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    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Full throttle commercial lmao
    Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
    1:53 pm
    Things are changing
    Havent updated in forever in a day....Sorry.. Alot of stuff has been happening. Good and bad. Hard to explain and shit like that.

    New stuff was found out......

    Brought about some occurences.

    Shit like that. I could talk about it. But I dont like to. Just gives me a iffy vibe. But yeah.....Alot of things have happend that could change escolated or disipate. Who knows.

    So yeah ima go now. probably leave another big gap for a while...But eh, what can ya do.

    I love you Magen!!! hehe! XD


    Current Mood: apathetic
    Current Music: nothing
    1:53 pm
    Things are changing
    Havent updated in forever in a day....Sorry.. Alot of stuff has been happening. Good and bad. Hard to explain and shit like that.

    New stuff was found out......

    Brought about some occurences.

    Shit like that. I could talk about it. But I dont like to. Just gives me a iffy vibe. But yeah.....Alot of things have happend that could change escolated or disipate. Who knows.

    So yeah ima go now. probably leave another big gap for a while...But eh, what can ya do.

    I love you Magen!!! hehe! XD


    Current Mood: apathetic
    Current Music: nothing
    1:53 pm
    Things are changing
    Havent updated in forever in a day....Sorry.. Alot of stuff has been happening. Good and bad. Hard to explain and shit like that.

    New stuff was found out......

    Brought about some occurences.

    Shit like that. I could talk about it. But I dont like to. Just gives me a iffy vibe. But yeah.....Alot of things have happend that could change escolated or disipate. Who knows.

    So yeah ima go now. probably leave another big gap for a while...But eh, what can ya do.

    I love you Magen!!! hehe! XD


    Current Mood: apathetic
    Current Music: nothing
    Friday, June 10th, 2005
    6:07 pm
    Eh, yeah....
    Yeah so shit has been going horrible lately...Ive got no one that listens to me....Except Mark.....But its kinda hard. Hes in Jacksonville.....And the only person that I rely on listening to me...Doesnt listen to me at all....Anything that I have said....Has just gone through one ear and out the other....I tell her something that she is....Beauituful, Smart, Funny, Personallity traits better than anyone I know. I get shot down with "No im not. Never have and never will be." Like what I said didnt mean a DAMN thing....Or like I lied....Ive never lied to her. NEVER have and NEVER will....So why is she doubting me?! What did I do wrong?! What is keeping her confidence away! If I found out the true reason of why she has a lack of self confidence I would do anything within my power to help her get rid of that feeling. Cause she really is truely one of the most beatiful girls I have ever seen....She is smart, God is she smart...Her personallity is what makes her. She is everything to me. One of my ONLY best friends. Ones that dont talk behind your back, dont lie to you, is always there for you.

    I dont know if I could live without her. I just hopes she understands that and doesnt say "Yes" Just to agree....But sees is comming from me.....How much I love her. And that if I lost her....I would have nothing...Nothing at all......Eh, whatever. Anything that I said on here probably wont be belived anyway. So what is the point....Nothing I say makes a difference anyway...So eh, yeah.

    Just going away. Im to pathetic to be belived...

    Current Mood: crushed
    Current Music: Right side of the Bed--Atreyu
    Sunday, June 5th, 2005
    12:18 pm
    Something I wrote when it was raining last night. Thinking of someone..Eh.
    Laying here in the dark with you, as the lightning flashes I see your face. Only for a second, then it quickly fades back to darkness. Only Keeping me in suspense until I get to see your face aigan.

    At this moment I only see you. Not wanting to change anything. The sounds of thunder crashing and rain raging only makes me hold you tighter and closer.

    So now I lay here with you, Feeling so safe and secure in your arms. The fear fades just as quick ad the lightning flashes. With you, im safe.

    Falling asleep now, no worries, your there. I drift slowly into this dream. Only to find your not there. Restless dream, fearing everything, no security, the thought of being alone breaks me down.

    Jolted outta this Nightmare by a single flash of light, only to discover, im still in your arms, you holding me tight, and keeping me safe. Always.


    God that one sucked ass...BIG TIME. really...I mean why do I post...1 no one reads this shit...2 I suck nuts at writing.

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: Breaking Benjamin- Wish I May.
    Saturday, May 28th, 2005
    7:56 pm
    ♥ Torment ♥


    "Torment lasts as long as you let it, Grasp it and throw it as far as you can."
    That only works in the movies,
    It comes back only to haunt you, to tease you, making you feel even more worthless and pathetic...
    Livving you life as a lie, Hiding your feelingsso no one knows that somethings eating you alive...

    Getting to the point of insanity, Driving you deeper into this breakdown..Its inevitable...You cant take it anymore.
    Deciding to end it all..You make it easy for you, Hard for others. You take the marker you wrote this with only to draw a target on your head...Making sure you do this right...Hell you screwed your life up enough as it is, so you decide your NOT going to screw this up. Your making it perfect in your own special way. Screw them its your time to be right..Even if its the LAST thing you ever did...You did it right...Your satisfied...Take it or leave it. So you make your own choice...To TAKE your life and LEAVE the torment behind....

    Wrote only for this VERY special occassion...Being as no one reads this that I want to see it...(not you Magen I love you) So Ill just say it on here...who cares..I cant right It sucks anyway....


    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: Dying in a lie.
    Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
    7:48 pm
    Ya'll wanna single? Say "FUCK THAT!"
    Yeah, Three more days of school....Only one more being a full day. WHOOT and NO WHOOT....Whoot being as that I wont have to deal with people I dont like or choose not to deal with....and no whoot....I will miss my friends and I will still have to get up early.....and I wont get to see Kev and Ty.....=( But Ty has Z numba and Kev will be getting it 2moro....So yeah.

    Then Friday...Ehh....FFO...For thoes of you that dont know...Force Family Outting...Rach and I made it up....♥ ya Rachy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah they are making me go camping....All the "Family" is gonna be there...Being as....'Me mom dad jeff nicole jesse ronnie threasa jenny ray ashley david joy gerogie holly lil ronny brandy matt myra justin kayla donnie sandy sharron daren and pooh...and god knows who else is gonna show up!' That I mean by, well Richard and his family are going camping there two and Dustin is gonna come stay with Richard cause he doesnt wanna leave him alone and he also thought Magen wea gonna be with me...So heh..Yeah I must disappoint him on that one cause shes going to FB with tha jaymsta Lol, She hasnt seen her in a while so shes spendin time with her. See I respect Magen I dont get jealous of shit like that. I let her do what she wants...Except for the riding of the scootas! lmao! I made her do that...Cause I knew she would like that! lmao

    But yeah I hope Dustin goes...Cause im gonna push him in the lake! muwahahahahahahaha!....But I know im going in with him if I do...So heh...lmao BRING IT ON! Richard is gonna be sooo fucking crazy! This kid is like seriously on crack! lmao! Hell do anything....Lmao.....Im gonna see if I can get him to jump over the fence to the goats and ducks and donkey pen and get them to chase him! lmao I gotta get pics! im havnin my dad get me a camera 2moro for school and ill tell him to get me an extra one cause Dustin will be comming. Lol!

    Well im gonna go wait for Magen or Mark or someone else that will talk to me get on!!!


    ::Crystal:: Or

    Ze PerVert!! Brilliantly nammed by Dustin himself..............................................

    "Chinese food!!!" lmao Dustin!!!!

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Korn Alone I break
    Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
    10:11 am
    ♥ ::Tired:: ::as:: ::FUCK:: ♥
    Hey! Hasnt really been that long....Just the Random sayings I put in as entries before hand made it seem like I was busy...Well I sorda was...Talking to Mark and hanging out with my ♥::Magen::♥ Yeah shes been here ever since Friday WHOOT XD!! Yeah...Today she is going back to her WEEKLY FREE HOTEL! I dont know why she has to leave her home with me to go to pfft...That hotel....Lmao.. Shes on the floor sleeping LIKE A BABY! Or as Dustin would say.....LIKE A FOX!! lmao.. *whispers in ear* Chinese food...*GASP* Nuh uh!!?!? Yes Huh!!! lmao! NO WAY...Ok shut up! Inside joke.. lmao.

    Sooo yea, About the weekend.

    Friday::-- We went and got Magen from the Hotel and brought her HOME! and we got on the computer for a bit....No one IMPORTANT was on, so we went out and I made her ride.....DuN dUn DuN ::scooters:: LMAO! She had a good time though. We got back and got BACK on the computer and were talking to Ryan...and then Magen felt compeled to say "Mark is Hoot---" No sooner than she said that....Mark signs on.....and IMs us...."Talkin about me?!" Creepy shit...Made Magen jump lmao! that was good!. Then while we were talking to Mark he got into his 2.1111 second normal to horny stage...lmao so cute! But yeah we were sitting in the chairs fighting over the keyboard and Magen jumps in my lap and over we both go....onto the floor...Keyboard dangling over the side and some random shit sent to Mark...."yopu jhfasfjas/" Some shit like that. Yeah lol...We never got up off the floor.....We just layed there on the floor talking to our Mark. Long ass conversation.....Then we told Mark that we never got off the floor...hes like "Rolling around with out me...Im disapointed.." lmao We wouldnt think about doing anything else! Not without you! Haha! lmfao! June...Ahh gahd gotta love that month....June.....June...Its nice...needs to hurry the fuck up! Lmao!

    Saturday::-- We woke up around noon lmao or I think it was one or something but we hung out in the house on the computer slept some more...And then TRIED to ride the scooters but the tire on the green one poped cause we ran over glass..lmao funny shit! Then Jeff tried messing with Magens head...and David was being a lil skinny ass nut fuck that he is..Yeah...lmao...always liein...'Jeff' "I did NOT get a DUI on my motorcylce....It was in my car..." 'Dave' "No no NO it was on your Motorcylce!" 'Jeff' "You dont know what your talking about you old coot!" 'Dave' "Drunk tank refresh your memory!?!?" lmao! Then we left Jeffs and dropped the scooters off and walked to The Arab Mart...Or Circle "A" lmao. Yeah funny shit...Jeff and David showed up there JUST as soon as we walked up there. And tell me this...Dont you think its pretty pathectic when you walk into a convenience store...and the fuckers behind the counter know your name and know exactaly what your getting?! LMao Really I mean c'mon..'Ahmed' "Oh Jeff another 20 pack....ALready?!" Yeah....Embarressing really I mean they are my family...But truely embaressing...lmao...Then we walked back and crossed fourth...and these dudes ride by in a Bronco and yelled out the window..."Shake it girls, Shake it!" Lmao THAT was some creepy shit....Really...Then we came back here and hung out on the computer.. Until we both feel asleep with the away message on, and then Magen woke up sometime before I did around like 1 oclock and was talking to David on the computer and then Cameron IMed her Supposably "Drunk" Hell a Muted handicaped Mime could play drunk better than this kid. I mean c'mon...lmao....Then *shivvers*....Aarogon got on and started talking to us... I blew him off....He kept talking hes like "Oh what you dont love me anymore!?" I was like...Umm uhh....Sure...I do....I think he just stoped talking and got off...I think he got the message..Yeah then we got off...and watched Tom and Jerry lmao...How pimp is that!? Haha until like three in the morning and then fell asleep.......You see last night...I had a dream....Bad one....Ugh its still itching at me....Michael Myers.....Yeah.....Magen, Mark and I were litterally running away from this creep the whole entire time I was sleeping....Everywhere we hid HE was there....And I mean this isnt the worst part....We were running through this field and we come to a graveyard.....Now any other time Mark, Magen and I would be at home in a graveyard when together....But not with this fucker after us...I mean everything seemed real...So freaking real....Then we were hidding behind this big ass head stone and we hear footsteps and here he comes, we take off running and none of us are looking back and the we climb up this monument thing...and I turn around and Mark is lying on the ground...face down...and Magen is gone....Im not about to let Mark die...Nor Magen...Screw that shit..I started yelling for Magen and I jumped down to get to Mark...I hear Magen scream...Then I look around and I see her...Shes cornnered between the fence and two head stones and this creepy fuck is standing infront of her....I look at Mark....and then look at her....Mark starts to move...and I see hes ok hes just knocked out...So I run to go get Magen....and then I see him start to turn twards me..So I stop and yell for Magen to run..So she takes of runniing and gets Mark to the top of the monument....and here I am running to get back.....He comes out infront of me from behind this headstone.....and I fall back....and of course....He starts to come over at me...and Hes like || that close to me and I wake up.....Shaking......And cold....I look at Magen...and just sit there for about two mins....Staring at the wall....and I lay back down and fall asleep....

    Now im just sitting here and Magen is sleeping like a baby...SOooo Cuute! Really lmao. I love her!!! Yeah now im waiting for Brianna to get back from looking for plane tickets, and Im waiting for Mark to get on...Cause im bored...Really...Lol as you can tell...ive typed a shit load for it being 9 in the morning..Yeah so im gonna goooooo!

    ♥ ya!!!

    --Your ONE and ONLY ♥

    :-:Sin to the GLE Co-Owner:-:

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: None...
    Friday, May 20th, 2005
    9:15 pm
    Lmao! ♥
    The Non- Sticky STICKY Mookie!!!!!!!!!! lmao!

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: ..Dead quiet....Scary....AHH break the silence!
    Thursday, May 19th, 2005
    11:46 pm
    Ahhh Go SuCk A rAiL rOaD SpiKe, I hAvE nO mOnEy!!!!!!! ♥ ♥

    Current Mood: blah
    9:06 pm
    ♥ If she only knew ♥
    If she only knew...

    If she only knew,
    How special she is, ther would be no pain inside, the hurt would cease to exist
    A normal life would be, for her.
    Lack of confidence and self doubt will only bring her down more to expel the feelings of love.

    She belives she leads a mediocre life, unflinching at life wishing for death, only for it to feel out of reach.
    Why would such a beautiful girl live a morose life?
    Someone so amazing in every way, So sprightly.

    She feels latent in life, only really to have such amazing talent.
    Showed to few, But the few blown away. She succumbs to the opaqueness, not letting her light that she shines come through.
    But if she only took the time to oversee all the downs or life, take a look at the spice of life that she has present.
    She would clearly see the synthetic problems and the ad infinitum lesiures of life, The people that care for her.

    But if she only knew this before hand, pain would not be suffered. Sorrow would not linger. She would percive the meaning of life, and not wish for death insesantly.
    Lets vindicate this sadness, sever the entenable sorrow.
    Lets not the phrase "If she only knew, how special she WAS" be said. She will always be special.

    Let not let her assume, let her know how special she is.
    Dont be intolerable. Show her. Let her know the truth, what is true, will always be remembered.
    Sooner or later she will concede and the pain will wane. And she will be herself agian.
    If she only knew.

    Let her know. I did. I wrote this. I ♥ her. Shes my Magen. ♥ ♥
    ::To my Magen Darling:: *:*My lil Heffalumpy!!!:*:*

    -Crystal ♥

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: Greenday Holiday FU53!!!!!
    Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
    10:16 pm
    ♥ For My Magen ♥
    Magen I ♥ you...This is for you. ♥
    Well so much for the poem format, Yeah See Magen you have amazing talent, Show it DONT deni it. What I said in this tonight is comming from me, straight from me. I needed to tell someone or something how I felt. Being as your the only one who reads this I figured id write it on here. ♥

    I love you Magen!!! ♥

    Current Mood: jealous
    Current Music: That Magen can write better than me!! lmao! I love her!!!!!!
    4:49 pm
    Your O ne and only ♥
    Your one and only's day!!!
    Yeah so about today...We had a Bomb threat drill.....What a useless waste of our time.. Litterally... Lol I stood outside with Erica Stephine and Karina...Cause everyone else I knew was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way across oblivion and couldnt hear me yell Lol.

    *Just a random thought* ::I've finally made it a permenent descion....I want my funeral to be like the one from the My Chemical Romance viedo for Helena:: That would kick ass. *Just a random thought*

    Yeah but then while I was going to second period after the Drill, I was talking to Karina outside H hall and then she went up the stairs and I turned around to go into H hall and I walked through the doors.....And sure a fucking nough......Tyler comes walking down the hall way...He looks up.....Sees me and smiles....I give him ANOTHER dirty look and walk into class....But not soon enough to turn around to go back out and yell for Karina and there is his ass standin RIGHT infront of the door...Starin at me....And smilin....I jump back......Look at him funny....And then comes the dirty look....He smiles....and winks at me...and walks off.......This happend in a total of 2 minutes.....Mr. L timed it....Litteraly....Tyler stood there and stared at me....For about a min and 56 seconds....Before he walked off...And I stuck my head out of the door and rudely yelled...."Boy keep your ass WALKIN!" He turned around and smiled....And ugh....I gave him the bird....NOT thinking of what I was doing...Until AFTER I had done it....I felt sorda bad...But THEN agian...I laughed....Haha....Lol.

    Then third period I told Brianna about telling Cameron off......You know about the whole..."The only pussy your gonna see is your mommas and the dead cat on the side of the road!" Yeah Bri found that amazingly entertaining.....VERY....I dont think ive ever....EVER see Bri laugh that hard.....In my life....lmao.....She lost it...In the middle of third period....And fucking fag boy is like "Brianna! Crystal! Do you mind!" I was like...Ummm yeah I do mind....Shut up! He didnt hear that but everyone else did...But that didnt stop him from being a dick the rest of the class....He kicked Eddy out once agian and tried to jump down Dee's throat for asking me for a pencil....and I told him that she was asking me a fucking question.. Hes like "Do you wanna leave to!?" I said sure why not! I certanly wouldnt loose any sleep over it...Then the bell rang and he just sat down and started to grade papers...So I left with Bri....

    *lunch was boring* Yea yea I hit Gio with the bottle told off some Arabs for repeating what I said...Like copying me childish...Really....

    The real shit started in fourth period...Everyone seemed to be having fun laughing and shit...But Michael took the "Penguin Killer and Ommpaloompa" shit too far with Betsy..and she ran outta the class room.....So I went off on him.... Tell him he needs to fucking think before he talks..and shit like that yellin out fuck left and right told him to go die do something. Just dont fucking talk about people that way if you dont want to get embarresed in public! Yeah well we got in each others face so I punched him in his face.. and he went to swing back at me and I grabed his arm and kicked him in his shin and he fell to his knees and I kicked him in his stomache and then he fell over and I just started kicking the shit outta him and Mr. Crowder Pulled me off him and I was still tryin to kick him and he pushed me twards the door hes like "Get the hell outta my class!" I was like sure thing! then he told Michael to get out... I was like "No garuentees of his saftey if hes out there with me!" Mr. Crowders like Just GO! Lol So I left and ran to find Bee and tell her what happend... Shes was sitting near the fence cryin....I told her what happend and she started laughin Lol glad I made her do it. She really needed it... but then yeah im talkin to Mark and my Magen so im gonna go! whoot!

    ♥ Your one and only ♥

    Current Mood: crazy
    Current Music: B.Y.O.B
    Friday, May 13th, 2005
    11:16 pm
    Long ass survey

    Ultimate Survey (377 questions long)

    Created by illusen and taken 28435 times on bzoink!

    time started10:27pm
    full nameCrystal Ann Marino
    nickname(s)Oh shit...BamIT Bam Bam Bullet Mafia Anna Maria Loud mouth....DUmb Fuck
    birthdayMay 3, 1989
    where were you bornOrlando
    zodiac signTaurus
    hair colorBlack and Pink
    eye colorBrown
    shoe size10
    ring sizeUmm Idunno
    skin type (freckles, tan, albino, etc.)Tan
    blood typeDo I look like I fuckin know!?
    gradeGoing to be in 11th if I pass Mrs. Storches advancement test
    siblingsOne well two if you count my sister from another mother
    tattoosNone getting some
    piercingsGetting Lip and tongue done
    hobbiesAnything with guns surfing Fire paintballing going to concerts and shit like that
    foodAnything good
    type of cheeseUmm American?
    pizza toppingCheese
    salad dressingItalian
    sandwichPb and fuck J lmao Magen
    cerealUmm dont really have a fav
    vegetableUmm Dunno
    cakeIce cream lmao! Magen and Icecream cake PLUS paperplates and forks DONT MIX! lmao
    bookNone really...Except gun handbook
    newspaperOrlando Sentinal????
    tv showViva La Bam
    radio station101.1fm WJRR Bucket head is GOD!
    fontArial Narrow
    cartoon characterBevis
    artist (painter)Bob Ross?????
    actorChris Tucker
    actressFuckin A if I know?!
    cdBreaking Benjamin We Are Not Alone
    songBreak Down
    music groupBreaking Benjamin
    music typeRock alternative heavy metal emo screamo
    day of the weekFriday
    holidayEarthday Birthday if that shits a holiday?! Lmao it is to mee!! god it rocked!
    shampooThat green shit Magen knows how to spell it! lmao!
    conditionerSame green shit!
    phraseFuck Nut
    storeHot Topic
    restaurantRudd Fuckers I mean Fudd Ruckers lmao Magen!
    channel331 MTV 333 Fuse
    teacherMr. Crowder! lmao!
    weekend activityVANS or EDBD!!! lmao!
    hangoutVans or school
    house colorUmm white I think I dont see the outside that much
    sport to watchLax SEXI GUYS or Surfing? But I do that so why watch same for Paintballin
    sport to playLax or football
    flowerUmmm I have one?
    guy's nameMark
    girl's nameMagen
    board gameMonopoly
    party gameTwister! lmfao!
    story from childhoodCussin out the pig in pizza hut! Lmao I was three
    body partLeg
    have you ever
    been on a trainYes
    been on a planeYes
    been in a car accidentYes
    caused a car accident....Close once
    run into a wallYes plenty of times
    burned a potato chipyes
    almost burned the house downYes
    been drunkYes
    been highYes
    broken the lawYes
    burned a cd (if yes, the one above is yes)Yes
    kissed someone of the opposite sexyes
    kissed someone of the same sexno
    frenched an animalno
    made outyes
    had cyber sexlmao magen!
    gotten engaged......*cough*
    had an online relationship...*cough*
    been rejected by a crushYes
    made yourself cry to get out of troubleYes
    cried in publicYes
    cried over a movieYes
    fallen asleep in a movie theaterYes
    given someone a bathYes AXE OH YOU DIRTY DIRTY BOY!
    been to a boarding schoolNo
    been home-schooledNo
    lost a valuable itemYes
    bungee jumpedYes
    met the presidentNo
    met a celebrityYes
    gotten a cavityNo
    shopped at abercrombie & fitchYes
    made a prank callYes
    skipped schoolYes
    faked sick to get out of schoolYes
    purchased something that you knew didn't fitYes
    climbed a treeYes
    fallen from a treeYes
    broken a boneYes
    sprained anythingYes
    passed outYes
    made yourself pass outYes
    been to disney worldYes
    been to a theme park (not disney)Yes
    said i love you and meant it (not to a relative)Yes
    made a model volcano (working model)Yes
    made a clover leaf with your toungeYes
    what did you do yesterdayWent to school and laughed at Tyler
    memory you miss the mostEDBD
    memory you want to forgetUmmm Dunno
    something you regretted after it was doneLmao
    the last
    song you heardBreakdown
    cd you boughtBreaking Benjamin
    thing you saidFuck you
    time you criedTwo days ago
    movie seen in a theaterHouse Of Wax
    thing you ateStarbursts
    person who calledUmm Angie
    nail polish shade wornWhite and Clear
    time you showeredJust an hour ago
    person who complimented youAngel
    at this moment
    what are you listening toDickerman
    what are you wearingHollister shirt and shorts
    what are you thinkingWhere in the hell is our Mark?!
    what are you scared of most.....Loosing my Magen
    how many people are on your buddy list120 I know almost all...Literaly
    occupationAnti-terrorist group tatical member or Armed Bodygaurd or Bounty Hunter or something in Repo
    marriage siteSomeplace nice....Posibly in the air
    honeymoonskydivving or surfing it up
    place to livehawaii
    kidsNone fuck that shit
    carUmm Acura?
    what are you doing tomorrowNothing
    do you think george bush will be reelectedI hope I love him SCREW DEMOCRATS KERRY CAN GO TO HELL!!
    will there be a wwIIIMost fuckin likely
    will politics ever be truthfulno never....
    will humanity snuff itself outProbably
    can the gov. be changedWe can damn sure try
    best friendMagen
    funniestMagen, Dustin, Kevin, Eric, Mark.
    craziestMagen, Dustin, Kevin, Javiea
    best secret keeperMagen
    worst secret keeperBetsy
    the one you have but don't wantHaha
    most hyperNeNe
    weirdestEric and Gerald
    biggest pervertDUSTIN!!!
    most annyoingErica lmao
    most religiousNone of us really
    do you believe in
    buddhaye-..What the fuck
    spirit (soul)Yes
    love at first sightYes
    love in generalYes
    yourselfYe...Oh hell no
    who and when was your first crushFirst actual one...Hmmmm Damn If I can remeber
    any nowOh Hell yeah
    a celebrity crushYeah!!!!!!!!
    who do you want to be with right nowTyler or Ben Burnley either would work out JUSSST fine for me
    whos number do you wantBen Burnleys or once agian Tylers! lmao
    who do you want to kissTyler or Ben Burnley
    what is something you dont understand about the opposite sexSex Drive
    if you could go on a date with anybody, who would it beTyler or Ben Burnley
    on scale of one to ten, how romantic are you100000000
    first thing noticed about the opposite sexStance
    what do you look for personality-wiseAlive at least
    biggest turn onApperance
    biggest turn offDirtyness.....Like Hygene wise..
    something thay weat that turns you onNOThin! lmao no...Like...Nice clothes Billabong DVS lmao Both Tyler and Ben Burnley wear that lmao
    something they wear that turns you offUmm Flip flops
    the most romantic thing you want to happen to youWhatever happens next
    the most romantic thing that has happened to youNot sayin a WORD....Angie knows!
    what do you wear on a coffee dateClothes
    is it right to flirt if you're takenFlirt when ya want!
    is cyber cheatingUmm sometimes
    are eyes the passegeway to the soulMaybe
    who would you like to take to the promTyler
    do you want to hug somebody right nowYes
    do you know what an aphrodisiac isHaha hell yeah!
    the perfect dateTyler
    the perfect mateTyler....I wish
    how m&m's are madeBy Machine!
    why manhole covers are roundSo the mole rat doesnt get stuck! lmao! dustin!
    one or the other
    glass half empty/half fullIts the same thing
    democrat/republicanREPUBLICAN FUCKERS!!!
    colored pencils/markersMarkers
    button/zipperZipper lmao
    cotton/feather pillowFeather Pillow
    long distance relationship/noneNone
    mechanical/regular pencilMechanical
    that 70's show/simpsons70's show
    3:28 pm
    Hey, Yeah Friday....Nothing to interesting going on this weekend considering the fact that we have 10 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!! Thank FUCKING god! Im actually wanting to get outta school now.....The whole Tyler episode has blown over....I still want to go to school....Yes to see him...BUT thats not the whoooole reason.....To see him get yelled at! lmao! his "girlfriend" Or shall I say EX girlfriend Lmao well she was yellin at him before third period....and ALLL of lunch...And I guess he decided to bring his act down to my side of the place where I hang out to TRY and make me....Uhh I dunno Jealous? Well didnt work....Gave me Entertainment is more of what had happend....Well he was getting frustrated and I could tell and she just kept yellin at him (God I like her ALOT!) lmao.. She really is a nice person...I respect her.. But ohh boy she let him have it...I dont know what he did to her but she was really truley pissed at him! I was LITTERALY on the ground lmao......I felt like a retard but didnt care about that cause I was too into the whole LMFAO! thing that I didnt have time to realize that people where looking at me...either way I really wouldnt have cared...But that shit was funny as hell....But yeah 6th period happend to be the funniest class of the day we are doing this project with Yarn and shit like that...And Alex....STONER beyond belif......Well lemme tell you this so youll get the whole idea.....He sat on the couch one night hittin on his bong...just Tokin it you know...Smoked him self retarted basically....Got thirsty.....Drank...the fucking bong water.....How fuckin nasty is THAT!!!!??? That shit stinks beyond belif just imagine how it tastes! Yeah well back to the project ordeal.....We had to options....The simple way....Or the Complex way......As is we all chose the Simple way..But no....Alex.....He chose the complex way.....Lmao that is some funny fucking shit.....He was getting all frustrated....I was dyin and this kid...I mean hes fucked up in more ways than you can count but I luv em! Lol He is really cool...But lmao fucked up....His eyes are crossed....He tends to lie alot....lmao but its blantently obvious so its funny... and he gets frustrated so easily......Yeah well through out this whole project thingy...He kept getting it wrong and kept having to unwrap it all and start over....Hes like Sunavabitch mayn! Getting all pissed an we are all laughin at him...Really funny....His face I swear to you, GOD was soo funny! But today he was soooo close from being done...and the teacher stoped him and was like...Oh shit...lmao.......Alex....Umm......lmao.......You did this wrong! lmao! He just stared at it.. Then hes like....SO much for my fucking BONG warmer!!! Then the teachers like no im kidding its right! Im at this point...Keeled over laughing...So he finally gets it done....she cuts the plate off and.....Oh god.....Get ready.....It falls apart........Lmao...Litterally.....He gets pissed and then the bell rings! he just gets up and walks out....I dont blame him lmao.

    But yeah I dont think im doing anything this weekend..Sigh.....I really do...But then agian...I dont want to do anything....Im tired...Lol....But I want to see Magen I asked my mom if she wouldnt mind drivin me up there we'll see how that goes...shes always bitchy about drivvin me anywhere Oh god forbid her to drive ME her OWN daughter anywhere...It must be one of her fucking STONER friends to qualify Kim calls...OH sure Ill drive! MoooooM No im not drivin anywhere dammit! Thats what I get......All the time....Always bitched at...Litteraly...ONE day.... She'll be wanting me to drive her somewhere SHES GONNA GET A BIG ASS HELL MUTHAFUCKIN NO! trust me on that shit right there....

    So im gonna go....

    ♥ ya all!

    ♥ Your one and only ♥

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: BucketHead Slap your Co-Worker day lmao Bucket head is GOD!!
    Thursday, May 12th, 2005
    8:35 pm
    Wow long
    Yeah....whoooo sry to all...Not been in updating mood lately...Talking to tooo many people...My birthday sucked all around...But it got waaaayyyy better on Friday....I got Magen and we saw Ben mutha fuckin Burnley!!!!!!! Oh hell yeah! the hottest of the hot!!!!!!!! Ben Burnley...*sigh* So hott!.....Listening to him now infact......*sigh* what a voice!......"Rain Rain go away come agian another day all the world is waiting for the sun!"

    Yeah I got sheet music from my Angie today, its a late birthday present from her cause she was with Kyyyyllee!!! woooooo!!! lmao! But she got me all the sheet music from the We Are Not Alone CD and a couple from the Saturate CD so now I shall Play like BEN!!!! whooooo!!!! XD!!!!! I already know So Cold and Fire Fly...Those are easy...Lol...Im learning Break Down now...For some odd reason Trent decided to tape me....With his big ass fucking camera...Lmao...Its truely huge...FUCKING HUGE...lmao ♥ Ya Trent!!!!! Lol Today was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuckin funny!!!! Tyler got dumped by his black girlfriend To WHOM I so happend to make friends with today!!! lmao! Ironic!!! Truley!! Yeah she is really sweet...She didnt wanna go out with him...Shes like you dont deserve need someone WAYYYY better than him! I was like....Lol But hes- she stopped me shes like HES NOTHING REALLY BELIVE ME Nothing at all to get all worked up over! I was like YESS MAM! but no gaurntees mam! lmao! she goes well trust me...Please I was like we'll see I want to really get to know him better...He seems like something I'd like to get to know mooooooooore! lmao..He is really truley no matter how much he pissed me has the most gorgeous face ever! lol.

    Yeah well ima go talking to people and ppl wanting me to read their shit!! jezz comment whores and impatient bastards!! lmao! no im kidding!! I ♥ Ya My Magen!!!!

    Less than three you to the X-TREME Magen!!!!!!

    Your one and only

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    Current Music: Breaking Benjamin Break My Fall
    Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
    2:57 pm
    I think I have just fallin in looooove with Cypress!
    Yes, Oh yes....Cypress Creek high school is the fucking best school ever! I see Tyler Anywhere and everywhere now! God hes so fucking hot! I dont want school to end cause I want to see him.....He has my number. I know that maybe we can make plans to meet up or something...Who knows...But yeah we are going to start talking tommorow and I cant wait...But then agian at the same time.....I can wait...Cause im so nervous that he wont like me....He told Kelsey that he thought I was cute from where he saw me. I dont know what we are gonna talk about....Thats the thing that scares me....Is that odd silence....You both know there is nothing to talk about and one or the other is just scared to say anything....He also told Kelsey that he was waiting for me to say Hi to him or something.....I was waiting for him to say Hi to me....I dont know if I can go up to him and say Hi....I just get too nervous when I see him....AND THATS FROM A DISTANCE..........But from all what I saw of him up close he has got the most beautifulest!!!! Blue fuckin eyes EVER!!!!!!!! And today at lunch! lmao Betsy saw him walking back from 3rd pd and she was running up behind him ready to talk to him and I screamed and he turned around looked at me and smiled at me! It was soo cute..Betsy was like your dead fucking red Crystal!!! lmao I was.... Yeah and then right after lunch I walked a different way and I saw him walking with my friend Johnny....This is just great! Lmao....So yeah now im going to have to walk that way more offten...Cha...Lol... Then right after 5th pd I saw him and Betsy Chased his ass all the way to F hall!!!! lmao I fell on the ground laughing my ass off...Litterally.....On the ground.....He wasnt running....Betsy just well...Lost him in a crowd of people...See thats another way he also reminds me of Mark....One minute you see his ass..The next hes gone... OR he sneaks up on you.... That is scary Lol litterally... But I like it....Lmao

    Yeah well im gonna go...Kelsey wants me to write a note to him...Lol and im gonna do that... Cha so ill talk to whoever reads this....Magen later Cause I less than three her to death and beyond!
    ♥ Crystal

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    Current Music: Cops....Haha
    Friday, April 22nd, 2005
    4:16 pm
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh O.O
    Yeah today rocked! seriously!!! Tyler looked incredibly hot UP CLOSE 5 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!! COUNT EM FIVE FUCKIN TIMES!!!!!!!!! Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!! Dear god my throat is sore from screamin and runnin! lmao. ill tell you about it..

    1st period- We had to do a lab and Jennifer NeNe and Christian was in my group. We made the stupid Vitamin C lab fun...Then the bell rang and I was walking with Karena and she was talking to me shes like...So whats up with the kid you like I want to see him and we were comming up on H hall near the bathrooms and I was talking loud for some odd reason and....Ugh god I wish I had a map for ppl that dont go to my school. Lol but thoes who go know where im talking about...The pilars RIGHT before the boys bathroom...yeah shit echos in there.. Well I was talkin loud enough I was tellin Karena this "Yeah I've like this kid ever since the begingin of the school year but everytime I see him I get really red and I either scream or run away" She goes "NuUh I could never see you red or running away from a guy, Whats his name?" And we were like 2 ft away fromt he entrance/exit of the Boys bathroom and I was like "His name is Ty.." and as soon as I said that He walked RIGHT out infront of me and looked RIGHT at me! Well I was like "His name is Ty..Gasp...ler." My face got bright red and I turned my head and was like "Oh shit Karena thats HIM!!!" She goes "OMG YOU'RE FUCKING RED!!!!" He smiles at me and walks by...Karena at this point is rolling on the ground laughing at me... Im still red and have a shocked look on my face and I turn around and watch him walk away....Im like "GOD!!!" lmao He turns around and smiles I was like..."Ahhh Whoa!!!" Then he winked at me This is when Crystal lost it!!! I fell agianst the wall!!! and slid down.. Then he laughed litteraly laughed and walked into the hall... I was shaking bad lol and Karena was still laughing on the ground. Then I had to get up and go to second period where nothing happend but I talked to Betsy the whole period...And then MY SECOND TIME was RIGHT before Third period. Yeah He has the class right across from mine. and well yeah.... I know where he sits and he knows where I stand...So im standing outside the door with Shenade and he comes walking down the hall and Shenade goes "Oh so WHERES YOUR DARLING LOVER BOY CRYSTAL!!?!?!" Really loud and I looked at her weird and I was like "Its early for him to be here already" She goes "Are you so sure?" I was like "I'm positive....AHHH OH SHIT!" I look over Shenades shoulder and Hes standing there! He was waiting for a group of people to pass like the rest of us were.....So I was STUCK THERE!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! XD Lol... So yeah ONCE agian!!! im red as fuck and he is looking at me and smiling...Lmao.....Shenade is just laughing....And then the bell rings and the crowd passes and we both go into our classes at the same time...So that was a lil weird if you ask me...And then I saw him comming out of 3rd.... Brianna almost made me miss him!!! I threatend to kill her! lmao! But yeah then I got to lunch and was standing with Jorge and then Betsy comes strolling up laughing and then He comes outta the hall...And once agian...I gave myself away....Yes.....I screamed, Betsy and Jorge looked....She saw him...And they both yelled for him! I took off running around the cornner....Lol I could hear Jorge going "Hey Tyler!!!" And Betsy comes to tell me to come back....I didnt trust her personally! lmao! I looked around the cornner and he was looking at me! ahh! lmao! Well I pulled my head back and kicked betsy and all you could hear Jorge do is fall over laughin! Cause all you saw was my foot hit betsy, and the sudden yelling of me callin betsy a bitch! Yeah then I came back out when he was walking away....and may I say........DDDDDDAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMN Boy got a ass on him!!! I said that.....Out loud.......Yeah.....He heard it.....*sucks teeth*.... Shows you how fucking stupid I am...Lol...
    Yeah wait till I tell you this..

    Think same spot as I saw him after 1st pd Im walking slowly To see him and I see Betsy walking twards me with this look on her face...Shes like I already saw him you missed him.....I didnt belive her cause of the look she had on her face I was're lieing to me Miha she goes Me no neeeever! lmao yeah right I get right to the guys bathroom door and THERE HE WAS!!!! But this time I was fucking || THAT close From bumping into his fine ass!!!!! I screamed in his face and ran and hid behind the palm tree! Betsy was like OMG CRYSTAL! You scared him!!!!!! And ONCE AGIAN I watched him walk away....Once agian.....DDDDAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMN!!!!! He seriously reminds me so much of Mark..... Yeah lol But then I got into 6th with Kelsey and OH YAY!!! She gave him my number and told me the story...Lol here it is:

    Ok so I gave him your number and was like here is Crystal's number and shes like He got all happy and excited and was tellin everyone that He got this hot chicks number and shit lmao! I was like *GASP* *SMILES* *DIES* *Veeeerrrry niiiiiiiicccce sigggghhhh* God! lmao! I love school! lmao I want to go back NOW! Screw the weekend! hahahahahaha!

    ok yeah well im gonna go so I can talk to Magen!!! lmao! I love her!!! ♥

    Yours truley.....Madly in love with Tyler!! ♥ ♥

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    Current Music: George Lopez 'Why You Cryin!'
    Thursday, April 21st, 2005
    4:25 pm
    Yeeeeaaaahhh Measure number 62....We plaaay! lmao Lisa!
    If I havent told you already the kids name that I truley think is adorable is Tyler. I know almost all of his bestfriends Which puzzles me...How come they didnt tell me about him?! Lmao I've liked him ever since the begging of the school year....The first time I saw him I was like.....Holy He-- I couldnt finish what I was saying cause he really does look fuckin good.. His looks remind me alot of Mark. Which is to me...Fucking awsome. And yes people...He is white...and ROCKER which is awsome. Thank god...Its hard to find a white rocker in our school...I mean there are some...But most are dumbass stoners...But Chirs 'Whiteboy' Is a cool stoner! lmao. The rest are wiggers....I shall not name any names....*cough Michael Denham cough* Yeah from elementary school.....Hes so white...But acts so black. Too funny.

    But yeah tis was a sad day...I only saw Tyler ONCE!!! That really pissed me off...In a depressed kina way. Ask anyone that goes to my school, Has my lunch, and stands around or near me, Or has anyone of my classes after lunch EXCEPT 6th...Cause I saw him before that class and I was deathly happy...Oh yes! lmao But yeah ask anyone under thoes standards....I didnt talk at all.....I was silent had no expression....Didnt even laugh when Michael called Betsy a Penguin killer or Mimi the clown...and did her tune....It didnt fase me...At all...And in band I had no other alternantive to talk or Dustin would have my head....But Lisa and Brittany made up the Flutes saying for the song Blues for Killed Cat.. yeah its "Oh measure 62....Yeah WE play!" Lmao...Tis funny...When they say it in the hall...Ppl look at us like we are fucking retards...Funny...

    Yeah then when I saw him I got really happy and Betsy tried to get his attention! lmao...I took off running...ONCE agian...Then Maverick was like "NO CRYSTAL DONT RUN....YEAH YOU IN THE PINK SHIRT CRYSTAL!!!!" And he was pointing at me I was like MUTHER FUCKER!!! Im going to slap him 2moro...Seriously...But Yeah Betsy was intent on chasing him down.......She never caught him...LMAO! She turned around and gave me the You fuckin bitch look....I get that alot....Lmao..Oh well....But it seems to be everytime I see him....I scream....I seriously fucking scream you AHH type of scream...Ask anyone in 3rd period or anyone I talk to at lunch....I scream and turn fucking bright red...DEAD RED! I had Jorge laughing his ass off. And then in third period when he first saw me oh god....I was fucking red as hell cause Shenade and Brianna were like you betta go out with our gurl I was like..Holy fucking hell!!! He stuck his head in the door and they were like HER!!! The one right there! I was fucking laughing my ass off and He goes...Sweet! I was like...*dies* Yeah...Lol And he walks across the hall into his class and Bri and Shenade comes in and was like AWWWWWWW lmao!

    Then The next day Kelsey comes into 6th pd with this smile on her face and was like I have to talk to you! I was like...Ummm ok about what? She goes do you like a guy named Tyler? I was like...ummm I dont know a Tyler....Shes like he has short blonde hair and hes tall I was like...Ohhh that fucking hot ass kid yeah I liked him ever since the begging of the school year...She goes I know him! I hang out with him at lunch! he asked me about you. I was speechless...I asked her what he said she was like..He asked me if I knew a Crystal She said yeah one with black and pink hair he was like yeah yeah her a whole group of girls come up to me and tell me that She likes me alot and that I should go out with her..and he told Kelsey that he wants to get to know me. I was like O.O oh YAY! lmao! seriously! I know but I cant even look at him from a distance with out 1 turning red 2 screaming 3 smiling 4 laughing 5 being speechless so how in the hell am I gonna talk to him. Let alone everytime he sees me he smiles and turns red too. But...Yeah Lol about that...Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*gasp*ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (ECT.) Cute!!!! I swear this kid is like a fucking god to me! lmao!

    Seriously man...He is cute. Cha im bored now...I want to go back to school....O.O *gasp* I know..This doesnt sound like...Crystal..Lmao....But Tis me.....Trust me....I want to see him agian! lmao! I have a feeling that Kelsey talked to him agian today lmao. I can wait till 2moro lmao!

    Im gonna go now...Talk to you fuckers later! lmao!
    ♥ BamIT

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    Current Music: Korn - Somebody Someone
    Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
    5:56 pm
    '][' 3 /-\ r z

    I'm tired of this shit litteraly, I'm always in the middle of something. But this time was different I feel as though as I was exploited....Voilated and Treated VERY wrong. Used. Abused.....Everything that I can think of. Pathetic really...That I can let someone take advantage of something of mine...Me.....Something that I wanted to save for one person and one person only... Yeah well that can be a no more ONCE agian. God fucking dammit!!!! i'm seriously ready to just leave this fucking place and go to either fucking California, Chicago, Or to Italy to One live with other family members or to see Aarogon. I dont care about doing anything else. Nothing else...Because I have nothing, But one thing only one thing...And that thing just so happens to be the love of my life....Aarogon.

    How I feel now is something that is going to stay with me for a very long time.....Like something else...Yeah well....Aarogon doesnt know about it yet so whoever knows..I'd like to tell him I dont want him to hear it from anyone else but me... Cause I feel that i'm obligated to tell him. I have no idea why i'm explaining this to whoever reads this...I dont need to give a fucking explination for everything I fucking do or anything that happens to me....Magen, I'll give her an explination cause I fucking trust her....Is that so fucking wrong?! Oh my bad to all thoes fucking brown noses if you want to know what the fuck is wrong with me....Screw you all.....I dont really give a flyin fuck what you think...Im sick of all these fucking people acting like they care....Most people only fucking lie...But you know there are a couple of people at my school That I dont know very well that I would trust more than some people I know well or people in my neighborhood....Cause people are shady here...and I dont like it that much...

    So yeah now on to the happier side of my dad I finally got to talk to Aarogon today...Not for long though...Like I give a shit. At least we talked. I know hes alive. Lol and ohh boy today!!! The kid finally knows what I look like thanks to Brianna and Shenade!! Lmao! He smiled at me!!!!!! XD Im sooooooo happy

    Tis true I see this kid hmmm lets think.....once.....twice.....three......four times or five if im lucky...a day!!! And his smile!!! Oh godd!!! fucking adorable!! When he saw me today he gave me the biggest fucking smile there is!!! oh god!! my knees litteraly gave out from under me and Betsy had to catch me!

    Now Brianna is intended on "hooking us up"....But...Heh...yeah....about that.....

    Im going to go now...cause ive been sitting here forever and I only wrote this much...Pathetic!...Really...Yeah Well....Byes!!!!

    ♥ BamIT!!!!!!!!
    Drain the pressure from the swelling/ The sensations overwhelming/ Give me a long kiss goodnight/ And everything will be alright/ Tell me that I wont feel a thing / Give me Novacaine!!!!!! -Greenday Give Me Novacaine!!

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: Greenday Give Me Novacaine
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