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  2003.09.27  18.10
Tonights The Nite!

WOOO HOO Im so ready...I look good and im going to homecoming. Katies on her way over, were going together then im stayin the night at her house and were gonna PARTY! jk hehe....Well im not going with John but thats ok...He decided to cut the top of his head open last night at wrestlin g he got hit by a chair...It looks really sick! But theres alot of hotties that wanna dance wit me neway so yippy doo da day!!! I am so excited...well im outty gotta go ,look at my goergous self!


  2003.09.26  15.10

Today is the homecoming game...I just got back from skewl n the pep assemby which was gay lol.. Im gong to the game tonight with Ashley I guess.. Tommorows the danceYAY! I dunno but it will be interesting.. Im so tired and I cant think.. I got my nails done yesterday...they look soo cute. Well yea ill write later I hope we win tonight tho..


  2003.09.20  22.13
Im over Steves....

this week has been intersting....If only i could say what I really want to. Im at steves hanging out now. Yesterday i went to the football game @ centerline. It was ook...I went with Katie we won. Me and katie were yellin Centerline sucks really loud and the guys were gettin mad it was funny. But yea...I g2g caz im leavin here soon.....


  2003.09.12  21.24

Today was sooo fun in school, me n steph skipped first hour, went to breakfast, then she skipped her class to go to lunch with me, then she skipped her MATH class to go in MY english class LOL....then i went to theatre and i missed liek half of it caz i was just walking around becasue i didnt feel like dancin.... but yea then i walked home with John, ej, n Kerr, came here did nothign then went to see John wrestle (witch he won!! woo hoo) now im hanging with him in a lil bit... so yea im outty now for sure


  2003.09.12  21.16
Im so Hot

Wow man so much crap is going on... Yesterday Keith Cushman got his (butt) BEAT! Im so happy. I hate him. Neways... Today I saw Johns wrestling thing, it was pretty funny.. later im gonna hang out with him.. Im goign to homecoming with him...Hes such a cutie! ME N STEVE ARE OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL! LOL...We broke up.. well i broke up with him but yea...I feel bad. But hes really stupid. He got his liscence suspended for a month! Grr...too many tickets..Oh well im not his mother or his gf nemore so i dont have to tell him to be smart.. Im so hyper so i need to stop writing n start talking to ppl.. Im outty....


  2003.09.09  21.55
The Wonderful Dramas of SuperStacy

Havent wrote in foreva....Well yea, drama drama drama. My life is so crazy. Me n so much to say there! God crap sucks. Me and him have been on again off again if no one noticed. Well I guess were on again. I dunno. Im confused and stuff, I dont know what I want. He wont go to homecoming with me so im going with J-Rizz lol (John). Yea. Ej wants me to go out with him (John). Grrr.... This stuff isnt easy being a girl./ I love steve but im like unsure about things. Things at school are fun n crazy., GO FITZ! Lol me n gabe are next to each other in the play hehe. Well yea im tired...So im outty...


  2003.08.25  17.44
So very tired!

Heys!! School was kinda bla today. Ok I think I know alot more people now because people I barely know like yell at me in the hallway! HA I made stephanie skip class today to be in my lunch hour caz ceciley wasnt there and Im so shy (wink wink) and she did! My god shes bad. Im so extremely tired, When I got home I fell asleep and right when I was asleep my aunt called, then steve called like four times from work makin me mad! Then my moms bf called! God I wish I could have slept all the way through till next week. So yea now im really really tired and steve is on his way over and yea.....thats not a good combination. me when im mad and him together dont mix very well because he can get annoying real quick. Man im so mad at one of my friends.. She needs to GET A CLUE!! But I wont mention any names.....its funny how ppl change. But on that note im out....


  2003.08.22  06.16

Hey whats crackin... Not too much here except it is like 6 am and im really tired. This school thing is gonna suck. I hope I have another good day and I hope I dont get pounded with homework. Well yea I got to get ready so Im just writing in here really quick. Today is gonna be so tiring I have school, then at 7 I have practice till who knows when. Tommorow I was supposed to go to a tiger game but Steve has to work so im goign to stay home until he gets back so we can go to the movies or something or just chill because we havent had much time together latley and the future doesnt look to brite on that. Well gotta go get ready, I have to do stefs hair for school so later.


  2003.08.21  16.47
First Day Of School

Yea! First day of school!!! It actually wasnt bad at all. I didnt expect it to be, so I guess things really are how you make them. But it was only the first day.... I know more people than I thoight I would too which is wicked sweet. OMG I have a class with ej...Im gonna die because tis math and hes going to get me in so much trouble. I have 2 classes with stephanie too. Shell get me in trouble too lol. So yea, obviously im back home now. Still dont have my internet in my room yet but o well. My brother and carrie and shelby are movin out tommorow. :) Its kind of a bad thing because they won't get off drugs and get thier lives straight. We tried though. U can't make someone change. They like to blame other people but I wish they could just open thier eyes and realize what they are doing to shelby. I mean come on the girl is almost 4 and they arent even puting her in school. They just let her run around naked all day. Stupid people. Ok enough about that Im out. peace n chicken grase


  2003.08.20  10.13
Joshua Dustin is born!!

Last night around 9 jenny had her baby. she only had a two hour labour thank god. He is so cute! 7lbs and 3 ounces...So last nite me and kristy stayed up at the hospital for a little bit then we drove home and on our way home there was this group of guys at the side of the road playin she turns around and I roll down my window and yell SCRUBS and they dropped thier hacky sack and looked up laughing it was hillarious. Then we went by the club and nothing was going on there so we went home and went to bed. Im waiting for steve to get here so he can take me home so I can get my hair cut. Yays school starts tommorow Im excited. Well yea I cant really talk alot now so I'll write more soon.. Oh yea I still have to write about my California trip... well im out for now...


  2003.08.19  20.33

First entry...yays...So much to say so little time
Well this summer has been crazy. I went many places and some I dont remember...Some are..ceder point, lollapallooza, up north, jet skiing, umm california, now im at my aunts and my cousin is in labour having her kid. Fun stuff. I just got back from cali last week and let me tell u, im so exhausted...i start school thursday and its gonna suck caz i have to walk! Yea I havent been online in forever. Hopefully soon I get a cable modem in my room...or at least thats what my mom hs promised me. I think shes waiting for my brother to move out. But yea...i cant wait till they move out. So yea im gonna wrap this up caz i gotta go to the hospitol soon. Steves picking me up and tommorow Im going to my other aunts so she can cut my hair nice for fun....yea im tired so im outty....peace