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Thursday, September 25th, 2003
10:34 pm - MARINATIN
Today on the radio the dj guy said he was marinatin... i laughed made me remember good times..

I could use some good times now but whatever.. OH well I hate when friends go and tell other people things when you are just trying to help them out. kinda ruins your trust for them.. but theres not much more i can do about that.
God I am so nervous for the teachers test.. I am taking a practice test tomorrow and i know im not ready for that at all. GOD!!!!! i am so scared
BritLIT vocab. still haven't studied. I need to do that right now. I better.

How can someone make u so happy but at the same time make u soo sad?i guess its all my fault. but then it is always ALL my fault. I am just waiting. waiting... waiting..

current mood: worried
current music: sprinkle me- e40

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
5:33 pm - MEAN freshman boy.
Today a frosh boy laid the F BOMB on me.. what a meanie. oh well.. My Hon Precalc grade went up two grade letters.. I am real happy about that. Choir hurt my face like a beootchhh i dunno how much longer i can take it. I am hopefully going to the doctor soon like either to get acupuncture in my face or maybe go to the neuralogist. I just want to be fixed. Maybe someday... I have a choir thing tonight. That should be interesting.. these soprano girls are always off key and it hurts my ears.. i dont know how much longer i can take choir either. Yearbook is getting really stressful.. its way harder than it looks. I am still super nervous for my teachers test.. AHH! only like 15 days!! jeez time flies.. oh well hopefully i will do well. OH how exciting is it that FUll house is on again at 4:30 everyday again?! I know I am pretty ecstatic.. Anyways I have to go get ready for choir.. oh joy.. and I am still waiting for someone to be ready...... thats gonna take like a year. oh well i am trying to look at this whole thing OPTIMISTICALLY.

current mood: optimistic
current music: 76 Trombones

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
11:54 pm - who knows
I always wanted to start one of these journals but ya I finally am. So i copied kelsey, whatever oh well. I am so tired, I could barely stay awake today. I should probably go to bed. Dance class was okay today. Erica was mean to Elsie, that kinda makes me mad. Oh well.. It was good to see Jessie :) yay. I am really nervous about my teachers test but hopefully i will do well. I need to study more. but ya I am going to sleep, I am too tired.

current mood: tired
current music: Frontin- Pharell

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