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[15 Jun 2003|05:31pm]
Hey girls..i`ve been thinking about this for a little while and, I feel that my blurty time is going to be taken over considering summer has just started, im going to be really busy and I feel that im not capable to keep on updating this journal anymore. I absolutly love commenting you guyz, I find that much easier than updating but I know, there`s no point in doing that because you guys will have no idea whats going on in my life. Maybe after I take a break from this I will be able to come back and update more often but until then, im going to stay away from blurty for the most part. I know all of this is like "woah, thanks, thats really sudden" but it just like slapped me in the face too! I love keeping this journal and everything and I love talking to you guys! You all can take me off your friends list if you want to, theres no point in keeping me. And, all of the comments I made in my last post, I really meant it because you guys just plain all out kick ass and I luv ya! :] Im sorry to all of the people that I didn`t really get a chance to know..I feel kind of bad. I know some of you are like, "Oh yea who cares, she was just another blurty person or whatever I can take her off, no big deal" I don`t care but I like you all enough to write such a long entry about all of you! Because, yea thats just how I am. If you want to talk you can always IM me @ Otown4eva002 or email me @ Otown4eva002@netscape.net i'll be glad to hear from ya :] Another Announcement: Callie..you rock, and I WILL hate you if you THINK I hate you! Ha! If that makes sense! Well, cya guyz! xOxo <3 Alwayz *n* Forever --Katey
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[09 Jun 2003|04:36pm]
You have came across another Friends Only Journal

To become a friend

-->Comment to be added!
-->Add me first & then tell me
-->Wait until I add you back

To stay a friend

-->Comment me (@ least once a week is good)
-->Be nice to me..please!
-->Update your blurty as much as you can

-- For now -- no friends limit --

It's as simple as that..enjoy :]
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