05:11pm 19/11/2003
mood: bored
music: 18 Visions
name: Amanda .
birth date: 1.14.84.
birthplace: Atlanta, GA.
current location: Dallas, NC.
eye color: blue or green, they change.
hair color: black.
height: 5’6”.
righty or lefty: righty.
zodiac sign: capricorn.

your heritage: irish and scottish.
shoes worn today: maryjanes.
your weakness: guys.
your fears: cockroaches and nasty gas station guys.
your perfect pizza: no cheese.
goal you'd like to achieve: to be happy again.

your most overused phrase on aim: “true.”
your first thought after waking up: “do I really want to wake up?”
your best physical feature: eyes.
your bedtime: usually between 12:30 and 2:30.

pepsi or coke: Sprite.
mcdonald's or burger king: neither.
single or group dates: single... not that i even remeber what that is.
adidas or nike: Converse.
lipton ice tea or nestea: no tea, thanks.
chocolate or vanilla: neither.
cappuccino or coffee: neither.

smoke: no.
cuss: fuck.
sing: in the shower and in the car.
take a shower everyday: sometimes twice.
have a crush: i did, realized it wasn't ever going to happen, so now i don't, at least for now, but what's the point anyway.
do you think you've been in love: yes.
want to go to college: yes.
like high school: no.
want to get married: perhaps.
believe in yourself: absolutely.
get motion sickness: no.
think you're attractive: of course.
think you're a health freak: not at all.
get along with your parents: no is an understatement.
like thunderstorms: sure, unless i have somewhere to go.
play an instrument: doesn’t that take talent?

[layersix] in the past month have you-
drank alcohol: no.
smoked: no.
done a drug: no.
had sex: no.
made out: yes.
gone on a date: yes.
gone to the mall: yes.
eaten an entire box of oreo's: stupid, stupid question... no.
eat sushi: no.
been on stage: no.
gone skating: no.
made homemade cookies: no.
gone skinny dipping: no.
dyed your hair: yes.
stolen anything: no.

age you hope to be married: whenever it happens.
# and name of children: blah.
describe your dream wedding: getting married to a person that I love and truly loves me.
how do you want to die: tragically and on national television with everyone i have ever known watching.
where do you want to go to college: UNCC.
what do you want to be when you grow up: happy.
what country would you most like to visit: Ireland or Italy.

[layereight] in the opposite/or same sex-
best eye color: doesn't matter.
best hair color: doesn't really matter, but i have a thing for guys with black hair.
short or long hair: inbetween.
height: taller.
best articles of clothing: tight shirts.

# of drugs taken illegally: I have no idea.
# of people i could trust my life: i used to have a few people in here, but aside from myself... like, maybe one.
# of cds that i own: around 100.
# of piercings: 11 at the moment.
# of tattoos: there's a few i'd rather forget.
# of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: once or twice in elementry school.
# of scars on my body: a few, nothing too big though.
# of things in my past that i regret: the funny thing about regret is... things i regret that i have done... 3 or 4. things i regret that i haven't done/followed through with... 1.

(pour your heart out)