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    Sunday, July 11th, 2004
    8:20 pm
    Foolish Child!!!
    Bec.. was grovelling to me on msn, how much she misses me etc.. lol.. so i was like well i dont miss you, the lies, the nastiness, the bitchines etc and she suddenly "sincerely hated" me!!! S C H I Z O P H R E N I A ..

    Ive been thinking about all the stuff ima buy when i get my money lol.. canvas boards, A3 portfollio case, new journals, green and pink pens, green eyeshadow!! and i dunno what else yet..

    i move into my new room on tuesday and leelee's coming over to help me "move in" lol.. ive spent a total for 4 hours on the fone to her today, we dont shut up, i think we're becoming like each others personal dj's we play each other music all the tie down the fone.. neway ima go, ill write in here properly laters


    Saturday, July 10th, 2004
    9:57 pm
    Can I Lose My Virginity Twice lol..
    my second virgin entry coz the other one
    kind of sucked.. rite well, im char, and erm
    well my livejournal explains me alot better,
    but like im rele interested in poetry, painting,
    short stories, fashion design, short films,
    script writing, greenpeace, foe, and i have like
    a list of 200 interests that me and chloe (girl)
    managed to make but we missed alot out, ima
    post it on here one day. atm my biggest
    obessesion is.. bob dylan. the guy rules, quotes
    art, music, e v e r y t h i n g..
    my livejournal RELE sucks tho, coz i just wallow
    comfortingly in self pity, but twas coz of certain
    people around me at the time.. *hint hint* (bec)
    so anyway im slowly claiming my soul back
    after bec raped it of its essence, evi girlie she is,

    sex to all.. i heart dylan..

    char x x x

    Current Mood: lazy
    Current Music: spice girls (lol) - two become one
    6:00 pm
    My Virgin Entry..
    rite.. so i created a blurty now. my live journal is better tho

    but too many ppl know it grrrr.. so i cant rite the stuff i wish too

    so yaaaaa i dunno what to write coz ive write like 3 feet in livejouirnal todays to everythings been sed.

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: capri pants - bikini kill
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