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07:13pm 06/03/2012

When you find yourself alone after everyone has moved on, you realize that -

1. Yes, love fades. And if commitment isn't there, don't expect him/her to remain with you.
2. There's no correlation between giving 100% to receiving 100%. Love does not beget love. Really.
3. Nobody seriously expects you to stay in a relationship governed by "No pressure, no expectations." If you stayed, that's your fault. So don't start texting him in the middle of the night asking him to admit he misses you. Obviously, he doesn't.
4. Time is a friend when you're talking about healing emotional wounds. But it's a harsh critic when she slowly takes your youth away making you even more unattractive. So while you're busy recuperating, your cells are busy dying. Harsh.
5. It's ok to admit you've failed. Life, and love, after all is just like the bar exam. You're not limited to just one take.

Ok. Back to the reality of mats and weights and machines...
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