9th May 2004

10:42pm: So I'm home
I thought things would be better once I got home. People might see how much they're gonna miss me and things would be great. But I'm sorely mistaken. Yesterday was my birthday... yaya for birthdays. But I was sad that no one from college called or even said anything online to me. I feel like I left with no friends. I'm really sad right now about that which is probably why I'm typing in here. I tend to do that when I hit an ultimate low. I'm there... tonight. And let's recap why...
Tuesday... Amanda leaves without saying goodbye (haven't talked to her since).. Lisa tells me she doesn't want to talk to me all summer and yeah that I basically deserved what was coming at me.
Wednesday. . . yep felt out of place again because yep no one really wanted me around
Thursday ... said goodbye to everyone which sucked but no so much actually
Saturday... my bday... the only people i heard from were people NOT from Northwestern. My heart hurts.

But I'm going to make things better.. I"m going to try. I'm done making everyone else happy. YES I MAKE MISTAKES I;M HUMAN! Forgive me!! Please forgive me. God's forgiven me, why can't everyone else!?
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