Today sucked ROYAL ASS!!!   
08:46pm 07/01/2004
mood: drained
music: NickelBack* I like your pants around your feet... lol
My first and second blocked is nothing but guys preppy ones at that eh, i think i'm gonna really like the class but i'm not sure about the people around me but the teacher is really kool about it which helps alot. but anyways my third block is a bitch she gave us 88 vocabulary words to define tonite i done like 10 and stopped. Then i have 20 to do in fourth block i done all of them yay! Other than the invasion of Preps my day was ok besides the huge headache i had all day. I have no classes with Olivia and Krista (dammit) but i have friends in every class so i guess it could have been worse. Oh and i have to wear a dress sometimes in fourth block becoz if some presentations i will have to do and i'm not a dress person so that will be fun. But i'm gonna go for now Later *Sweets