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    Monday, August 9th, 2004
    7:24 pm
    first entry
    Well, My friend Jessica and I made this blurty for me in my freshamn year of highschool, 2002, and well i have yet to use it. So i've decided now... y not? Well school starts next monday! Magjor bummer, but morgan, dana and I will hang out soon so thats kick ass, if u ask me! lol... i know im horrible at these stupid things! But w/e... over summer i've been working at a day camp until 4:30 everyday so i haven't had much time to have fun and be me... ya know? I haven't been the beach all summer and that sux major ass! BUT... over summer i did start one thing that is so hard core kick ass... A vinyl record collection! it is sooooo kick ass cool! I heart my vintage records!
    Summer had mainly been boring though and the thought of school just makes me sooo depressed I wish time would stop and the nothingness would end and it wiould be me and happy times. but life isn't sugar coated so why think that way? heh? huh? huh? Alright well considering this will probably be my first and final entry, i big thee adeau! ttfn!

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: Dispatch- The general