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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

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    sorry for missing yesterday's update. i had this long, random entry typed up, but for some reason my computer didnt update, and i didnt copy the entry beforehand.

    well, you didn't miss much.
    yesterday, i dont really even remember if anything worth saying happened..
    hmm.. well, let's just pretend there wasn't anything.

    sooo.. umm...

    we got our social studies tests back... 69 our of 65. go me! :):)
    i did an "absolutly awesome" job on my DBQ *squeals*

    wow. 2004 season, coming to a close.
    tonight was the last tuesday practice.
    we got rid of a rifle and almost a sabre .. long story, but the sabre is still with us, and the rifle didnt perform last week & no judges said anything about it..
    all night, mr jones was like "okay, this is your gold-medal performance!" ... it kind of made me nervous.. i so want the gold medal.. eeek! 4 days...
    friday the whole guard is wearing our t-shirts.. and some of us are going to do out hair & make up.. cuz we're cool you know.

    well, i still have homework to finish up & am kind of in the reading mood, not writing...

    update ya tomorrow.

    oh, new book
    "Loser" by Jerry Spinelli

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: noa -- wildflower [guard show:)]

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