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Friday, October 17th, 2003

Subject:Feelin a little sick
Time:9:45 pm.
Mood: sick.
Today was a painful day. I threw/coughed up junk all of practice in the morning, and couldn't really talk the rest of the day due to my throat being too soar. I came home and took about a four hour nap, and went to jack in the box for dinner. My sister came home, and I sat around pretty much all night. I feel like shit but it all works. Peace out!
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Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Subject:The first day of gulf champs...
Time:9:40 am.
Mood: bouncy.
Today was a very easy day. I woke up at 10 till 8 and then went to practice. I swam about 2000, to all those nonswimmers out there that is the best thing you can ask for b/c our normal is like 7000, and then chilled and talked to the people waiting to get in to do a warm up. I came home, and am about to eat some breakfast. i'm goin to fletch's sometime today to watch a movie. i saw pirates of the carribean yesterday which was a really good movie. Johnny Depp was the funniest character. He's a very good actor, and as melissa said he's a hottie in that movie...sure whatever. I guess she likes the pirate type. FF JF. Brittnay and Brad are at it again in warm down and everywhere else. halo's a gay game. I was playing it for the 1st time last night with some of the guys and they go all pissy at us b/c they said we weren't trying. We actually were, but it was just a very hard game to get ahold of. But we have a new i hate halo and everyone that plays it club me mad and fletch...whoo hoo. Well i'm off for now if you're a hott guy that doesn't play halo give me a shout. PEACE OUT!
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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Subject:The day of Chick fil a...
Time:11:49 pm.
Mood: enthralled.
Today was a long long long day. I woke up for practice and got there ON TIME. I had an alright practice, and got to lead stretching after practice. After practice me and my buddies went to the outreach thing in tidwell and taught survival swim lessons to some swimmers. I got a new suit today...actually it's my uniform for work, but it's all good. I got home, ate some lunch, and tried to work on the internet, but it was being retarded today. So then i took a little nap and went to practice. We practiced for a hour, and then we had the hasta la pasta dinner for all those wonderful nonslacker swimmers that did the mile last season. It was pretty good considering it's all donated. Then I came home, got bitched at a little, and then rode w/fletch for the 1st time to chick fil a cuz it was the spirit night there for blue tide. We hung out with my extended family, the leckeys, and then went back to our places. I came home again and then worked on the puzzle my sister and her b/f are working on. I worked on some college applications too. Advice for today is if you put sunless tanner on when your skin starts cracking it might be time to put lotion on. Also, sunless tanner looks really cool with spots on your leg. Well i'm "resting" for gulf champs so i better get some sleep. the hot b/f search is still on, even though most people thing matt w. is my hot b/f, so if your hot give me a shout. PEACE OUT!
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Monday, July 7th, 2003

Subject:Late once again...
Time:11:15 am.
Mood: quixotic.
Today was a "i feel poopy" day. I woke up at 8 and was late once again to monday morning practice. I went there and had a pretty bad practice. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would say it was a 0. I did all the practice except part of warm up, so at least i got some yards in. I don't know why but my hands and arms are really orange today. Word to the wise when applying sunless tanner, don't, just go to a fake bake place or go outside. It's fun though cuz i was goin for the oompa loompa look. I could be that for halloween at least. The only problem would be the week after at school...but might try it anywayz. I think practice was a new level of gay today. We did this kick set and it was pretty lengthy, and our wonderful coach puts it on inervals that only like 7 or 8 out of the 30 people there could make, so me and the rest of the practice just kind of swam through it. I started to make the inerval the last part, but to bad the set ended right after that. Well it feels like nap time now. The hot b/f search is still on so give me a shout if you wanna go out. PEACE OUT!
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Sunday, July 6th, 2003

Subject:I'm so incredibly tan!
Time:11:21 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
Today was a tan day. I woke up, and went to Mad's bro's 1st communion. It was pretty cool, b/c i haven't really seen one in quite awhile. after that i went to the after party and that was really fun. i went home, and then rode to java jazz to see awsome simple logic play tonite. partyin it up in the car with monca mo and fletch whoo hoo! they we're actually pretty good that was the 1st time i actually heard them play so it was fun. i came back home went to sonic with matt go some drinks and then came home. we spent the 4th of july at my lake house w/some of the family it was fun shootin some fireworks off. word to the wise when putting on sunless tanner, not that i did, but if you do do your hands too, b/c it does work and you can deffinately tell where you didn't get. if you didn't get my survey i filled out just get me your email adress and i'll send it to you cuz i actually filled one of those things out. FF JF. and also word to the wise STOP SPREADING RUMORS EVEN IF THEY ARE TRUE THEY ARE NOT YOURS TO TELL, LET PEOPLE HEAR THEM FROM THE ORIGINAL PERSON. I'm getting a little sick about hearing stuff that ends up being complete bull. I don't know all I know is i'm never tellin them again, or i'll try to cuz it's not my business. Stay the f*** out of other people's shiz. i don't know why put people in general are pissin me off lately. life is as hard as you make it, and if you're gonna sweat the small stuff it's gonna be a hell of alot harder then you make it. i don't know i guess they seem like big problems to the person, but i've been through much harder stuff and just don't see some stuff as a problem. but whatever. last sat. i went to the woodlands/bta practice. both coaches said it was gonna be really hard, but it wasn't we only did like 7500. after that i took a nap cuz i only got 4 hours of sleep the night before. the hot b/f search is still on so if you are hot give me a shout i'm out for tonite. PEACE OUT!
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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

Subject:The day of extrodinary swimming...
Time:11:04 am.
Mood: sleepy.
Today was a fun day. I woke up b4 630 and went to Tidwell. I got there early for the 1st time, and then did a little work out. TSC baby. The big jugs were really hard to empty. The water jugs you sicko. We had this 5 gallon water jug and we had to empty it by verticle kicking. It was so hard...but we got out of the gay pull set. Forgot to add that i had to retire my drag suit yesterday, but i dug in my suit bin and go another one. Legally blonde 2 comes out today, so we're havin a little outing type thing. I think we're goin this evening so it should be fun. I got home from tidwell today in like 17 minutes. Pretty impressive. Well i'm spent so i think i might go take a nap or something. The hott b/f search is still on, so if ur hott give my cell a shout or leave me a message. FF JF. Hook 'em Horns. Carey all the guys on our team are gay...especially baby carrot. Well make a wonderful day today. PEACE OUT!
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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003

Subject:The day of dance dance...
Time:10:41 pm.
Mood: amused.
Today was a very athletic day. I woke up at 630 and went to practice. Tidwell sucked as usual the ghetto pool. I took matt, heather, and fletch to outreach at the salvation army in tidwell. It only last like half an hour so it's cool. I came home got some money and went to subway and tcby for lunch with matt and fletch. I came home played some dance dance with hedi and steve and then took a nap. I woke up went to afternoon practice and then came back home. I checked my oil and put some new bumper stickers on my car and then ate some dinner. I watched some tv, and talked online. FF JF. Andrew ur still the coolest, and Carrie a&m still sux i was up there last wkend for a meet. Man it sucked today steve tried so hard to get so many yards in at tidwell big TSC!! yea carey! well jaime and i might work for sandcreek next coaches whoo hoo! and if anyone knows of any job available please give me a shout cuz i'm desperately looking for one. I've applied everywhere but I haven't even gotten one call back. I guess I'm just not loved. jose i don't care what you say you could never make a good 1st move. hehe. Have fun in mexico. I'm still looking for a hott boyfriend, so if you are hott give me a shout. Well i'm out for now cya later. PEACE OUT!
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Wednesday, June 25th, 2003

Subject:The final day of the divorce stuff...
Time:9:35 pm.
Mood: blah.
Today was an okish day. I woke up and went to Tidwell...a wee bit late, but I got there. I went to the outreach thing after and it was pretty fun. I came home, took a shower, and then ate some lunch. Some yummy grilled cheese. I took a little bit of a nap, and then went to go meet my lawyer. She was pretty cool, and it wasn't all that bad. I came home, and ate some dinner. Chicken pot pie...woo hoo! I drove around for a bit, and then came home. I watched never been kissed for about the millionth time, and now i'm just chillin' at home. I'm still on the look out for a hott boyfriend, so give me a shout if you're in the neighborhood. Hey Kim Parks! JF FF. Hook 'em horns...yea Carrie go to a real college...hehe. Hope everyone's in houston is liking the heat index was up to 115 today! not too shabby, and it's suppose to be hotter tom. Hopefully it will be. Tidwell needs to heat up though cuz we're freezing in that pool...yea Carey and I are havin fun w/those practices. Last year of Tidwell for us...darn. Oh well I'm out for now, Jose...have fun on your trip and see ya in 52 days...since you wouldn't say bye to me...sniff...i guess i'll cya. Always remember when it absolutely positively has to be blown up overnight...AIR FORCE! PEACE OUT!
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Saturday, June 21st, 2003

Subject:Back from Colorado...
Time:11:11 am.
Today was a flying day. I woke up and ate breakfast in the mess hall at colorado air force academy. I went to the pool, and then said bye to all my clan. It was an awsome time up there. I had so much fun!!! SEPTI!!!!!!! The coaches are pretty awsome, and the campus it's beyond anything in Texas. So anywayz I went back to the 6th floor dorm, and got my bags and grabbed the 930 bus. I went to the airport and chilled with jane. Ate some, and then got on my flight, after many fone calls to many places. I went to dallas, made some more calls, got some more food, and then got on the next flight. Came home to houston, found out my bag got lost, and filed a complaint. I went to dinner with my mom and some of our friends, and then went to the new 99 cent store and bought mad and fletch's bday presents. big party tom. FF JF. Andrew is the coolest guy and i missed him so much. Carrie you're up there too on the miss you list. Hey coach how you doin'? The dead bird flyin'. Our cubbie. Septi, mike, and chris. CSC is awsome. STEVE!....and oh yea...brock....! Kenny the big talker. Haylay the whore. Kelly's breastroke kick. Kaylea the whore in front. Lindsay my awsome roommate. Anna....can't think of anything right now. Tiff from minas-o-ta. Our awsome clan. Jane and Jim. Breastoke pyramid! Oh so many memories that will never be forgotten. Had fun, and don't know how i'm gonna train next week. I'm out for now. Hot guys give me a call. PEACE OUT!
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Saturday, June 14th, 2003

Subject:Will I ever be on time...
Time:3:58 pm.
Today was a stressful day. I woke up at 8:01, and had to be at the ACT's by 8. So I ran to my car and got to Kingwood College about 5 after. I ran to the Science building, and got there in plenty of time. It was a pretty hard test, but I don't think I did all that bad. I came home and ate some lunch. They were these really cool fish sticks in the shape of a fish. It made my day to say the least. I filled out some job applications, and then went off to turn them in. I turned the one to Old Navy in, and I filled one out for Hom Depot. I'm not sure where to turn my HEB one in, but I'll try to figure it out. I came home, got my credit card, and bought some goggles from oshman's. Hopefully these won't rub the skin off my nose. Andrew just say no to the hatorade (stole ur phrase there). I came home in the heavy pouring down rain, and could hardly see the road, but luck-a-ly I got home in one piece. I need to do my laundry now, b/c I leave for the camp in the morning, and don't have anything clean to pack. I think I'll write one more entry b4 I leave, so don't miss me too much, but if you do you can give my cell phone a call. moho FF JF! I missed saturday practice this morning, so I didn't get to see if brad and brittnay were doing the carey carey in warm down. It was a 3 hour practice, so I'm not sure if they would be able to wait till warm down to do it, but I hope they could for the team's virgin eyes sake. Well I'm off to try to attempt to do laundry and pack. If you're a hot guy, call me and I'll fit you in today, but after today you'll have to wait till next saturday to do anything with me. PEACE OUT!
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Friday, June 13th, 2003

Subject:The busy day...
Time:7:25 pm.
Today was a very busy day. I woke up at 730 and went to practice. I had a pretty crappy practice, but it happens to the best of us. I came home filled out job applications. It was a pretty gay process, but it's fun. I went out after that to turn all them in. I applied to both walmarts, kohls, foleys, papa's, and picked one up for old navy. I think I'm gonna apply for HEB too the new one going up in k-town. So anyways i went to kingwood college and changed the address. I also figured out where i'm taking the act's tom. I came home ate lunch and then took a nap. I went to afternoon practice, that was gay, but i don't have to go to practice for a week, b/c i'll be at the airforce camp. I'm at the camp for june 15th to the 20th. Don't miss me too much. I don't know if i'll have computer access there, so this might be one of my last journals for awhile. Andrew Brown in the hottest MAN alive. JF FF. Carrie needs to go to UT. Matt your still my b/f. That'll confuse some people. Molly you need to sign off your sn when you leave on vacation. Jose I had a good time last night....hehe. Well i'm off to HEB now, so if your a hot guy give my CELL phone a call. PEACE OUT!
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Thursday, June 12th, 2003

Subject:The day in the pool...the entire day in the pool
Time:1:47 pm.
Today was a tiring day in Tidwell. I woke up at 630, and drove over to tidwell. On the way I ate my poptarts. I got there two minutes late, and people hassle me about being late, but i thought they would want me 2 mins late opposed to an hr, but whatever. steve didn't mind it. JF. FF. We did some gay dryland that KYLE led us in. Fletch made it gay though. but hey we can't all be straight. we did a dumb workout, that was very hard b/c of the water temp. Brad and brittnay were humping in warm down again. i know i like to watch it, but from what i've heard from everyone else they don't want to have anything to do with it. It's kinda like watch 40 days and 40 nights. But anywayz I went to the salvation army outreach thing afterwards, and became COACH kim...hehe. bound and determined to become a swim coach. I came home took a shower and then ate some lunch. I think I'm going to go see down w/love w/a hot guy. If you're bored give me a shout! PEACE OUT!!
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003

Subject:Getting lost for an hour and a half
Time:11:07 am.
Today was a confusing, lost day. I woke up grabbed my pop tarts and headed to tidwell confident I could find the pool. I leave at 630, and get to tidwell exit, exit there, take a left under 59, and then look for the McDonalds, take a left there and start heading down the street. I see a sign for 59, and think wow tidwell is alot farther than I remember. I pass old humble road, and thought to myself, I am lost again. So I turn around and go back up to the McDonalds and turn around and go back down the road, really alert this time. I call some people, but nobody had their cell phone with them. I end up at old humble road again, and I get out at a gas station. I ask people if they know where the 50 meter pool is, but all the mexicans didn't have a clue. I get in the car again totally lost about to give up, and then my phone rings. It's coach angie. She tells me you are suppose to turn before the McDonalds. So I drive back up to the McDonalds go the wrong way at first, angie calls me again and tells me to go the other way, and then I finally make it to tidwell at 8. Never knew it was an hour and a half drive to tidwell. I guess I'll have to leave earlier tomorrow if I want to get there on time. I walk into the pool and everyone's warming up/making fun of me cuz i got lost again. Steve was totally confused at why i got lost again, because he told me last night it's really hard to get lost on the way to tidwell, but I didn't really find it all that hard. But anywayz i got home w/o getting lost at all, and later I think I'll go to marble slab, and then maybe hang out with a hot know who you are... Brittnay and Brad were humping in the warm down today, which wasn't unusual, but who wants to watch it. Well I do, but others find it disturbing. There's some things better left in the back of brad's bed. Carey was trying to stare at my butt when I was walking out of the pool, but I caught her before she has a chance to begin doing the carey to me. JF...FF... Mad asked me if i wasnted to go see 2 fast 2 furious with me today, but i said no b/c i had already seen it when she was in gay ass colorado. The ready beanch was a living hell last night, but a really hot runner stopped buy which made it all worth while, he gave me a hug and then hung out a little and left. We got a $5 marble slab gift certificate for it, so we're gonna go use those later today. I'm off for now to grab a bite to eat, and then call my boys latger. If you get bored give me a shout on the big cell. Carrie you're the coolest! PEACE OUT!
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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003

Subject:The day I felt like a blonde...or should I say I felt like Carey..
Time:1:10 pm.
Today was a confusing day. I woke up at 630 and went to go to tidwell practice. I went down tidwell road and relized I had no f-in idea which road it's off of. So i drove around for a little while, and didn't recognize any of the roads, so I decided it was too scary to drive around, so I went home. I went back to sleep, and then ate some pizza. Mo leaves her away message on too much, so I never get to talk to her...FF...JF...hehe. Last night was pretty fun...Matt's bday...summer champs. I went to summer champs after a really awsome humble practice, and worked the ready bench till like 1030. I was the longest time of my entire life. I was having fun, but my feet are still killing me. Matt and I went to sonic after and he drove me home. Man that sounds wierd normally I have to drive everywhere, but not anymore. But it sux cuz every1 can only drive one person right now cuz all my friends are juniors...well except JF. That sexy sexy lifeguard/swimmer/coach. Don't forget to check out my awsome buddy profile. The hot b/f search is still on, so give me a shout. well i'm out for now I'm going to practice and working the meet tonite. PEACE OUT!
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Monday, June 9th, 2003

Subject:A actual comment is made
Time:10:48 am.
Today was a tiring day. I woke up went to practice, ON TIME! I think I left my breakfast at the pool though, cuz i wasn't feelin it this morning. Leckey made a comment on my journals, she said that I shouldn't double the heading on them, because that makes them confusing. HAPPY 16th TO "W". And that's not pronounced doubayou is pronounced douba-ya. With a little county accent to it. By the way Matt W that's ur new nick name. Well anywayz after practice me and lentz ate a little bagel and then went on a nice little job. Yea right it sucked like none other. Hot as hell out there I'm tellin ya. We came back and Coach Landtroop was there, and he's like no water. They turned the freakin water off in the school, I thought I was going to die! Literally! Anywayz we were walking around da pool and we noticed coach angie left 2 gaorades there for the people that went all last week, so we drank those since we both went all last week. Well anywayz I'm gonna hit the showers then take a nap, but this afternoon I'm gonna go to practice then work at the meet. Call my cell or home if you wanna go on a hot date. Which reminds me the hot BOYFRIEND search is still on so give me a shout if you are hot. Welcome back to those Colorado fools. FF. Andres watch out for those signs! hehe! I doubt he'll ever read this but if he does he'll feel special. PEACE OUT!
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Sunday, June 8th, 2003

Subject:Went to church...
Time:9:06 pm.
Today was a lazy day, as I said b4. I watched 2 weeks notice, and then took a shower. Went to church and then came home. I saw jose at church again, and he had a dead sexy watch on. FF. hehe. I had a good dinner, pork potatos and beans. Good stuff. when i came home i went back out to get my mom some red potatos. Matt turns 16 tom., hopefully he won't get in a wreck...j/k j/k. I'm watchin Mission impossible w/the incredibly hot tom cruise in it. i was watching boiler room earlier and it has the incredibly hot vin diesel in it. maybe they can help my hot b/f search. I got in a little fight w/my mom, but it was nothing to major. I leave for the air force camp this sunday, so yall have 7 days to hang out w/me b4 i go! Well i'm off to watch tom cruise preform for me. PEACE OUT!
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Subject:The day in the lake...
Time:2:28 pm.
Today was another lazy day. I woke up around noon, and watched some t.v. I got online talked to chris then ate some lunch. I started watching a disney channel movie, but i went rollerblading w/my awsome dog in middle of the movie. He jumped in the lake multiple times and smelled really really bad so i gave him a bath when i got home. I'm goin to church later at 530, and then probably goin ridin. I went ridin last night w/my mom cuz i got really bored and did nothing all day and felt lazy. Last night I learned about some sexam...FF. hehe. Hopefully I'll have a good dinner, b/c I didn't have that much of a lunch. I'm out for now see yall around. PEACE OUT!
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Saturday, June 7th, 2003

Subject:The day of the SAT...
Time:5:15 pm.
Today was a lazy day. I woke up and went to the SAT's. They lasted till noon. I came home ate lunch, pizza! Watched some t.v. with my mom and took a nap. All those colorado people have 2 practices today....hahaha. I not even practicing once. Then they have a sunday practice how insane-o is that?!? Last night was pretty fun at fuel. I went with my friend jen k. I saw one of my old english buddies there. casey's b/f is pretty cool, his shoes are awsome. Oh yea at the SAT's today i saw nyssa one of my old spanish 4 buddies. I hadn't seen her since like a week ago! It feels like so much longer. but then it'll fly by and i'll be a senior! actuallly i already am, but don't get to fish the freshman or anything. well i'm out for now give me a shout if you wanna do something. PEACE OUT!
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Friday, June 6th, 2003

Subject:Badass day
Time:3:18 pm.
Today was a wonderful day. I woke up at 810 and went to practice that started at 8. I've been on time twice this week. I came home and then ate some lunch. Chips and queso woo hoo! I was just chillin at home and matt called. we went to go see 2 fast 2 furious. It was a pretty bad ass movie. no vin diesel, but it was still pretty cool. I came home and go online. it's been such an exciting day. In the movies my light up sandals show up really well. I'm goin to fuel tonite to see casey's b/f's band play at 7, so if you wanna go just give me a shout. the hot b/f search is still on, so give me a shout if you wanna go out this wkend. I'll be chillin at home this weekend. Well I'm gonna go for now. PEACE OUT!
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Thursday, June 5th, 2003

Subject:The Afternoon with the relatives...
Time:9:47 pm.
Today was a great day. HAPPY BDAY FLETCH!! I went to afternoon practice, and then came home. I went to walmart to get my cousin's bday present, and guess what? I finally found light up sandals!! It was the high point of my day by far. I came back home, and ate dinner with my relatives. We watched CSI and without a trace together. I love the main guy of without a trace, he's such a nice guy. Well hopefully I can go out tomorrow, I don't think I have much of anything going on. Matt's going to be at a meet, so if anyone's free or a hot guy give me a shout. The hot b/f search is still on. Well I'm gonna go for now, but cya tomorrow night maybe! PEACE OUT!
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