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~ Update ~ [21 Jan 2003|09:21pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Ja Rule feat. Ahanti * Mesmerize ]

Well, it's time for an update on my life here at Mt. Hood. I've been so busy with school work! I knew College would be a lot of work...But I didn't know it would be this much!! We have soo many tests coming up, and I really need to study for them. Ahh. School sucks, lol. What to say...

My ex-bf and I are going out again. I guess that makes him my bf! Hehe. It's great, I really love him, and I miss him lots. Even though we live so far away from each other, we're gonna try and make it work out. I'm so happy we're going out again. I hope things work out between us...I really want them to. I love you, Josh.

My weekend was alright, too. I went out with some friends to go shopping for snowboarding stuff. I've got myself a new board. It's pink and blue; typical colours for me.

I also got to bitch at my ex-bf Chris. He's such an ugly bastard. Pansy was there, too, lol. It was fun, except that I barely started bitching when he left! What a sore loser. I really need to shove some sense into that boy. He's so rude. He needs to learn how to respect my girls.

Yay, it's snowing here. Snow means that I can go snowboardin' or skiing soon. I hope it snows lots! That would be the best. Anyway, off to go study more!

~ Sydney ~

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~ Introduction ~ [14 Jan 2003|07:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Utada Hikaru * Uso Mitai Na "I Love You" ]

Hey everybody. I'm Sydney Marie Parker. I'm originally from Canada, but now I live here at Mt. Hood. I'm here because I love snowboarding, skiing, and skating...Plus, I go to college here, lol. I've only been at Mt. Hood for a few days, and I've made some new friends! I guess the friend that I know best is Pansy. I'm hoping that I get to know the rest of you, too, because I'm new...And dunno many people.

Well. Maybe I should start by tell you some stuff about myself. I love music. Absolutely adore it. I play the Clarinet, Piano, Flute, and Violin. [Mostly Clarinet and Piano, though] Oh, yeah, I also sing n' stuff. Very musical, eh? Anyway. I guess you could call me the "artsy" type. I mean, I also draw and dance, which are also part of the "Fine Arts" department. Although I'm artsy, I'm somewhat athletic, too. I mean, I'm not an all-star or anything, but I'm not a klutz either! I suppose you already know my favorite sports [snowboarding, skiing, skating], so I won't talk about that. Mm, what else. Well. I'm single because I think that there are some things that are more important than having a boyfriend, like music...and school? LoL @ school. I guess I'm an average student. Not too smart, not too dumb...although I wish I were a bit smarter. Anyway, I suppose I dun mind being single, although there are times where I feel somewhat lonely. Uh...If there's anything else you wanna know, ask me? Cuz I really dunno what else to put. [AIM: Cherreh Blossom]

Hm. Just recently, my ex-bf told me that he basically didn't wanna break up with me, when he did. I mean, it's hard to keep up a long-distant relationship, especially when we can't see each other, so he just broke it off. I'm so hurt, but if we were meant to be, then we'll be together again, I s'pose. I love him, and I always will. He knows it, I know it. It's all that matters...

Well, I guess that's all I gotta write here. Time to hit the slopes! Later, all!

~ Sydney ~

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Wee! OOC [12 Jan 2003|09:49pm]
Yay! First post! ^_^ Thanks to Silvah fer making this journal for me. @_@ It's so purdy. nn;
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