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Thursday, September 4, 2003

4:37PM - im soooooooooo tired

what a day im so tired i hope tomarrrow is earsier o well im going to make this short because i ahve alot to do latelyn and i dont think im going to right in this everyday now maybe once a weeek so to all my readers im tired so if u want u can check this once a week what a day i ahve homework too


Current mood: tired
Current music: none today sry
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Tuesday, September 2, 2003

5:44PM - Crying urself to sleep ah yeah thats normal

Crying urself to sleep at night yeah i think thats perfectly normal probably because ive done it so many times. Dealing with family,friends,family,friends its jsut not easy and it gets frustrateing. Somedays i just cant handle it.

O well i jsut found out i have Mrs Kemp for home room and thats not bad becuase that means i dont have her for home base/ study hall. My sister is giving me all the news and everything about eighth grade. She told me that she had Mrs Kemp for homeroom and Mr H for home base and thats exactly waht i want so if i get that ill be stoked.

I think this year is going to be great. Im excited about well the play and im gioing to try to go for vice president and the dance comedy and the anouncements im not sure about i dont no im jsut going to contribite to alot well all that i can.

Hopefully my best friend isnt mad at me anymore beause i miss her

Current mood: anxious
Current music: U Can do it (commercial song)
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Monday, September 1, 2003

7:29PM - im doing better

im doing better this week i get to hang out with Courtney after school on friday and she understands me so well and would never make me feel bad. She still has to ask her mom but i still cant wait because hanging out with her will make me feel so much better. now im happy and excited.

now tomarrow i have to go with my dad to go get school supplies and then im going to check who my teacher is and write down my whole class. i hope this year is so much better especially with one imperticular person shes like one of my best friends but my other friends tell me other things and well i hope that maybe we are in classes together and that things hopefully get so much better

Maybe if things get better with this one friend maybe i wont feel depressed or sad and like hurting my self which is the worst thing to do and im not stupid but i guess ill just have to wait maybe ill feel better....................... someday.

Current mood: gloomy
Current music: first wives club song
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Saturday, August 30, 2003

1:17PM - im ok really i think

its still early and im not pissed off anymore its just i feel like everyone is changeing or being weird. It really sucks too when the person u love or u care about seems to be acting weird. My heart feels sore for everything.

I miss my friends alot, tahts probably whats making me feel aquard or something. Maybe when i get back to school things will be better again, but truthfully i dont want to go back becausze im afraid that im not going to be able to handle it. All the school work and homework and everything. Dealing with friends and fights with ur friends and helping ur firends out with there other fights to try to be on there side. It gets quite annoying but sometimes u just dont ahve anyone to realate too, because ur best friend is the one the does all of it, teh fights one day she likes u one day she doesnt. Friends to me are like homework sometimes i have to work hard to make sure im doing everything all right because if i screw it up ill get yelled at in homework by the teacher in friends by ur friends.

Life is so difficult sometimes u always have to worry about something at least for me. I always ahve something on my mind that i have to fix something i ahve to change somehting i ahve to work on. it gets very agravating and i sometimes just cant take it. Im not one to take things out on other people but i admit ive done it before. Thats how u loose a friend takeing something out on them that they think they didnt do. And unless u apoligize pretty quick dont think its going to be 1day of u not having that friend it will be like one week.

Thats how i lost a firend well i guess i did i took something out on them that i was told was true adn they werent dinying it but they got mad and we just started fighting and fighting at some points in my life its jsut so hard.

My mom always says wait till u become an adult wait till all the problems u ahve to deal with, keeping a roof over urs and ur childrens head, morgage, a steady well paid job, food , clothing so much more but i believe that kids have problems to deal with too like, doing there chores, doing there school work,keeping steady grades, keeping them from getting mad, we ahve alot to deal with too school is like a job for us but its a sucky job because we dont get paid.

I dont no maybe im the one whos acting weird maybe im wrong but i believe in my mind that this concept is correct to me at least what do u think? go ahead comment

Current mood: lonely
Current music: (lonesome tonight) orsomething like that
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Friday, August 29, 2003

5:52PM - Bitch

omg this is so annoying i hate everyone omg its so annoying because everyone is pissing me off today. Do you ever think that ur friends because there so bitchy to u arent really ur friend.God i feel like im in hell.this is so redicuous not that i no how to spell taht word this is like the worst friday well nt the worst but one of them no one understands too u think someone who is hurting would have a friend to go let everything out to not me because everyone is so annoying and its a piece of crap.
whta a nightmare i guess i just need my real friends back and get used to seeing them everyday again. Maybe that will be better maybe it wont i guesss maybe ill just have to wait to seee wahts gonna happen i dont no i think ive waited to long.
Hopefully this year i work really hard because this grade is so important i need to concentrate but how can u concentrate when ur hurting? hau if anyone happens to no this answer comment on this journal and ill read them as usual. But truthfully i dont think anyone has the right answer at least i know i dont and im smart but all of my answers i have dont and it turned out to be crap
i now learned to apreciate my motto Life sucks and theres nothing i can do about it

Current mood: pissed off
Current music: she hates me (Puddle of mud) except i hate her
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1:17PM - OMG this is bull shit

omg this is so annoying ive been trying to fix this fucking journal for the past 2hours and i didnt get so much luck if any of u r reading this take my advice dont make one its bull shit and not fun. anyway update its less then a week for school and its well u no what time and my sis is still sleeping as usual if it wasnt for this stupid journal i would be sleeping to. on sunday i go and check to see who my homeroom teacher is and i cant wait.
all this construction and shit going on at the school im not really looking foward to going back. only to see all my friends agin that i miss. o well im gonna go


Current mood: distressed
Current music: dont worry ........ be happy
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Thursday, August 28, 2003

5:37AM - boring day

what a boring day its depressing nothing to do and i have to go back to school in like one week thats annoying. I miss all of my friends and cant wait to see them but i just want to see them thats the only reason school is good lol. im tired im taking a nap at 7 soon PACE!

Current mood: annoyed
Current music: The donnas surf song
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