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Friday, February 7th, 2003

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    Hoo man have i been doing a lot of thinking, and let me tell you the next entries are bound to confuse readers unless they are my friends, and know just what i am talking about! Anyways today was friday, and i had a fairly interesting day at school. I mean it was good, but i had like the mega jealousy thing goin on for me. The guy i like chris, has recently hooked up with this chick annie. Well the sweethearts dance is comming up , and annie being the cutie pie that she is asks chris is the sweetest ways, since it is sadie hawkins. YA know? So yah she made this huge sign for him, and then she made a movie for him, and a puzzle and then finally on the announcments she asked him over the intercom. It was soo cute! i tottally got a kick out of it. But then i saw them together and i wanna be happy for them becasue believe me they are soo happy togehter, but then i feel so left out and i have these little flashbacks of me and him and i want those back soo bad! Who knows tho me and chris and supposed to still be friends, really we just avoid eachother, or he beats me up. Sorta strange... kinda long story to be discussed at another time. Other than that my day was good. In flippin ROTC my phone starts going off while in formation and so yah then someone leaves a message so the alert tone goes off, and i tell Paul to turn on my phone so he tried, then it goes off again, and i am just like AHH, so Tim takes it outa the room, and stuff and it was soo funny. The teacher took my phone and the other hid my bag, i don't know but it sure was funny. I was kinda scared mahoney was mad tho since he too my phone away!! But really when i went down 8th hour to get it, he totally said he thought that it wasn't mine and they were using it for some other purpose, and so on... so yah that was kewl! Nobody was mad and it was great fun! Poeple thought i was being paged for some sorta booty call, you know me! Oh well oh well! After school i guess nothin too fun happened. Picked heather up from work around 6:30 and we chilled and CB & Potts for like 3 hours for my ERINS birthday. She turned 22 today, she was sooo drunk! It was a lot of fun tho! I was glad i went. Too bad my mom went a little overboard on the bitchiness. And was in the hear all tell all mood, and i sure did tell. People didn't get on my bad side today thank god, becasue they woulda heard what i had to say. This kid Fred busts out yelling at me today in class, "get the fuck outa my way""is that all you do is sit and talk, can you turn around and help me with our fucking work" and so on and so on.. and i was just like " don't get an attitude with me you dumb shit, i don't need to listen to your crap, do your own fucking work , i'll find another group to work with you dick" walked off and sat with chantell, lucas, brian, and earnie. It was the better way to go. And Travis was laughing his ass of i guess he got a kick outa that one! FUN FUN FUN! Well i guess i'm sorta tired so i'm gonna go chill and watch sweet home alabama. Love story. Hopefully i don't get too torn up by it. I am very emotional with love stories! Ahhh well, lata!

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