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    Monday, January 17th, 2005
    6:29 pm
    Hey. i didnt get a chance to study for the exam...well i did just i didnt want to i guess i will tomorrow...anyways, i love you sooo much kenzie and really want you to know that...BYEz!!

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    Friday, January 14th, 2005
    11:09 pm
    Hey. Today i went to the movies with kenzie, natalie, maddy, ashley, and devyn. we saw meet the fockers. it was so much fun today.... well yeah, i hope kenzie gets to go to the movies on sunday too. i really really really miss her and love her sooooooo much. well, thats all. Love You So Much Kenzie!!! the moviez were so fun....

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    Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
    6:40 pm
    Mah Day
    Today was a good day i gues...i wont talk about wut happened in 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th, or 6th period cuz they were all pretty boring today. except in 6th period i got in trouble...AGAIN...and 5th period we had to dress up and stuffz...oh yeah, and in drumline we took pictures and dressed up in our NEW uniforms we just got today. theyre so awesome....lOl. so yeah. nothin much really happened today. anywayz, i gotta go finish my homework!!! cya ya everyone!! luv ya kenzie!! buh byez

    P.S. We saw MR GOLDHAMMER stick his hand in his pants..AGAIN

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    Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
    5:30 pm
    So, today was kinda exciting but kinda boring. 1st period - had to deal with mr. barr's boring crap and take notes that i dont even use but still get good grades in his class. 2nd period - read boring old johnny tremain with ms swanson. 3rd period - got better cuz i had mr. yarbrough. we watched about 10 more minutes of the weird gold rush video and saw videos of the tsunami and got to hold his pistol that was used back in the day. 4th period - got to watch Tarzan cuz Mr.Williams was absent (boring as hell). LUNCH - was fun. well, if you read kenzie's you would know, so go read hers. 5th period - BORING BORING BORING BORING BORING. i almost made the class get 20 extra homework problems, haha. MR GOLDHAMMER SUCKS. BUT, the funny thing about 5th period was that anne, george and me saw mr goldhammer stick his arm down his pants and we couldn't stop laughing. it was so funny. 6th period - GOT TO SEE KENZIE!!!! it made me soo happy!!! lol. nothin much happened during this class. except me and kenzie think mrs fletcher is gunna eat sad....

    anyways, thats all i gotsta say!! well, i luv you kenzie!!!

    Current Mood: cheerful
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