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Saturday, January 24, 2004

12:13AM - forgotten thoughts of yesterdays....

well i havent updated in a while so i guess i will tonite, im bored as hell i finally ot a little break from working and it feklt good to actually sleep in again, today went by slow after i woke up which was 2 30 pm, half the day was over but the other half crapt by very slowly, oh well, my friend adam got stuck in a diff town kind of far from here, and didint have a ride home, well my car is all froze up from the snow, and my parents were sleeping and wouldent go get him and my sisters boy friend wouldent either, its really bull shit too cause id expect his parents to get me if i needed it and im sure they probly would, but damn it really piss's me off cause mike just left to go get cigarettes, but couldent go get adam and adam had gas money too, so fuck them i told them im never doing him a favor and imma tell adam not to also, cause its fukin single digits out side temperature wise and he has to fukin walk home, and he cant get ahold of his mom or step dad, so hes pretty much screwed, well update later

Current mood: pissed off
Current music: Boston - more then a feeling
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