27th March 2003

4:50pm: Getting caught up...
I really need to set myself a regular time to do this, so that I am not just writing when I need to bitch about something. It'll make it look like my life completely sucks. It doesn't actually; I just dwell on shit too much.

Today has been pretty decent though. The boys at work were immature as always. Going to a going-away gig for one of them tonight. Ought to be interesting. Probably involve a drink or 4. I have to remember to behave myself with this crowd though. They can all put drinks away in such large quantities, and I simply can't keep up any more! I don't need anyone checking in on me in the AM to see if I made it home OK! ;-)

Pulled a tarot card online to see how the rest of the day is going to go. Drew The Fool. I suppose that's a good enough sign. I can always use a little bit of light and happiness in the face of the unknown. I really need to catch up on my class there. Another typical SHE thing; I started with the best of intentions and wandered off and got distracted. Oh well, it's still very cool.

I built me computer desk finally last night. And since we got the new monitor, I think I can finally get my computer set back up at home! Yeah! Since DH installed his gaming stuff to the new docking station for his laptop, my computer has been a file server with no monitor. Which leaves me to bum his laptop when he's done. I'll be happy to drill with the alt_flyers, keep up on my journal, and get back to the tarot lessons soon. Now if I could just work out online, I'd be set!

I'm out for now...
Current Mood: amused
Current Music: whatever's in the next cube: Bad Company right now
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