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Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Time:5:09 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:Staind - Raw.
You're an every day average girl. You aren't
amongst the popular crowd, but you are
definatly far from being a geek. You are
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felt like doing a quiz cause i haven't in a while... might do more later
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Time:10:57 pm.
Music:Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (THIS SONG ROCKS!!!).
this is a bit of a delayed update but oh well you can cry.. i went to Sandown's Old Home Day celebration yesterday with Ty while my parents went to my Uncle Sandy's wedding. saw A LOT of people i haven't seen in a WICKED long time. i saw Leah Joseph for the first time since Mike and her brother Pete graduated together in 1999. but yeah! it t'was fun! Alex Edney's band played. when he said he was in a band i thought he meant with people around his age... but thats cool.. i wanted to go to the sad to see them the day he said they were playing but i had to get dissmissed from school because i was deathly ill... like i always was evey month.. but yeah! saw Jason and Taco and Eddie and Alex Assenza and Fat Steve and Tim and i met his cousin Ben. and they had this maze thing with water guns for Robitics and i saw Ruge! i said he but i caught him in the middle of being ambushed by some kids and he got it in the face real good! it was glorious! and somewhere in the mix Ty and a few other guys hacked the sack.

after that Ty went to my house for a little while until his dad picked him up and he got grounded... again... because he didn't stick with Taco to get a ride home because he'd slept over his house the night before.and at that point my feet were killing me from walking to the center of town and back so he gave me a foot massage! and the we cuddled for a little while and smooched... and then his dad came... so i wound up going to the fireworks later on that night by myself and hung out with Kelsey Janowicz and Caitlin Ahearn and i wound up walking home with them after the fireworks were over. but they had this band that played there and they sucked hardcore... and Sarah Clifton sang a long with the songs and she can make anyone sound like they suck at singing.. even me, can you believe that?? jk. i own up to my suckiness but i blame it on my allergies most of the time, but when i'm allergy free i don't think i'm tooo bad.. anyway that was my day at the fair! and i can actually say that w00t!
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Blurty for «ß€kàh».

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