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    Monday, October 6th, 2003
    5:41 pm
    that's sick. that's so sick.
    you are are a gross girl, you know?
    I don't want to be your friend anymore.
    I hope you die with you stupid gay boyfriend (or that would be a girlfriend?)
    B <3 N.

    gross. both of you litle princesses.

    Current Mood: angry
    Current Music: wher I end and you begin - Radiohead
    4:11 pm
    will you kill me now or should I wait some more?

    Current Mood: sick
    Current Music: Bjork - Cocoon
    3:05 pm
    I need your arms around me
    bite me. you know I love you, so what? are you going to tell all your friends? are you going to make a party? are you going to say that you love me too?
    no, you won't.
    well I guess you are free to break my face, my heart and my spine, but leave me with my dreams...
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