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Thursday, May 27th, 2004

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    Bad day.

    So, Liz borrowed books from the library on my library card and never returned them. Now I have a bill for $175.00. Sorry, but I'm not paying that. So I told her about it, and she was like "well, you could have taken them back in time." I was like "No... I asked you for them and you never gave them to me." So, she says "Well, I wasn't going to walk to your house because you hang out with my exboyfriend."

    She always fucking brings shit up and me hanging out with Dom. First of all, that's no excuse, anyway. Second, I haven't hung out with him in a while. Fuck. She acts like I do it to spite her. When I hang out with Dom I'm not thinking "This is Liz's exboyfriend." He's just my friend. Damn. Get over it. The key prefix here is "ex."

    Anyway. Now I'm in a bad mood. In lunch I almost had a panic attack. It was so fucking loud and crowded, and everyone was being stupid. I was shaking and light headed and stuff.

    I'm just sick of everyone. It's the same shit everyday. It never ends, it really doesn't.

    People suck.

    I need cheered up.

    Peace, love, empathy,
    [01] Whats your name?: Rachael
    [02] Would you like to change? and to what?: My name? No.
    [03] So, Do you like Resident Evil:? The movie? Never seen it.
    [04] Do you even know what Resident Evil is? I guess not
    [05] Would rather be with your best friend or boyfriend? I’d rather be alone right now.
    [06] Do any fruits or vegtable anger you? What kind? Yes. Tomatoes and prunes. Why? They’re nasty. That’s why.
    [07] Whats your favorite type of ramen or ramen noodles? Chilli. Mmm.
    [08] Do you like Anime? No no no.
    [09] If you do...Whats your favorite anime?
    [10] Whats your favorite color? Black, red, and yellow.
    [11] Whats your favorite song? I don’t know.
    [12] What's your favorite candy? Pull & Peel Twizzlers, skittles, snickers… Sour stuff.
    [13] What's your favorite scary movie? I don’t have one.
    [14] Do you like Halloween? Not anymore.
    [15] When are you going to stop trick-or-treating or when did you? I stopped in 6th or 7th grade.
    [16] What was your favorite Halloween Costume?: None.
    [17] Ever attend an anime convention? No. Anime sucks.
    [18] Did you like there? Damnit.
    [19] Do you think people who play videogames, watch anime, and read manga and comics are nerds? No. Whatever floats your boat. Besides, videogames are pretty cool.
    [20] Well those people have hearts you know...? Maybe.
    [21] Do you like staying up till wee-hours of the morning? Sometimes.
    [22] Would you consider yourself nocturnal or have insomnia? No.
    [23] Do people who talk about 'Punk Rock' annoy you? Only when they go “punk rawk!” and “That rox my sox!”
    [24] So what type of music do you like? Rock, metal, alternative, grunge I guess. The Beatles.
    [25] What's there weridest thing that has happened to you in the past 24 hours? Actually, it’s spelled weirdest.
    [26] What time did you wake up today? 5:04.
    [27] Have anything planned for 2morrow? School. Doughnuts.
    [28] How long have you been taking surveys on this site? What site?
    [29] Do you find surveys addictive? No.
    [30] What are you going to do after this? Nothing.
    [31] Do you consider sleeping a hobby or activity? No.
    [32] If you had $1,000,000,000 what would you do with it? Pay for college, fix the house, give some to my parents. Then I’d buy a mustang and a bunch of Cds.
    [33] If you met Vash the Stampede would you turn him in for 60,000,000,000 double dollars? Who is that? I’m just going to say yes, that’s an awesome amount of dinero.
    [34] Do you know who Vash the stampede is? No.
    [35] Does cantalope anger you? No, it’s good. Except, the cantaloupe (that’s how it’s really spelled) at Eat N Park (Crap and tea) is always watery and soggy.
    [36] Are you afraid of werid things like Ketchup or Tomatoes? No. I love Ketchup. Well, unless it’s not Heinz.
    [37] What scares you the most? Failure. Also, the dark and spiders. And my parents dying.
    [38] What are you wearing? Jeans, a white shirt with black “trim” a necklace, and underwear with a guitar zipper.
    [39] Are you drinking or eating anything? What are you drinking or eating? I’m not eating anything.
    [40] What do you smell? My nose.
    [41] If you were an animal what would you be? A cat.
    [42] If you were a word what would you be? Epiphany. It’s my favorite.
    [43] If you were flower or plant what would you be? A bleeding heart. They’re so pretty.
    [44] If you were cartoon character who would you be? Butthead.
    [45] If you were a videogame character who would you be? Luigi. Then I’d be Italian and awesome.
    [46] What time is it? 2:40 PM.
    [47] If you were a shape what would you be? Some equal angular polygon.
    [48] Do you know what a biohazard sign is? Yes.
    [49] Well what is it then? It’s usually used with chemicals in biology. Mean’s they’re hazardous. lol It’s also the symbol for the band Biohazard.
    [50] Well I am done...How you doing? Bad.

    Peace, love, empathy,

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