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[Julx31x2003 at 05:08xpm]

Come into my reality.

[Julx31x2003 at 05:06xpm]
How bout this one?

Come into my reality.

[Julx31x2003 at 05:01xpm]
Damn... how bout this one?

Come into my reality.

[Julx31x2003 at 04:55xpm]
Im not using this as a Journal, im just using it to test out things on here.
See if this workes or not.......

-fingers crossed-
Come into my reality.

[Julx22x2003 at 03:25xpm]
www.livejournal.com/users/sexie_baby <<< go there for my journal. k, bye
Come into my reality.

[Julx18x2003 at 04:18xpm]
Yay!!! I'm on LiveJournal now, so i doubt i'll be on here hardly at all!
So....... BYE!
Come into my reality.

One thing! [Julx15x2003 at 07:14xpm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Just F*ckin kill me!!!??? Please??? ANYONE!!!
I have just got my friend done for bullying and i just found out that it was all aimed at my mate and not at me!!!!

Come into my reality.

[Julx14x2003 at 09:29xam]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hey, so i spoke to Jen last night and basically she's giving me an ultimatum(sp?).
She pretty much saying its either her or bexx and kirsty. I dunno what to do, because kirsty and becky mean so much to me, but i cant lose Jen, she's like a massive part of my life. She means so much to me, and i cant lose that! But at the same time, i dont know if i try and keep this friendship that will be the same or whether it will all change.
I'm at school at the moment, i begged to stay home today but it just didnt work on my mum, lol! She made me come and well.... nothings been said to me so far, but.... kirsty and bexx have gone on a trip. so i'm pretty much on my own for the day which is exactly why i didnt want to come?
Jo---- You got any idea's on what to do? Your usually really good at helping me!
I'm just so stuck at the moment, its like having to choose between people that mean so much to me and it just aint fair. I dont what to do, because bexx and kirst usually are fun to be around.... whereas i cant count the amount of arguments ive had with Jen.
She said last nite...... 'We can try and make this work for us.'
Is that just a way of sayin, we can try to re-build our friendship if you forget about kirsty or bexx. or is that saying we can try to make pour friendship work in the situation we're already in. I'm so confused. i think i need to talk to her face-2-face today.
I dunno, i'm just stuck!
Someone help me?

Come into my reality.

[Julx12x2003 at 09:25xpm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

So....... Today has been quite good, me and Hols went to Alton Towers and that was good fun! Sort of got a bit tiring from all the walking but the overall day was alot of fun! We explored this massive castle, it was huge! I really liked it 'cas ive always enjoyed exploring old things. One of my life ambitions was to open an old egyptian pyramid and be the first to explore it, but i'm guessin they're all already open.... or will be by the time i'm old enough!:o(
Neways, i got a fone call when we were walking back to the coach. It was from a with-held number. I answered and the person just sed 'Aint got no mates!' The voice was so blatently Jennie's voice! So i txt her on the coach and sed 'Wot u sayin that for... thats just harsh!?' She said....... 'Yeh well rite now u ent got no mates cos no1 can stand ur fuckin mood swings!ent such a push over nemore huh Terri?' (the push over bit is cas i sed she was a softie cas she so lovely, hmmm.... yeh maybe not!!)
Neways, i sed... 'If u dont like me again then y dont u just leave me alone?'
She said ' I'll leave u alone the day u admit ur a lick ass! y say shit bout Kirsty then run 2 her wen it gets tuff!?'
I just sed 'im not arguin with u, we'll tlk sum other time'
Then two mintues later i gets a fone call from anutha with-held number... this time its Ashleigh sayin' do u like Jennie?' I sed 'yeah', she started chattin on but i just hung up cas i'd had a good day and no way am i lettin then ruin it!
I just spoke 2 Adele.....
~ I'm a teen, I yet to mature ~ says:
wots going on with u and jen?
~ As the sun sets..... I love you more! ~ says:
ask her
~ I'm a teen, I yet to mature ~ says:
well im askin you
~ As the sun sets..... I love you more! ~ says:
well... i dont know wots goin on. u were with her
~ As the sun sets..... I love you more! ~ says:
u still wiv her now?
~ I'm a teen, I yet to mature ~ says:
nope im wiv ash
~ As the sun sets..... I love you more! ~ says:
~ As the sun sets..... I love you more! ~ says:
y did ash fone me?!
~ I'm a teen, I yet to mature ~ says:
coz i did
~ As the sun sets..... I love you more! ~ says:
~ I'm a teen, I yet to mature ~ says:
shewanted to no if u likefd jen
~ As the sun sets..... I love you more! ~ says:
~ As the sun sets..... I love you more! ~ says:
r u 2 in stresses at me aswel?
~ I'm a teen, I yet to mature ~ says:
nope i aint involved mate, this is between u n jen
~ Goodbye to you..... Goodbye to everything that i knew!! ~ says:
I guess thats one good thing...... i dont wanna lose Adele, i luv her too much. i think she's cool! lol!
Neways, i guess i'm feeling a bit down, seein as i thought me and Jen had just got back on track to gettin a freinshp re-built to how it used top be(or sumwere near there neway!)
I guess it aint ever gonna be the same.
Seems to me that since the nite Jen first stayed at Adele's house, our friendship rapidly went downhill. Before then i was always stayin round hers or her stayin round mine, she used 2 say Laurawas her best friend but i was her closest friend. :: ok, i'm cryin now!:: Then she stayed at Adele's and i started to worry that i might be replaced. She promised me over MSN that things would never changed between us.
Since then, i havnt never been invited round hers, ive invitedher round mind numerous times but she never comes, we dont go to town nemore (we used to go every week together) now she goes wiv adele. She doesnt want to come to me nemore, she doesnt tell me nethin.... now try tellin me thats things havnt changed.
She see's it as jealousy..... i guess in a way i am jealous, becos in a way adele has wot i used to have and now i want it back! It sounds like im sayin Jen cant have ne other friends but me wen that aint wot i mean at all. She can have as many friends as she likes, but i dont want her to completely forget me in the process.
Sometimes i wonder if its just me..... maybe i drive people away from me!
Thinking about that..... maybe its true, maybe i do drive people away from me?
I dont know, i dont know if i want to know!
Jennies just come online..... i'm waiting to she if she talks to me! ::picture me nervous waitin for the message box to pop up::
Ok.... its bin like 10mins and still no word from her! I'll post later if she says nethin.
I'm to :o( to talk right now!

Come into my reality.

One thing.... [Julx10x2003 at 10:29xpm]
Come into my reality.

[Julx09x2003 at 06:24xpm]
Wooo.... hey me and mark back together... again! Lol, i just cant be without him.
God, just dont have anything to say. Except -
Hey, I'm Dannii. I'm a mate of Terri's. Ive never had an online journal so i thought i'd write in hers, lol.
O well...... we're off out soon. Bye Luv Tez and Dan xx

Haha, she just had to write in it lol!
terri xXx
Come into my reality.

[Julx07x2003 at 07:53xpm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

So I'm starting to realise a few things..... i can feel as sorry for myself as i want but there really is nuthin 2 feel sorry about. My life aint as bad as i think it is, though its been completely fucked up in the past I aint goin into details 'cos some people read this journal who dont want to know bout things that have happened to me in the past. :ets just say that i've had more than my share of worries, problems, scares and shit else that i know how 2 deal with. If i'm completely honest, 90% started at NSG. i never had any problems til i started there, then i completely changed. i'm like out partying wenever i get the chance, i've had a few problems with boys/boyfriends which i never had to worry about and ive become a total bitch. None of this the fault of anyone elses but me, i dunno wots happened to me, but ive just changed so much. Maybe its not necessarily bad, maybe its a good thing. i dunno, you all know me so.... do you think ive changed for the better or worse??? I expect comments and leave names!!!!
Ok....... i'm havin an argument wiv charlotte......

Saffiredragon says:
tez ur a stupid cow----luv charlie
~*~ Terri! ~*~ says:
wow....... say it 2 me or r u scared.... pathetic
~*~ Terri! ~*~says:
jeeesh....... i'm really hurt.... and yet i'll live on.
~*~ Terri! ~*~ says:
woooo.... no comeback..... such a hard girl we have here ppl
Saffiredragon says:
ooooooo, bitchy
~*~ Terri! ~*~ says:
this cummin from sum1 who uses stupid as an insult!
Saffiredragon says:
Saffiredragon says:
actually it was fat cow but i didn't say it cuz it's harsh
~*~ Terri! ~*~ says:
i aint fat, but i aint flat-chested like u either
~*~ Terri! ~*~ says:
i aint gettin into a bitchin fite wiv u, i aint got a problem wiv u. its u wiv the problem!
~*~ Terri! ~*~ says:
if u wana bitch cum say it 2 my face, 'cos over msn it means shit

She shut up after the flat-chested comment. Now she aint talkin.... oh wot a shame.
Still..... expectin those comments + names!

[2] |Come into my reality.

[Julx05x2003 at 10:28xpm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | The sound of people talking outside(sounds more like inside) ]

Like the layout, hehe i nicked it from the Mary-Kate journal, kinda hoping lucy dont mind??
Neways, we went cinema earlier, watched Charlies Angels 2 << its quite good actually. I saw my ex-best friend charlotte as i was coming out of the cinema, i wanted to hit her, lol!
Me, adele, jen, lau and gavin sat in McDonalds havin a food fight, using chips and stones out the plant pots. lol.
Well, i'm my own now. my mum's gone out and left me in the house on my own..... jesus i'm so shit scared so i'm doing things to keep me busy! Well..... i'm gonna go watch a film in a minute. cya.

Come into my reality.

[Julx04x2003 at 07:23xpm]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | Bright Eyes ]

wooo.... so not alot been going on. I'm going to the cinema tomorrow with Jen and Adele, i think i'm getting closer to Adele which is a good thing 'cos i love her to bits. She so funny and makes me laugh with how much of a face-t btich she can be, lol, but she's not to me so...!
Neways, Lucy just set me up on all stars playing Mary-Kate Olsen, god i dunno what to write but i guess i'll get better at it! neways, i cant be bothered to talk! xxx

Come into my reality.

[Julx03x2003 at 06:35xpm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | Grease - Better shape up! ]

So i'm updating with abosloutely nothing to talk about. Ive realised that this is my Journal and i can say what i lke therefore if you dont like it... piss off somewhere else to put it bluntly!
I actually would really like a journal on LiveJournal but i cant find a code so i'm stuck on here at the moment! So...... if anyone can get me the code then it'd be appreciated and a thousand kisses for you!
Neways...... ive decided i dont wanna be with Mark 'cos its seems like we dont spend any time together and thats not exactly what i'm looking for!
I'm talking to Mark and i dont know what 2 say 2 him.
Well... its all over. I told him bout how we never see each other and thats not what a relationship is, he just said 'ok'.
Just found out i'm going to Blackpool with Dannii for the weekend in october, it'll be an entire weekend of drinkin and partying!
Ok, so i have a huge english essay due in tomorrow! Cya XxXxXxXxX

Come into my reality.

[Julx02x2003 at 06:31xpm]
[ mood | blah ]

So ive decided to go back to Scouts, i'm a bit nervous cos i dont want no comments wen i walk bacvk through them doors! Seems to me like i have alot more friends then i thought. I know who i can count on.
While at school there is a big group of us, we seem to split into two separate groups at time throughout the day and i'm really lucky becos i know i can spend time with each group and still be accepted in the other. A while ago i began sitting with Bexx and Kirsty, then as i spent moretime with them i felt afraid to go back to Jen, laura and Beth in fear of being called a user or summin. It caused alot of problems between me and jen cos i was never aroyund for her nemore, but we sorted them and we're back on track. I now know that i can spend a day with Bexx + co. and still be welcome to go back to jen + co. So i guess im really lucky there.
My mum's birthday party is cumin up and i'm deciding on who to take with me..... i think if i jus take Jennie, Bexx, Laura, Kirsty and Adele then i'll be safe. I know that Dannii is already coming with me cos we decided that ages ago, and she's like my life-long friend so how could she not go?!?!
neways, i gotta get ready. so cya xxxxXxxxx

Come into my reality.

Load os quizzes... [Julx01x2003 at 09:56xpm]
[ mood | bored ]

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Come into my reality.

Fuck Matthew! [Julx01x2003 at 07:12xpm]
[ mood | angry ]

It would've bin nicer if he had told me that he didnt like me, but well.... finding out from ur friend is jus as bad as hearing from the person themselves.
Still.... at least i know how he feels now! Therefore...... screw him!
K, i jus did this! Its uttuer bullshit thou, 'cos i'm stragiht and i have a very good personaltity thanx!
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Come into my reality.

[Junx30x2003 at 08:48xpm]
Hmmm....... Wot do i do?!?!
Right, ive decided i might go back to Scouts, but i'm scared too. it sounds really stupid, but they've all heard bout me leaving so i dont want any1 to do anything if i go back!
So...... do i go back and ignore wot they say..... if they say nethin..... or do i jus stay quitted?!?!?!
Any suggestions helpful...... come on ppl!!!!
Come into my reality.

Jesus, i'm confused..... [Junx29x2003 at 06:15xpm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Moulin Rouge - Lady Marmalade! ]

i went to this party friday night and met this boy called matthew..... he's soooo fyne!!!
I liked him as soon as he walked through the door and i kept saying i liked him to my mate, then i got chatting to him later that night, he took my number and we were flirting for about 1hr. At the time it seems as though he werent really interested but that didnt stop me..... neways the night was fun and i really enjoyed myself. I got home bout 1.30am and went staright to bed, then my phone went off bout 2am and woke me up..... it was Matt.
He text me sayin 'I think your really sexy, do you think you'd ever get with me, blahblahblah. I was like 'Hell yeah!!!' we said we'd met up sumtime but we dunno when. He said at bout 3am, i'll text you back tommorow and i aint heard from him since.... i text him last night asking wether he was being serious or was just drunk on friday night and never got a reply so im wondering whether it the drink talking friday night?!?!
Jesus, i'll give it a week then i'll give up..... i really f*ckin like him aswel, BUT...........
WHAT ABOUT MARK?!?! I really like Mark, but i'm not sure i want a relationship with him!!! Do i tell him bout Matt or not?!
Oh and i aint interested in Gavin........ thought i was but no!!

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Come into my reality.

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