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AlIcIa's Journal

31st August, 2003. 5:58 pm. >well..

+i dont kno about kyle no more+
its not a good relationship, he breaks his promises...
so...ive decided, ill start to like my stalker
and mayb leave kyle :'( it makes me kry bcuz
i luvd him so much...he always duz this 2 me...
i hate it, i hate him!
btw:gv lost! :( (bad week)

Current mood: crappy.
Current music: I care 4 u.

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31st August, 2003. 6:18 pm. *AHH*

anton is like a charmer, he may not be beautiful
but>hes so fuc*in nyce!! I <3 HIM! well not really
so..ya, buh bye!

Current mood: bitchy.
Current music: crush on u.

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