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[10 Mar 2003|01:27pm]
hello. I have been bored for like 2 straight weeks. I bought a plant this weekend. Oh how exciting. Im protesting Live Journal for the time being....

I got more chemistry grades back. So far Ive got: 47, 48, 63, & 58. Who's a chemistry star??! MEEEEEE ahahaha. My teacher has numerous sticks up her large ass. I cant wait for the day when she realizes, "hey..Im fucking crazy!". ha.

In other school news: I think Ive been doing good in Religion. That is super mostly b/c I have no religious background at all.
- I got a 75 on my first AP American History test. Not bad....
- Im continuing my "stupid" streak in English...70's..
- Spanish is regular. 80's
- Math is bad, and has been since the 7th grade. 75's and lower. I have a test tomorrow and am cLuELeSs on whats going on.
Gym....I dont know. I cant get another D in gym. I cant think of any other words that start with D that can be used to my benefit. D is for Delightful ;)

All I can write about is school since everything else sucks. Ive got nothing to do...Ive ran out of ways to decorate my room. I'll be making a trip to Apple Art by Pratt to find out how much money I need to buy some crafty fun. Anddddd I'll be doing "Booty Boot Camp" (lol) to waste some time.

Well Eileen lol. the only one that knows about this- I hope you've enjoyed this entry.
You and the pals should come over some time. ::cough::saturday::cough. my mom wont be home.

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