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    Sunday, February 13th, 2011
    8:51 am
    Scholarships For Minorities - The Obama White House Will Assist You To Get Back to College
    Scholarships For Minorities - The Obama Administration Will Help You To Get Back to Faculty

    Only a 3rd of African American women are currently dwelling with their husbands in the US and the same goes for many different minorities. This means they're struggling to pay their payments and convey up their children and many need to end their training however can not afford it.

    Single moms from minority backgrounds can find assist though with scholarships for minorities that can help them to get a level and discover a higher job.

    Discovering a scholarship could be both time consuming and troublesome if you have no idea the place to look and many single moms simply give up. But if you understand the place to look it's not troublesome at all.

    There are several organizations, each public and private that may provide help to to with scholarships for minorities. Here i will discuss some below.

    1 The sister Thea Bowman Foundation. This scholarship for minorities is for single moms from a background, akin to African Americans who need assistance to get back to college. This scholarship pays as much as $8,000 a year. The one requirement is that you completed your high school education.

    2 Elevate the nation is a lady's organization that helps single mothers and ladies from all backgrounds to get again to highschool and get a degree.

    3 Project working mom is a undertaking and scholarship program for minorities to assist single moms, working moms and all girls to get back to school and get a degree. This program is being run by many schools and universities including many on-line colleges and is providing over 280 scholarships for this purpose.

    If you are not sure of the place to use you may contact the NAACP which may give you information on the place and how to apply.

    You may also get help from the federal government as well. With the Obama administration operating campaigns to steer single moms to return to high school they're also offering assist with scholarships for minorities to ensure you get the schooling you deserve.

    When you have missed out before in your probability to get the diploma and the schooling you wanted now's your chance. With the Obama administration and personal organizations willing that will help you there is no valid reason why you can not achieve what you want with scholarships for minorities