Brutalities of serenity   
03:43pm 17/09/2003
mood: tired
music: None - I'm at work... -_-;
OOoOOOooOOooOooOOOoh man.... Today was such a shitty ass day and I really need to work on cutting down on the profanity... So yeah, this dude I know keeps messing with me and I'm tired and stressed already because one of my close relatives has a critical health condition. The messing around with me isn't much different than any other day, but my reaction is, and it weirds me out... I grabbed his wrist and twisted him all the way around and bit his neck! Must be that primal instinct thing, but it was so weird and reflexive that I half-laughed after committing this ridiculous act. Man, that was really weird though... There's another thing that has been bugging me... I somehow keep locking my bedroom door in my sleep and for some reason my mom get's pissed when my door is locked at night and I don't understand why. I am so confused... She went off on me this morning because of it and I thought she was about to kick me out or something. I mean come on! It's just a locked door!! Well, that's it for me... I guess I should get back to work and start doing my job...