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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

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    oh buddy! what a day... :(
    OMG!! i wake up because i overslept and then i missed my bus so my mom had 2 drive me 2 school. when we are halfway there, i just remember that i 4got my gloves!!!!!!! so my mom -really pissed at the time- had 2 drive all the way back 2 my house and get my gloves. so i was really late 2 school and i think I ACTUALLY PASSED MY S.S TEST!!!!! GO BRE! lol. i had a pretty bad day, BUT I SAW JOSH @ LUNCH!!!!! <3 -sigh- lol. and my friend is pissed off at me 4 like NO FUCKIN REASON!!! oh well idc, i gotta go take a shower, peace out

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