Stacy's Day

Monday, August 25, 2003

5:44PM - So very tired!

Heys!! School was kinda bla today. Ok I think I know alot more people now because people I barely know like yell at me in the hallway! HA I made stephanie skip class today to be in my lunch hour caz ceciley wasnt there and Im so shy (wink wink) and she did! My god shes bad. Im so extremely tired, When I got home I fell asleep and right when I was asleep my aunt called, then steve called like four times from work makin me mad! Then my moms bf called! God I wish I could have slept all the way through till next week. So yea now im really really tired and steve is on his way over and yea.....thats not a good combination. me when im mad and him together dont mix very well because he can get annoying real quick. Man im so mad at one of my friends.. She needs to GET A CLUE!! But I wont mention any names.....its funny how ppl change. But on that note im out....

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