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[18 Mar 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | 50 cent >> bad news ]

Ahh sorry i haven't been updating/commenting! just been sooo busy. I haven't updated since .. saturday? Uh oh.. somebody's in trouble. I sorry, i've just had so much shit to do. Anyways

Yesterday; HAPPY ST. PATRiCK'S DAY!!!! It's like my favorite holiday. hehehe. I usually go to a pub or to NYC, but we're so frikin busy. So i went to school and went to track, we just sprinted up a hill and jogged down the block 4x, then hopped up stairs like 10x. Then I was sitting there and joe kicked a powerade bottle and it me right above my eye .. and i have a lil bump there :/ But it was soo cute, he got ice & put it in his shirt, and held it on my head. hehehe. He felt soo bad. I was just like laughing .. suttin wrong with me? Then me and mom went to Eleanor's [a dance studio that sells skating dresses too] & we got a dress for skating. It's purple and sparkley, strapless.. perrrrty. Then i came home and my older bro's friend Kyle was over. We have the funniest convos hehehe, he told me not to put condoms in wallets cuz they break :X

Today; Went to school I love my class <33 Then I had track, we had a 35 minute run, fun fun. Me and caitlin doherty [[junior]] were the only ppl talking the whole time, out of a group of like six girls. :X Too talkative I tell ya. Then I was hanging out with my BFF brittany .. we have so much fun. Then andy came in for baseball. He's soo cute when he's playing baseball.. hehehe. SO i was hanging out with him. Now i'm home and daddy, joe, andkyle when to a bball game ;] Then I did 1/2 of english I still have to study for global, bio, do the other 1/2 of english, AND read for Religion. Hmm.. maybe i'll get some of that spanish report done. Now i'm just waiting for my baby to get home :p

OH yeah, this war shit is really freaking me out, we pray a decade of the rosary two times in school for peace, but i gets not working too good :x [[ I got to a lil private catholic school.. yeah i love jesus heh]] But it's making me soo scared. Do you think we should go 2 war? I don't, all we do is try to solve other people's problems, that's why we're in this situation in the FiRST place

YAY.. andy just called, gonna go comment.

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