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Thursday, March 20th, 2003

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    Snow Day
    Yesterday was a snow day. It was pretty nice. I had really been needing a day off. I just hung out with my little guy. He was so much fun. He was showing off a lot. He is just getting the concept of crawling. And he's teething. My Mom was also sick, so I had to take care of her. All and all, it was just a restful day.
    Guy was bugging me the other day, saying that I have all these feelings for him. I could really care less if he ever came in again, even though it is kinda fun having verbal battles with him. I am going to ask my counselor what she thinks of me telling him to quit projecting on me. I don't know if it would be opening a can of worms or not. I also have to talk to her about Brent and what to do about him. I know she will tell me he's not good for me. We've had that conversation before, but I don't know what to do about him. So, I'll talk to her about it. Who knows exactly what she'll say. I guess I'll have to wait and see.


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    I cannot stand the chica I work with!!!
    Deal Journal,
    I cannot stand the chick that I work with, and I don't think she can stand me either. When she first started working here, I think she liked me. I thinks she kinda wanted me because she was always commenting about my tits and how big they are. She even tried to hook me up with Brad. I think she really wants Brad, though. She's always in his office talking to him.
    I think she's kinda jealous because I'm signifigantly thinner than she is. I find her loud, obnoioux, and really don't enjoy working with her. She's one of those people I don't think anyone can really stand, but everyone pretends to like. She's a good sales person, but a pretty raunchy person. Everyone is always saying how great she is, but secretly, I think everyone gets very annoyed with her. I can see it in people's eyes and their expressions as they look at her. I just had to let off some steam about her.

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