wouldn’t be living like some fucking hermit.

I found myself wide awake..i needed pills to put me down.

Johnny and Max the Scumbag were still there. .They were still there . .and the apartment looks like a war torn battle ground.. when I woke up..they just left.. and that filthy bastard drank the rest of my orange juice.. Supplie are running low I gotta get to the supermarket..
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The good the Bad and the Left over crack [28 May 2003|12:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | LeftOver Crack-Heroin or Suicide? ]

I woke up in the daze this morning.. .Ugh i finally got up and around to getting myself a cup of coffee and sit my ass down on here.. Remind me never to drink Irish Whisky with a 40.oz of Vodka ever again. Usaully i can hold my alcohol well. I rock the 40oz...But .that did it . It was all over .. I was totally shitfaced ..Nothing stayed down. Im not even sure what went down last night.

Another crazy night is on the agenda..Kinda feels sahllow i know..But its a way to drink away the pain..So gotta make a trip into the city and pick up some 'groceries'.

This place smells..and im out of the lemon fresh sprazy shit..

I hate how humans smell.. dont get me wrong... they have the aroma of a sweat sock rubbed in the crack of a fat man. .Right now nothings agreeing with my stomache..Egh.. I gotta take a shower ..Scrub away Filth..

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Halo of White Lies [27 May 2003|12:58pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | Misfits-Dust To Dust ]

It's too easy here. To easy on the Internet to pretend. Would anyone believe what I type? Or it be a called a lie? Perhaps I am lying. Perhaps its all an ill faded phallacy. You'll never know. Maybe I'm a deranged maniac typing out these demented lunacies. . You'll never know for sure. Mysterious. Unsettling. Will you take it as the truth or pass it off as some sick joke. I can never admit to what I really am. I'll leave it to your imagination. This … journal.. It’s my way of omitting these unbearable thoughts and feelings from my being. Without having a mishap..without being found out. It’s so hard hiding everything.. this is my little way of releasing the pressure. So here I am. Tabriel: Another one of Heaven's Mutant Children.

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[26 May 2003|10:50pm]
i'll meet you on the other side. Testing. Testing.
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