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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

7:01PM - OoPz!!!

Hey guyz lastnigt I wuz drunk so I didn't really mean al dat shit I wrote in the last entry so Michael if yer readin this im sooooooooooo sorry lolz please forgive me yall Im just not gonna go out with Joel or MMike Maybe i'll find someone else in h3llz lol

Current mood: confused
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Ok Well Forget all the fuken entry's bout Mike an I am still inlove With Joel alwayz wuz and alwayz will be iight peepz so if you don't like it yall can suck on muh Canadian Puss lmfao I amsooooooo tired it aint even funny lolz weeeeeeeeee I feel like im fuken drunk I can bearly spell lmfao weee newayz I Love Joel 4 ever N alwayz iight Fuk mike and hiz lil 2 inch fukenn dick of his:))lmmfgdaooooooooooooo ~*~MaNda PaNdA~*~

Current mood: hyper
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4:50AM - I am so inlove

Hey guyz I know I have said this b4 but I know for a fact that I Love this guy he iz my world and nothing will ever ever change that for me we just got back together again for the 3rdt or 4th time lolz muh sis Kera iz gettin reall pissed lolz but meh Ilove him and i can't really say no ot someone i love so much Can I?:))

Current mood: loved
Current music: Amanda Perez-Angel
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2:47AM - ........:))


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2:40AM - ~*~ShOuT OuTz~*~

Hey Diz Iz Manda I Just Wanna Give Some Shout Outz To Muh Friendz:P

Mandy: Yer da best girl I luv ya lotz lolz even though when we first met on yahoo we got off to a really rtten start were good friendz now heh YAY!

Michael: Muh Baby I Love You Sooooooooooooooooooo Much Yer Muh World How Could I Live Without You Now:">

Markus: Yer a weird bro but I luv ya lmfao weirdo!!!!but yew are alwayz der fo me hehe yer da best!

angie: Yer a Cool girl Luv yaz;)

Ashley: Haha yer a good friend girly

Elias: Hey Fuker lmfao J/k Hey hun how are ya lmao I am soo bored hahah havent talked tew ya in agez haha

Joel: Yer Muh x I dunno if were ever gonna date EVER again but w/e yer a cool do0d yer alwayz there fo me even though im not alwayz 4 yew im sowwiez I shoulda been a better g/f tew yew but I bet yew will find someone better:)

Kera: Yer The Best G/f I Love Yaz Tell Sash He iz co0! lmfao

Well Guyz Das All Da Shout Outz I Got Fo Tonite Luverz Yall *Muahz* Kissez To All hehe I LOVE YOU BABY YER MUH WORLD!!!!!!!!!!*MUAHZ*

Current mood: HYPER!!!!!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

10:02PM - guyz really confuse me ....LMFAO

Ok I got muh baby back now *Blushes* hehe YAY!!!! I Love Michael With All My Heart And Soul And No One Iz Gonna Take Him Away From Me Cuz If They Do They Will Die Muhahhahhah:)) Ok Now for sum reason im really happy N hyper:))

Current mood: Happy & Hyper
Current music: Pink- Mizundastood
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9:48PM - Death...

Well Unfortunatly Im probably gonna leave yahoo and msn and Sol now and never go near my computer again I ahve lost the guy I love so much over the first entry i wrote in here my x bf Joel iz an asshole N I aint neva talkin to him again he hatez me how could I have thouught I loved someone like him he iz an asshole and I hope he dies all I want now is Michael he iz 17 he iz the sweetest guy on earth and he loves me and I love him but he thinkz im lying about loving him well I don't know how to make him believe me anymore so im just gonna leave him be i guess maybe i'll just die I don't know but that's all I want to do now iz die!!!!:((

Current mood: Crying
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3:44AM - Well Most Of Today Wuz Good:(

Hey guyz yeah it's me again Today wuz great I got wut I wanted and thatwuz a boyfriend that like me for my personality and not my lookz but it only lasted 3 hrs:( I hae been crying all day all I want iz him he iz the only think I can think of and it's drinvin me crazy *Cries*

Current mood: sad
Current music: Hailies song
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3:39AM - GrRrRr I HaT LiFe!!!!!!:(

Hey People I am so bored and lonely I hate being single it sux so much:( I hate life all I wanna do rite now iz die today wuz probably one of the worst dayz of my life I mean I wuz talkin to muh x boyfriend Joel and he iz like I don't think we can talk anymore im sittin here crying and he just logged off and cam back on and says I can't ever talk to you again it hurts me too much well don't you think it hurtz me not to be with him?!?! Well im sorry but it DOES and I hate it im so inlove with him yet he dun love me anymore i guess well I just don't know what to do you any of you know wut to do pplz??? please help me:( im ove here it's 3:42am here in Cnada and im crying! I should be happy:((

Current mood: lonely
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